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Huge crowds flocked to watch a religious leader appear to pull a car - with his penis.

The 'monk' - known only as Penis Baba - can be seen fiddling under his robes while he apparently attaches a rope to his private parts.

After the white rope is tied to the car before he staggers backwards, pulling the heavy vehicle around 100ft.

A video shows hundreds of people gathering around to watch him in Harpur village of Munger district of Bihar, India.

One local said: "The villagers said that Baba had gone away to practice penance and knowledge in his childhood and he has returned after years.

'Baba' said: "It is not art. It is the power of God - the power of devotion.

"Any person can go to any extent by doing devotion to God."
So this is the power of nofap...
This seems easy to fake, but I'm impressed by his creativity if nothing else.
That's an old circus trick. Everybody greatly overestimate how much force is required to slowly pull something with wheels on level ground. People have pulled heavier things with weaker appendages.
I think it is more likely he has a belt under the robe he attached the rope to
'Devotion to god allows me to pull heavy objects with my penis'. Good to know religion has its practical side.

>No Fap Day 1000
This. Just like the monks who levitate on canes or walk on nails or pierce their skin with giant needles, it's almost always an object-manipulation trick that anyone can learn in a week.

Other than the yoga and martial arts masters, most fakirs are fakers.
Just Google penis baba this guy has a very elastic penis
Eastern Religion = Schitz
The penis is the belt
He exposes himself at the end of the video. No belt

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