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The People's Vote drive aims to unite anti-Brexit groups, with a rally being held in Camden, in London on Sunday.

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who backs the campaign, said that if people voted to reject the exit deal, the UK would "simply stay" in the EU.

Both the Conservatives and Labour have ruled out a second referendum.

Britain voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in June 2016.

The UK will formally cease to be an EU member in March 2019, and the two sides hope to reach a deal by October in time for it to be ratified by UK and European parliaments.

Sir Patrick told the BBC's Andrew Marr show that the "terms and conditions" of Brexit were "quite unlike" how they were presented during the run up to the 2016 referendum.

The People's Vote campaign would argue that the public, not MPs, should get the final say on Brexit, he said.

He also said he was motivated by "history and emotion" to want to stay in the EU.

"I'm a war baby and growing up a lot of the world was not good. So the day we joined was one of the most exciting days of my adulthood," he added.
I guess the referendum did become the neverendum.

>Born in Yorkshire.
>Member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for 20 years.
>Officer of the Order of the British Empire.
>Is fucking Knighted.

Not that this should be any surprise, Picard has always been a "world peace through rational mutual understanding" idealistic fuck.

Granted, that use to be the image the rest of the world had of Britain. Can't blame a 77 year old dreamer to suddenly get with the times.
That's sad.
Unsurprising from an old luvvie though.
He needs to learn that the EU isn't the federation.
>The People's Vote campaign would argue that the public, not MPs, should get the final say on Brexit, he said.
>Britain voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in June 2016.
I'd vote to stay in given the chance
He's talking about the final treaty, that seems like it will look completely different than promises before the first vote
There weren't any "promises" other than "we will leave the EU"
Wtf, i hate Patrick Stewart now.
I get why both parties repeatedly touted that there would not be a second referendum in the aftermath of the first. You don't want to set that precedent that the elite just re-litigate everything until they get the result they want.

However, legislatures revisit and re-vote on important issues all the time, often yearly. If there is a significant majority (say 2/3 of registered or eligible voters) of people polled saying that want another look at Brexit, or with more detailed options now that the situation is more clear, then there's no reason a couple years later to stalwartly refuse to offer it.
I would unironically wager it's the hebrews again
>if people voted


If these idiots weren't so evil I would almost feel sorry for them.
These snowflakes need to get over it.

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