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Former British Commander in Iraq Gets Abruptly Cut Off by Sky News For Doubting Syrian Chemical Attack.

Despite the fact that the alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma, blamed on Damascus, still lacks any substantial evidence, Britain made a decision to join US-led military action in Syria.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson welcomed on Saturday the UK strikes against Syria conducted jointly with the United States and France, saying that the world stands united against chemical weapons.

Welcome the news of UK military strikes against major chemical weapons facilities in Syria alongside our US and French allies. The world is united in its disgust for any use of chemical weapons, but especially against civilians
— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 14, 2018
>Boris Johnson
east or west?
am confused
uh huh
>Welcome the news of UK military strikes

never saw a moron, who welcomes a waste of life and money on some shit where he wins nothing but hate and shame to himself and his people.
on the eve of your victory, trespass international convention such that you will be destroyed by the world superpower

-sun tzu

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