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These are the "Syrian Rebel" scum-back fucks which our media brainwashes us to support?
They kidnapped a bunch of people, kept them hostage, and kept food for themselves while the people in Damascus suburbs starved.
literally nobody supports the Syrian rebels except the US intelligence agencies trying to wage their secret proxy wars around the world.
the media only reads off a script, and only idiots believe anything on the media
lmao and why would American want to do that
Not only US. There is France, UK, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Katar.
A movie about White Helmets won the academy award.
For Saudi shekels:
Saudis want to construct a gas pipeline through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, up to Europe. So you can imagine how focused they might be.
Also there is oil to be taken by US corpos if Assad regime falls.
Also every rocked fired needs to be replaced with new one, which means happy times for weapons sector.
Also it's a part of bigger picture (with minor changes):
America has its problems here.
Trump is trying
Look at all the veterans in America and the people that they were fighting are now on American payroll or living in Europe
We don’t like it but our government will kill us like the blacks
America funds terrorist
We know this

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