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I'd like to see the Canadian government cut back their funding on this kind of crap reporting.

The bus accident in Humboldt that killed half a hockey team was very tragic, and it saddens me everytime I hear developing stories about it.

Then CBC decides to run a story about some amateur free-lance reporter (a virtual nobody who got one online article published), pulling the SJW card on twitter asking about why anyone should care about a bunch of white boys.

Then everyone in the world who uses twitter, (rightfully, imo) attacks the fuck out of her, and that's where this CBC story begins.

Thinking she's entitled to her opinion about trivializing the race and gender of the victims, CBC literally turned the tables on the story and made it about the SJW being a victim, then inserting all the usually SJW issues, trying to overshadow the deaths of children to expose their own agendas.

this is fucking disgusting.

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