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China‘s ambassador has firmly rejected a key pillar of the Trudeau government‘s trade agenda, branding its attempts to entrench labour standards in a free trade pact as a non-starter for his country.

Ambassador Lu Shaye said Tuesday that Canada’s “so-called” progressive trade agenda has no place in the free trade agreement the two countries have been pursuing in fits and starts for several years.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been unable to persuade China’s leaders to formally entrench labour, gender, environment and governance issues in the negotiating framework of the free trade talks.

Trudeau spent four days in China in December but left without a formal commitment to moving the free trade talks past the exploratory phase into formal negotiations.

>electing a drama teacher to run a country because he offers you weed
If China isn't cajoled into raising their standards by the US then I'm not sure why Canada thinks it has a snowball's chance in hell.
I mean Trudeau has made it his mission to spread feminism worldwide. He's actually accomplished none of that but he gets plenty of applause in white nations so that's something
Trudeau is a fucking joke
>governance issues¨
sure is all about that feminism and totally not also about china being an dictatorship hellhole
#Canada rules the world and knows a shit about how real life feminism works in China.
You’re the joke, idiot.

If Trudeau and the moronic SJWs didn't try to force all kinda stupid shit like feminism and homosexuality down China's throat, they might have had better luck getting the labor rights issues resolved. You know, something that actually fucking matters...
no Trudeau really is a joke
they cant resist
its all they can talk about
they have a mental disease
based china no give fuck
Real great comeback Justin

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