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>Mower, tooth in a box, Vishnu doll in New Jersey beach trash

>After uproar, sex predator charged for working near kids at Florida playground

>They were shot in a car, he told police. Two were dead by the time they got to the hospital

>Threat of closure spurs surge in sales for Necco Wafers

>Two girls killed, five teens hospitalized in middle-of-the-night crash in a stolen car

>Florida man in motorcycle crash shot in the leg by his own gun

>Search for women who took life-size cardboard ad at airport

>French soccer player had knife in briefs, red wine in hand after bizarre Miami break-in

>BSO deputies heard gunfire at Parkland school but couldn't find it. These cops rushed in.

>A babysitter on LSD tried to take the toys — and that wasn't the worst of it, cops say

>Keys man tries to settle differences with a flare gun and fillet knife, deputies say

>Put your paws up: Detroit-area police department adds cat

>Vermont bistro owner offers gift for return of cutout

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