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Wake up people!!!
We are more powerful than one would think.
Are you sick of Trump who provokes the world?
Are you against nuclear winter?
Do you want future children without genetic disorders?
You can do your own warfare and it's very easy.
Do not buy any american product for 2 or 3 months. That's gonna lead to american economy collapse.
They are making decisions without asking us, we have the right to make it over. And it's a peaceful way without using any weapons.
Spread the words.
Let there be peace on this planet!
All you have to do is stop consenting to rape. If you end up homeless or dead, who cares, better than being a slave for fucktards.
I cannot see the wisdom behind your words. Explain!
Should've chosen democracy
Fascism was the only solution. We need a Mussolini.
Cool your jets there, vlad.

Reported to the NSA
Your English is very good, you're almost there. Maybe spend some time with a native speaker though.
That's good. Report it again. And again.
Thank you. Life is a never ending learning process.
I still don't know anything.
However, I hope my message reaches the people.

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