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Representatives of the United States intended to meet with representatives of Russian civil aviation authorities this week to discuss the issue of flights of American aircraft over the Russian Federation, but this meeting was postponed, State Department spokesman Heather Neuert said on Tuesday.

"We planned to meet with representatives of Russian civil aviation authorities this week in Washington, but this meeting was postponed to a later date by the Russian side," Neuert said.

"There is still no new date, but we are waiting for them (the Russian authorities) to work with us on it, because we do not want interruptions (in flights - IF) for American air carriers," she added.

Neuert noted that she does not know the reason why this meeting was postponed. According to her, negotiations on this issue are directly between air carriers and representatives of aviation authorities of Russia, and the US as a state in this process acts as coordinator.

"We participated in some discussions to help coordinate the process ... Our embassy talked with the Russian authorities in an attempt to facilitate this (the IF process)," she added.

According to Neuert, the US Embassy heard encouraging words from Russia. "Without panic, we are not going to do anything that would harm the American aviation sector," she said, referring to the position of the Russian Federation, which was heard by the American side.

American air carriers need permission to fly over the Russian Federation. The term of the overflight agreement that has been in force up to the present time expires on Tuesday evening at American time.

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