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Leftist women "cry for joy" when sexually convicted Arif Moradi stays in Sweden.
The fact that the people call themselves feminist is kinda weird.
Why would you want a rapist to stay in your country? He raped a 14 year old girl!

“In October 2017, he was convicted of sexually unlawful 14-year-old girl at a confirmation camp organized by the East Ryds parish. The girl managed to fly and lock herself in a toilet after the Afghan man threw herself over her, sat across her and tried to pull her clothes off.
In connection with the court process, Arif Moradi received strong support from a large group of middle-aged and older women engaged in so-called refugee children. In admirership there are people from the Social Democrats' top team in Söderköping.
On Facebook, several of the women accused the 14-year-old girl of lying over the abuse. Some of them also wanted the girl to be retarded.
According to Social News, Moradi was put as late as November in custody while waiting for expulsion. The Migration Board, however, released him in February "referring to, among other things, Moradi's popularity in social media".

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