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Ukraine border guard kidnapped the russian fishing boat and tortures the fishers. The boat crew managed to contact a blogger and plead for help. Ukrainians refused to let the russian authorities the entrance to the boat. Ukrainian inner secret service closed all security areas on the boat and it is close to burn down. Firework inspector was refused entrance to the boat either. Sea man are forced to live in a small boat with rotting 5 tons of fish. it was refused entrance to the toilet and clean water. the court or any human right organization in Ukraine simple refused to offer any help to the Seamen because "SBU told them the seamen are free to go". meanwhile the seamen are threatened to be killed as soon they leave the boat.
Putin sucks dick
what are those russian fishers even doing in Ukraine? Aren`t Ukraine and Russia at war or something?
>The crew managed to contact a blogger and plead for help

they were not in Ukraine. the ship was kidnaped in area outside of ukrainian teritorial waters.


Russian-flagged Crimea-registered fishing vessel Nord with 10-men crew was detained by the Ukrainian Border Guard Service on March 25 in the Sea of Azov. Moscow has demanded the immediate release of the "illegally detained" crew and the return of the vessel to its legitimate owner.

After the ship's detention in the Sea of Azov, a source told Sputnik that the command of Russia's Black Sea Fleet is considering the issue of ensuring the safety of navigation in the north-eastern part of the Black Sea.

"The threat of Ukrainian state piracy has already emerged: if the appropriate order is received, the Black Sea Fleet, including its aviation, will begin to ensure the safety of Russian shipping," the source said.
Looool, you think russians didn't do that to other neighboring countries??? I heard of an incident in the baltic sea
>outside of ukrainian teritorial waters
>Sea of Azov

Nobody recognized Crimea's annexation, so these are still officially Ukrainian territorial waters. Ukraine and Russia has been attacking each other's maritime infrastructure over 4 years because of that, and since the world barely cares, it's "who can get away with that".

In 2014 Russia outright sinked / took over a number of Ukrainian ships and resource facilities, since then Ukrainians have been striking back, sabotaging the facilities and capturing ships.

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