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>The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, grew so frustrated with President Donald Trump last month that he threatened to quit, Axios reported Saturday.

>According to the report, Kelly blew up at Trump during a private Oval Office meeting on March 28 and said he was going to quit as he was walking back to his office.

>Around the time of the meeting, the White House was weathering a slew of scandals:

Veterans Affair secretary David Shulkin had just been fired

The president's lead defense attorney in the Russia probe quit

Trump was facing more and more questions over a $130,000 payment his personal lawyer made to an adult film actress to stay silent about an affair she had with the president

Reports surfaced that Trump wanted to target Amazon because of a personal vendetta against its CEO, Jeff Bezos

Trump had just imposed billions worth of tariffs on Chinese imports

>After the Oval Office meeting, Kelly went back to his office and packed up some of his personal belongings, though sources told Axios that it may not have been because he was getting ready to quit. A senior administration official also told the outlet that Kelly was not threatening to quit but was just "venting frustration."

>The chief of staff, one of the few remaining bulwarks against Trump's most volatile instincts, was said to be so frustrated that his colleagues in the West Wing had to call some of his closest allies, including Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, to convince him not to walk out.

>Kelly's reported threat comes as the White House faces an unprecedented rate of staff turnover.
>Since Trump's one-year mark in January, turnover among top staffers has grown to 48% (as of March 15). That indicates Trump's first 15 months in office saw more departures or reassignments than the first two years of the last four presidents' entire first terms.

>Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, fired via tweet; former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, ousted after the media exposed his extravagant taxpayer-funded travel habits; national security adviser H.R. McMaster, resigned amid widespread speculation that Trump had soured on him; and scandal-plagued Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin all served the shortest terms of anyone in their positions in recent history.

>March 28 was reportedly not the first time Kelly had mulled quitting his job. He has repeatedly said to aides that he does not need to be in the West Wing, and he once joked that God punished him by making him Trump's chief of staff.

>"I did something wrong, and God punished me, I guess," Kelly quipped.
trump is known for hiring and firing people. None of this surprises me. In fact, it's never good to get complacent.
Trump hires the best people though. Why is he firing all of these people? Are you telling me Trump doesn't hire the best people?
Nice, another editorial from the left
Trump hires people aligned best with his interest, so yes people that aren't always qualified Cough* He's not qualified to run a successful company let alone a nation.*
Obama went through what, seven Chief of Staff's.
It is admirable that Kelly has lasted this long.
Any of the WH staff can be replaced, purely
at POTUS discretion.
All this hoopla is media nonsense, trying to build a mountain out of a mole hill, such as it ever was.
Let him, Trump will find a replacement.

A more loyal, less communist replacement.
I'd say the fact that he has run successful companies is sufficient qualification for running a successful company, fuckboy.
*without outside help
Your logic applies that Trump doesn't need help with beibg the President, which is laughably ignorant.
>*without outside help
Yeah it's not like companies have boards of directors and it's not like the US has any government officials running the country other than the president
Babby-tier attempt to shift the goalposts by the way
>Obama went through what, seven Chief of Staff's.
In eight years. Trump is on track to beat him easily, and thats not accounting for all the other staff he's either lost or not hired to begin with.

Don't treat this as normal.
If getting outside help is a bad trait for governing a nation, then why is the US trillions in debt? You played yourself, retard.
> Doesn't excuse the fact that he clearly is not qualified to run a country, Faggot.
Hey, Trumps dick is get dry, get back to sucking.

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