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LazyTown’s Stefan Karl Stefansson deletes social media as he confirms return of ‘inoperable’ cancer
LazyTown actor Stefan Karl Stefansson left his fans confused as his Twitter account vanished – not long after he revealed his cancer had returned. After it became apparent the 42-year-old, who played villain Robbie Rotten on the cult kids TV show, had deleted all of his public social media accounts tributes still continued to pour in. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016 but seemed to have recovered after he had his metastases removed last year.

However, the actor has now revealed the sad news that his cancer had struck again and it was now inoperable. The only social media account that is still live is his Instagram – however, it has been inactive since June 2017.
RIP Robbie Rotten.
It turns out your unhealthy ways were your true enemy, not Sportacus. But even he doesn't deserve this
God be with our villain number one.
Well, shit.
Another one bites the dust..
>Implying cancer only forms in the unhealthy

Wew lad
>it's like you never even watched PedoTime
Now watch, and learn, here's the deal, I slowly die from this bad cancer here.
>Ha ha ha haah

I'm going to miss him.
Inoperable cancer is a death sentence but so is living. Robbie is not dead, only will be sooner than most. He probably deleted shit because the faceless outpouring of sympathy probably gets pretty old when you're facing your mortality.

t. family with inoperable cancer of the everything for 1.3 years now still kicking
how can a cancer that has been removed from the boy return unless it's caused by some particularly nasty predisposition to suffer bad gene mutations?
poor guy didn't deserve this, first the report that the operation was successful and then suddenly "oh, it's back and here to stay. sorry mate, you're fucked." what a way to go.
Do what you want 'cause the cancer is here,
Youve got the cancer!
Yar - fidle fiddle - dee-dee
having a cancer is all right with me!
do what you want'cause the cancer is free
youve got a cancer!
Youve got a cancer(yay!)
We got us cigars (cigars!)
to lead us to lung cancer
thats all coughed up with blood (with blood!)
and buried deep away
We'll dig up the cancer(the cancer!)
we know it's full of precious booty
Bust open the locks,
and we'll say "HOORAY!"
Yar - har - fiddle dee-dee
if you love to cough blood with me
Youve got a cancer!
Removing cancer is actually harder than it sounds. It's easy to leave a few cells that resume their activity, and the ablation typically kicks them into overdrive.
Pancreatic cancer is hell to begin with. The shit you only wish on your worst enemies.
>Removing cancer is actually harder than it sounds
removing cancer sounds pretty fucking hard m8 i don't know if you read the papers or whatever but cancer is still a pretty high killer.
Why can't cancer strike down faggots like Putin, Trump and the like?

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