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>Seattle is looking at road tolls for downtown streets as part of a broader initiative to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Wednesday.

>Durkan provided few specifics on the tolling proposal at a news conference, but she said the city's transportation department is currently studying possible congestion pricing strategies to ease traffic through the downtown core.

>"We know it's a heavy lift that we'll have to engage people deeply before doing that," Durkan said. "And we have to make sure that it is paired with meaningful transit because we can't ask people to get out of their single-occupancy vehicles unless there are meaningful options they have, whether that is buses, walking, bikes, or other public transit."
This will only make congestion worse. Just charge a tax on parking complexes
I like that idea, but getting a business-only tax through our city council just... isn't going to happen the way we want it to. Just like the bag fee and the beverage tax, it won't encourage businesses to fix the problems, only offload 100% of the costs to the citizens.

But hey, if we want to reduce congestion, just ban drivers that aren't working in the city from traveling in it. I mean, sure, it'll have massive econmomic consequence, but it'll get the job done.

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