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>President Donald Trump and some of his top aides have battled over the administration's stance toward President Vladimir Putin and Russia, according to The Washington Post.

>Most recently, the president and his cabinet disagreed over how many Russian diplomats in the US should be suspended. The administration had planned to dismiss 60 Russian diplomats and suspected spies, which would roughly be the same amount as its European allies, to punish Russia for the alleged poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in the UK.

>But when it became public that France and Germany were only expelling four Russian diplomats each, Trump reportedly erupted at his aides for dismissing so many more than their allies did.

>"We'll match their numbers," Trump reportedly told his top aides, according to a senior administration official who spoke to The Post. "We're not taking the lead. We're matching."

>The president was furious that his administration was being portrayed as taking the toughest stance on Russia after believing that the US and its allies would take an equal position. Trump's aides tried to soothe him by telling the president that the total number of European expulsions equaled the US, but that reportedly did not appease Trump's anger and feeling of being misled.

>"There were curse words," one official told The Post. "A lot of curse words."
>News of Trump's disagreement with his administration over the number of Russian diplomats to be expelled from the US is not the first time that there has been a cabinet battle over Russia. Members of Trump's administration have looked to use the expulsions to push a more hawkish stance against Putin and Russia, but Trump reportedly remains unconvinced and has told advisers he favors a more cooperative approach toward the Russian government.

>Trump is also said to have told aides not to speak publicly about tough measures against Russia that he approves because he does not want to upset Putin. The US has taken a number of aggressive actions against Russia over the last year, including imposing sanctions and shuttering Russian diplomatic compounds.
>There were curse words," one official told The Post. "A lot of curse words."
Fake news
>Fake News
What, the curse words or the fact that the president of the United States is countermanding his own office at every possible opportunity on the topic of Russia?

If he bent over backwards to appease Putin any harder his hair would be brushing the floor.
>if Trump doesn't instigate a new cold war he's an appeasing cuck!!
Really nigger?
He is being an appeasing cuck though.
Trump really wants to build that tower in Moscow huh
Better than a world war
Never thought I'd be yelling at a Republican president for being soft on the Russians.
Or the Republicans accusing a Democrat candidate of being too hawkish, or claiming to be defenders of the common working man.

Now I know how my parents felt when the Democrats suddenly started arguing for an end to racism and siding against the South, while the Republicans started pushing religion and supporting them.

It's almost if neither party has any actual values and will just say whatever they think will make them win, or something.

Or it just became opposite day for four to eight years, again.
It doesn't help when the leader of the party is being blackmailed by the Russians and the rest of the party puts power ahead of country.

Trump just personally scuttled the new sanctions that were supposed to be put in place and threw Nikki Haley under the bus in the process.
As if we didn't need more proof that Trump is Putin's cock holster.
>As if we didn't need more proof that Trump is Putin's cock holster
Please anon, I don't need any more proof that you are CNN's cock holster
knowing the liberal media probably both.
Trump has been harder on Russia than any President in the past 30 years.
Democrats were always the party that pushed racism. The Republicans NEVER did.

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