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A former air hostess with 32S boobs says she now identifies as a black "African woman" after undergoing controversial tanning injection treatment.

Martina BIG, from Germany,was born blonde-haired and light-skinned.

She has already spent an estimated £50,000 on cosmetic surgery for her enormous bust which is believed to be the biggest in Europe.

Yet those body enhancements were not enough as Martina bizarrely decided she wanted to change her ethnicity, vowing to get "darker and darker and see what the limits are."

Thanks to a new medical procedure in the US, the ex-flight attendant has darkened her skin and has even travelled to Kenya to be baptised with a new Swahili name.

She said: "One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman."

The pastor invited Martina into his church in the town of Nyeri, where she was baptised under the new name of 'Malaika Kubwa', which in the local Swahili language means "big angel".

Martina said: "I'm so happy and proud to be a real African woman."

She claimed to be "surprised how many people know me in Kenya" and that people on the street and in the hotels stopped her all the time for selfies.

According to Martina, who visited Kenya with fiancee Michael, she is becoming more "African" by the day.

Martina BIG said: "Recently, I had been asked several times, whether I noticed that also my facial features become more and more African."

"Since this change is so slow, I did not notice it at first. But after comparing myself to several photos from last year, I also see this change.

"I'm very happy about it and hope that this change will continue.

"It's such a great feeling to become more and more African."

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