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>On Tuesday, a professor at Fresno State made highly outrageous comments celebrating the death of former First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush as she also took delight in the pain that George H.W. Bush is experiencing as a result of his wife's death.

>According to her bio page at Fresno State, "Professor Randa Jarrar is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator" and serves as the "executive director of RAWI, the Radius of Arab American Writers."

>Jarrar's first tweet on Bush's death stated: "Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words."

>Jarrar continued, writing: "PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you're part of the problem. that's actually how simple this is. I'm happy the witch is dead. can't wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee."

>Jarrar went on to express how happy she was over Bush's death because she knew that Bush's husband was sad over her passing.

>Later, responding to the outrage that she caused, Jarrar bragged about how much money she made as a professor and claimed that she will never be fired.

>Jarrar demonstrated a fair amount of arrogance, suggesting that people also notify the school's president of the incident because she doesn't think she will face any kind of repercussions for her actions.
Really begging to get attacked to claim victim status.
People beg for and cheer and exist the death of others every day. Only a small percentage of humanity is really anti death. Complaining about her hateful glee is gonna be hypocrisy for 99.9% of people. But that doesn't make them wrong. She's clearly an evil bitch.
What's wrong with her face?
Whats right with her, at all?
arab, fat, american woman's addiction to cosmetics, mental illness resulting in unusual facial expressions

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