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I fell in love with katie when they popped up in the news a few months ago.
The madman killed her. I am shocked and distraught
Post the story you creepy waiifu bandwagon jumper.

I swear first it's the slender man girls now this. You people will gap to anything.
well, that escalated in a relatively correct span of time
Fuck off you reddit memer
>Post the story

Indeed, simply shitting out a link to who knows what is a dick move.
She pretty cute
probably less cute with her face shot ded tho
She was cute, what father could resist that face. They looked happy. It's a shame society is so judgmental
Very sad for the child. :-(
No you fucking sicko, the father was a sex fiend, tracked his daughter & began a sexual relationship with her ending up with her pregnant with his child.

Incest is a crime against nature with all the problems if causes for the child & future generations.


A fathers one job is to look after & protect his children, this sex pest was more interested in feeding his deviant sexual desires more than the care of his loved one.

A very evil & selfish man, because he was legally caught out for incest, he was most likely told by law to not be involved in their life, she moved on & he enraged & jealous killed them all & then like a coward killed himself.

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