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The world's hot future

There is no escape from global warming.

That's the conclusion of a series of pessimistic new studies released Monday in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, where the world's top scientists determined that the threshold for catastrophic climate change is much lower than previously believed.

The Paris Agreement plan to limit the global temperature rise to 2 C — a modest goal that is still well out of reach — will not be enough to help the planet avoid the worst ravages of rising oceans and changing weather, the scientists concluded, provoking food shortages and mass migrations.

While atwo-degree limit would be better than Earth's current trajectory — at least a 3 C rise — the negative effectswould still be devastating, with a marked increase in destructive storms, extreme heat waves and long-term droughts.

Among the new predictions for the 2 C scenario:

A half-metre rise in oceans by 2100 and at least an additional half-metre by 2300, leading to widespread flooding in the "highly vulnerable" low-lying deltas and cities, where close to one billion people live.

Increased food insecurity because of "significant changes"in regional temperatures and water cycles, with India, Bangladesh, Brazil, Oman and Saudi Arabia at the greatest risk.

A13 per cent drop in GDP per person, on average, by 2100, as the world is forced to reckon with the spiralling costs of climate change.

Pernicious droughts, especially in southern Africa and South America, where the water flow in the Amazon could decrease 25 per cent.

Heightened losses of plant and animal biodiversity and shrinking supplies of fresh water.

As a result, the journal is calling for a downward revision of Paris target to a 1.5 C global rise — an increase that will still result in devastation, but just not as much.

"The papers in this issue demonstrate that, on the balance of probability, limiting warming to 1.5 C, in the context of sustainable and equitable development, is still possible,"the journal's editors write.

"It remains to be seen whether the evidence provided on the impacts of climate change avoided by stabilizing at 1.5 C over higher temperature thresholds will be sufficient to motivate action on the scale and pace needed to achieve the 1.5 C goal."

here's a link to the aforementioned journal:
>there is no escape
So why worry? It's not like human life is that importent anyway. We're just self aware creatures. Big fucking deal
>help the planet avoid the worst ravages of rising oceans
the planet doesn't give a fuck about rising oceans, human coastdwellers do
how about not projecting our motivations on the giant chunk of space rock full retard style
But wasn't the Paris agreement a toothless piece of backslapper legislation that would have done fuck all about countries who didn't live up to their promises?
No shit. Until you start actively removing CO2, it won't get better, but God forbid we focus investment money onto carbon scrubbers instead of kickbacks to solar and wind

>It's not like human life is that importent anyway

Sounds like somebody who doesn't have a life anyway
a public work for everyone who reads this, go plant a tree
You may not like it, but this is what peak polar bear vegetarianism looks like.
>pessimistic new studies
Actually science is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, just like nature itself is neither happy nor sad, it simply IS. That's why climate-change deniers will never fucking understand why they're wrong; they think scientists come up with studies based on pessimism or optimism instead of taking a step back and simply seeing things are true or false.

Can't wait till we witness our planet decaying faster and faster and the rest of the world still letting these fucking morons have a voice in whether or not we take action.

A new age of environmental terrorism is about to occur
There's a government lab in Kentucky that figured out how to engineer a system with nanotubes that would solidify atmospheric carbon, but that was two years ago and nobody is talking about it so I guess it fell by the wayside after the fatasses in the government decided to support their friends in big oil instead of facing the music.

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