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Prepare to see the death of the Internet as we know it, disguised as a "Sex-Trafficing" pair of laws. Sex Trafficing is already made illegal under prior laws, while Section 230 of the CDA was basically a protection of responsibility for website owners regardless of what content's posted or uploaded to their sites.
Sites like 4chan that host adult content are now viable targets, retroactively, whenever someone posts something that's obviously criminal, even if said content's been purged from a site that responsibly acts within the law.
At long last 4chan will finally have to can all those absurd threads about /r9k/s trying to finance their way into fembots' pants.
I'm ok with this.
>Prepare to see the death of the Internet as we know it
Oh, so like the NN repeal?
Nothing of value will be lost.
I'd like to say that the justice department said they are going to absolutely trash this bill for being overreaching and violating the first amendment. But I bet the justices are just going to vote with party lines again.
The NN repeal hasn't gone into effect yet, poltard. It doesn't kick in until the end of the month.
And I'm sure the internet will die that day

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