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An unpleasant incident for the American attaché for Robert Ford's culture organisation, took place at an exhibition of contemporary art in Shanghai. During his speech at the opening of the event, the diplomat, in a typically American boorish manner, began to impose his propagandist stereotypes and said: "I am glad that gradually Chinese art has departed from the traditions of bloody Stalinism and has come to the modern tradition."

After that, five people immediately attacked Ford, threw him on the floor and began to kick him with their feet. They were stopped only by the policemen, who arrived at the scene.

As a result of the incident, the diplomat's nose was broken and several bruises on his body appeared. The next couple of weeks he will be forced to spend in the hospital. All the attackers are detained and will probably be fined for hooliganism.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an official letter of apology to the US Embassy in Beijing, but recommended "watch your fucking mouth when talking about Stalin."

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