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Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a super popular idea on tax day — repeal the Republican tax cuts and raise people’s taxes.
Thanks Tucker
"Taxes are the price of civilization"
You think you can evade paying your share,
then move to Somalia: No: taxes, gun laws [full auto welcome!]
No govt, Libertarians' paradise.
BYO: meds, nurse & doc
>Daily Caller

Into the trash it goes
Yes, Daily Caller = vry lo cred
Why are you so disingenuous?
"People" .......making millions a year. For which everyone gets college and healthcare. Right wingers are so gullible. Like the rich people you shill for would piss on your face to put out the fire.
>raise people’s taxes

I can't wait for my taxes to be raised. I'm dead serious. I want better infrastructure, better healthcare, better education and more humane policing and effective rescue/fireworkers. You know why? Because I deserve themand because the state can provide for them. Although I do suspect that Bernie only wants to raise the taxes on "people" whose taxation would actually benefit their communities i.e. the filthy fucking rich.

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