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R: 46
Goldman-Sachs tells companies to stop curing people: Goldman-Sachs tells companies to stop curing people because it is not as profitable as chronic treatment
R: 4
Starbucks Schedules Racial Bias Training At 8,000 Stores:

>The racial bias training will be provided on May 29 to about 175,000 workers.

>“I’ve spent the last few days in Philadelphia with my leadership team listening to the community, learning what we did wrong and the steps we need to take to fix it,” Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson said in a statement.

>“While this is not limited to Starbucks, we’re committed to being a part of the solution,” he said. “Closing our stores for racial bias training is just one step in a journey that requires dedication from every level of our company and partnerships in our local communities.”

All because two blacks wouldn't leave when asked 4 times.
All this will do is appease these fanatics and make them more aggressive.
R: 7
Bernie Sanders’ Tax Day Message: We Want To Raise Your Taxes:

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a super popular idea on tax day — repeal the Republican tax cuts and raise people’s taxes.
R: 48
Nazi messages found in diaper boxes:

>Target customers in several states are discovering white supremacist propaganda — with the phrase “It’s okay to be white” — tucked inside their boxes of diapers, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

>The laminated, index-size cards containing the racist message have turned up in Pampers and Up & Up brand diapers in Washington, DC, Florida and Tennessee.

>On the other side, the card lists websites of white supremacist groups, including The Right Stuff, the Daily Stormer and the Traditionalist Worker Party.

>“Picked up a case of diapers, because you don’t want to get the small package, you want to get the big package. So I picked up a box of newborns,” he said. “Diapers come in these two big plastic sleeves. You pull those out, and I noticed something drop and fall. And I know that sometimes companies will put coupons in boxes.”

>Russell was shocked after reading the card.

>“It said ‘It’s okay to be white,’ and I looked on the back and it was just five or six websites that I recognized the language that was used from the Charlottesville incident late last year,” he added.

>Target and Pampers are both investigating the incidents.

>The slogan has long been affiliated with the white supremacist movement, which has used the phrase on fliers since 2005, according to the ADL.

>Ku Klux Klan groups have also used the #IOKTBW hashtag on Twitter since 2012.
R: 17
Scientists hope new enzyme will 'eat' plastic pollution:

>(CNN)Scientists have accidentally developed a plastic-eating enzyme that may be used to combat one of the world's worst pollution problems.

>Researchers from Britain's University of Portsmouth and the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) made the discovery while examining the structure of a natural enzyme found in a waste recycling center a few years ago in Japan.

>They say the enzyme, Ideonella sakaiensis 201-F6, is able to "eat" polyethylene terephthalate, PET, which was patented as a plastic in the 1940s and is used in millions of tons of plastic bottles.

>Their aim was to study its structure, but they accidentally engineered an enzyme which was even better at breaking down PET plastics.

>"We hoped to determine its structure to aid in protein engineering, but we ended up going a step further and accidentally engineered an enzyme with improved performance at breaking down these plastics," said NREL's lead researcher Gregg Beckham.

>The discovery could result in a recycling solution for millions of tons of plastic bottles made of PET, which currently persists for hundreds of years in the environment, the University of Portsmouth said on its website.

>"Serendipity often plays a significant role in fundamental scientific research and our discovery here is no exception," said Professor John McGeehan, director of the Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences in the School of Biological Sciences at Portsmouth.

>The enzyme can also degrade polyethylene furandicarboxylate, or PEF, a bio-based substitute for PET plastics that is being hailed as a replacement for glass beer bottles.
R: 9
Archaeologists Find Ancient Knife-Hand Prosthesis On Medieval Warrior:

In a discovery worthy of the Walking Dead, Italian archaeologists have identified a Medieval warrior whose right forearm and hand were amputated and who appears to have compensated with a knife-ended prosthesis.

The skeleton was found in Povegliano Veronese, a Longobard or early Medieval cemetery in northern Italy dating to the 6th-8th centuries AD. Numerous burials of adult men with weapons at their sides were discovered, along with a pit filled with a headless horse and two greyhounds. One man, however, clearly suffered a traumatic injury to his right forearm, and his case is reported in the most recent issue of the Journal of Anthropological Sciences by Ileana Micarelli and colleagues.

Researchers closely analyzed the bones and teeth of this older male adult, making a 3D model of his amputated right arm with a CT scan. They found that the amputation was the result of blunt force trauma to the forearm, but could not definitively conclude why it had been purposefully removed. "One possibility," Micarelli and colleagues write, "is that the limb was amputated for medical reasons." However, considering the Longobards were a warrior culture, "a loss due to fighting is also possible," they suggest, or perhaps his arm was amputated "due to judicial punishment."

Even more fascinating than the survival of this man in an era before antibiotics is the possibility he had a unique prosthesis. Micarelli and colleagues examined the ends of the man's forearm bones and found that "there may have been a biomechanical force placed on the stump," such as the pressure of the bones against a prosthesis.
R: 2
Forty UN Ambassadors Visiting Israel During 70th Anniversary: Forty Ambassadors to the United Nations, from a quarter of the countries with which Israel has diplomatic relations, are visiting Israel this week on a delegation organized by the American Zionist Movement in cooperation with Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.

The Ambassadors, who hail from Africa, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, Europe and Latin America, covering all UN Regional Groups, are meeting government officials, touring historical, religious and strategic sites and participating in events to commemorate Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, Israel’s Independence Day, on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the nation.

“Seventy years after the United Nations played a key role in the founding of the State of Israel, it is significant that so many foreign Ambassadors to UN are visiting Israel to see firsthand the history and accomplishments of the country,” said Richard D. Heideman, AZM President.
R: 5
Boy unearths legendary Danish king's trove in Germany: A 13-year-old boy and an amateur archaeologist have unearthed a "significant" treasure trove in Germany which may have belonged to the legendary Danish king Harald Bluetooth who brought Christianity to Denmark.

Rene Schoen and his student Luca Malaschnitschenko were looking for treasure using metal detectors in January on northern Ruegen island when they chanced upon what they initially thought was a worthless piece of aluminium.

But upon closer inspection, they realised that it was a shimmering piece of silver, German media reported.

A dig covering 400 square metres (4,300 square feet) that finally started over the weekend by the regional archaeology service has since uncovered a trove believed linked to the Danish king who reigned from around 958 to 986.

Braided necklaces, pearls, brooches, a Thor's hammer, rings and up to 600 chipped coins were found, including more than 100 that date back to Bluetooth's era.

"This trove is the biggest single discovery of Bluetooth coins in the southern Baltic sea region and is therefore of great significance," lead archaeologist Michael Schirren told national news agency DPA.

The oldest coin found in the trove is a Damascus dirham dating to 714 while the most recent is a penny dating to 983.

The find suggests that the treasure may have been buried in the late 980s -- also the period when Bluetooth was known to have fled to Pomerania where he died in 987.

"We have here the rare case of a discovery that appears to corroborate historical sources," said archaeologist Detlef Jantzen.
R: 65
Amazon warehouse workers pee into bottles:
R: 5
Fresno State Professor Gloats Over Barbara Bush's Death, Says She Won't Be Fired: >On Tuesday, a professor at Fresno State made highly outrageous comments celebrating the death of former First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush as she also took delight in the pain that George H.W. Bush is experiencing as a result of his wife's death.

>According to her bio page at Fresno State, "Professor Randa Jarrar is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, essayist, and translator" and serves as the "executive director of RAWI, the Radius of Arab American Writers."

>Jarrar's first tweet on Bush's death stated: "Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words."

>Jarrar continued, writing: "PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you're part of the problem. that's actually how simple this is. I'm happy the witch is dead. can't wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee."

>Jarrar went on to express how happy she was over Bush's death because she knew that Bush's husband was sad over her passing.

>Later, responding to the outrage that she caused, Jarrar bragged about how much money she made as a professor and claimed that she will never be fired.

>Jarrar demonstrated a fair amount of arrogance, suggesting that people also notify the school's president of the incident because she doesn't think she will face any kind of repercussions for her actions.
R: 12
North and South Korea reportedly set to announce official end to war:

Ahead of a summit next week between North Korean premier Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In, lawmakers from the neighboring states were thought to be negotiating the details of a joint statement that could outline an end to the military conflict between the two countries.

Pyongyang and Seoul have technically been at war since the 1950-1953 Korean conflict ended with a truce — and not a peace treaty.

Kim and Moon could also discuss returning the heavily fortified demilitarized zone separating them to its original state.
R: 9
The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack:
> Exclusive: Robert Fisk visits the Syria clinic at the centre of a global crisis
>This is the story of a town called Douma, a ravaged, stinking place of smashed apartment blocks – and of an underground clinic whose images of suffering allowed three of the Western world’s most powerful nations to bomb Syria last week. There’s even a friendly doctor in a green coat who, when I track him down in the very same clinic, cheerfully tells me that the “gas” videotape which horrified the world – despite all the doubters – is perfectly genuine.
>War stories, however, have a habit of growing darker. For the same 58-year old senior Syrian doctor then adds something profoundly uncomfortable: the patients, he says, were overcome not by gas but by oxygen starvation in the rubbish-filled tunnels and basements in which they lived, on a night of wind and heavy shelling that stirred up a dust storm.
>As Dr Assim Rahaibani announces this extraordinary conclusion, it is worth observing that he is by his own admission not an eyewitness himself and, as he speaks good English, he refers twice to the jihadi gunmen of Jaish el-Islam [the Army of Islam] in Douma as “terrorists” – the regime’s word for their enemies, and a term used by many people across Syria. Am I hearing this right? Which version of events are we to believe?
>By bad luck, too, the doctors who were on duty that night on 7 April were all in Damascus giving evidence to a chemical weapons enquiry, which will be attempting to provide a definitive answer to that question in the coming weeks.
>France, meanwhile, has said it has “proof” chemical weapons were used, and US media have quoted sources saying urine and blood tests showed this too. The WHO has said its partners on the ground treated 500 patients “exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with exposure to toxic chemicals”.
R: 98
Trump orders strike on Syria in response to chemical attack:
R: 4
Teenager shoved onto on coming bus by friend: Talk about a close call,who need's enemys when your friends want you dead
R: 6
Mom let her 2-year-old smoke meth and roll joints: Kaitlyn Ecker was first arrested back in January on drug charges. On Friday she was in the Wakulla County Jail for a much more serious alleged offense.

The 20-year-old Florida woman is accused of giving drugs to her 2-year-old son.

The toddler's hair and blood tested positive for "chronic" use of methamphetamine, according to the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office.

“The toxicology results concluded that the 2-year-old tested positive for both methamphetamine and amphetamines and the findings were ‘chronic’ rather than ‘acute,’” WCSO wrote in a Facebook post.

Various witnesses told investigators that they heard that Ecker let the boy smoke meth with a pipe and the child even knew how to roll joints, according to the post.

A search of the suspect's home in Crawfordville revealed drug paraphernalia. Items included two glass pipes (the type used to smoke methamphetamine), each with residue inside; a plastic pill bottle converted into a handmade smoking device with burned residue; two grinders (the type consistent with marijuana usage), one of which had marijuana inside; a digital scale; and a small plastic bag containing marijuana residue located within a basket containing children's toys.

Ecker was arrested Thursday. She’s also charged with lewd and lascivious battery and transmission of harmful material to a minor.
R: 2
NZ wisesly move to keep it in the ground #ClimateChangeIsReal:
R: 4
Facebook Points Finger at Google and Twitter:

"Other companies s**k in your data too," Facebook explained in many, many words today with a blog post detailing how it gathers information about you from around the web.

>Facebook product management director David Baser wrote "Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have similar Like and Share buttons to help people share things on their services. Google has a popular analytics service. And Amazon, Google and Twitter all offer login features. These companies — and many others — also offer advertising services. In fact, most websites and apps send the same information to multiple companies each time you visit them". Describing how Facebook receives cookies, IP address, and browser info about users from other sites, he noted "when you see a YouTube video on a site that’s not YouTube, it tells your browser to request the video from YouTube. YouTube then sends it to you."

>It seems Facebook is tired of being singled-out. The tacked on 'them too!" statements at the end of its descriptions of opaque data collection practices might have been trying to normalize the behavior, but comes off feeling a bit petty.
R: 57
Praeger University lawsuit against YouTube fails: (Reuters) - Google has won the dismissal of a lawsuit in California accusing YouTube of censoring conservative content.

In a decision late Monday, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh said a nonprofit run by conservative radio talk show host Dennis Prager failed to show that YouTube infringed its free speech rights by placing age restrictions on its content.

The plaintiff, Prager University, said YouTube’s “animus” toward its “political identity and viewpoint” led it to curb access to videos, including through its “Restricted Mode” setting, on such topics as abortion, gun rights, Islam and terrorism, despite its stated promise of neutrality.

But the judge said Google and YouTube, both units of Mountain View, California-based Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), did not qualify as “state actors” subject to the First Amendment by creating a “public forum” for speech.

“Defendants are private entities who created their own video-sharing social media website and make decisions about whether and how to regulate content that has been uploaded on that website,” Koh wrote.

“Plaintiff has not shown that defendants have engaged in one of the very few public functions that were traditionally exclusively reserved to the state,” she added.

The San Jose, California-based judge also dismissed a claim that YouTube engaged in false advertising by implying that Prager’s videos were “inappropriate.”

Koh gave Prager a chance to amend its lawsuit, and said the case “demands an analysis” of California’s state constitution “in the age of social media and the internet.”

Peter Obstler, a lawyer for Prager, said his client will review its legal options, including a possible appeal.
R: 21
Comey’s Memoir Offers Visceral Details on a President ‘Untethered to Truth’:

WASHINGTON — Donald J. Trump asked Director James B. Comey of the F.B.I. to investigate and knock down a lurid but unverified report that placed Mr. Trump years earlier in a Moscow hotel suite with prostitutes, explaining to Mr. Comey that the fantastic story was untrue and was painful and distressing to his wife, Melania Trump.

Mr. Comey describes two January 2017 conversations between himself and Mr. Trump in “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership,” Mr. Comey’s new memoir, which is set to be released Tuesday. The New York Times acquired a copy of the book before its release, and accounts of the exchange appeared in reports by several other news organizations on Thursday evening.

By Mr. Comey’s accounts, Mr. Trump, then the president-elect, disputed the so-called Steele dossier, a document compiled by a former British intelligence officer that detailed an allegation in which Mr. Trump watched prostitutes urinate on each other. Mr. Comey writes that Mr. Trump insisted that “there’s no way I would let people pee on each other around me” in part because he is a self-professed germophobe. “No way.”

Four months later, Mr. Trump abruptly fired Mr. Comey, setting in motion a cascade of political and legal consequences that led directly to the appointment of Robert S. Mueller III as special counsel overseeing the federal investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Mr. Comey and Mr. Trump have been engaged in a verbal war with each other, often on Twitter, since then.
Brit executed: Brit executed in streets of Philippines. Pic related.
R: 21
BARBARA BUSH DEAD AT 92: barbara bush has passed away at the age of 92.

she was the mother of george w bush and jeb bush, and the husband of george h w bush.

i always liked her.

she had class.

and she NEVER wanted to be first lady.

R: 4
Hogg Advertiser Boycott Campaign Backfires as ‘The Ingraham Angle’ Viewership Jumps 20%:

A campaign led by anti-gun activist David Hogg aimed at the advertisers of Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show The Ingraham Angle appears to have backfired, as her ratings have reportedly risen by over 20 percent.
“Since Ingraham returned from vacation on April 9, total viewership of her program has averaged about 2.7 million (Monday through Thursday; Friday’s numbers are not available),” Newsbusters reported.

“Compare that to the ratings from March 26 through March 29, the Monday through Thursday just prior to the boycott: That week, Ingraham’s total viewership averaged 2.23 million,” it continued. “The increase in her ratings since the boycott began is more than 20 percent.”

The rise in ratings follows a campaign led by student activist David Hogg, who began targeting Ingraham’s advertisers after she made derogatory comments about Hogg’s failure to get into certain colleges – an action for which she later apologized.

However, Hogg pressed on with the campaign, urging companies to boycott The Ingraham Angle, denouncing the apology as an “effort just to save your advertisers.”

Around 27 companies including Office Depot, Jenny Craig, Hulu, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Wayfair, StitchFix, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Atlantis Paradise Island, and Liberty Mutual agreed to pull advertising, although other companies have refused.

Despite the campaign, Fox News have expressed their support for Ingraham, warning that they “will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts.”

Advertisers that refused to boycott the show, such as pillow company MyPillow, have also seen “strong” sales in recent weeks, despite a boycott campaign led by Hogg’s supporters over the company’s refusal to bow to their wishes.
R: 2
More Americans Want Comey Prosecuted Than Last Year: >

>After his interview on Sunday and launch of his new book, more Americans now want to see him criminally prosecuted (46%) than wanted to see him criminally prosecuted last year (41%).
R: 2
GOP launches secret group to attack West Virginia coal baron:

>The Republican establishment has launched an emergency intervention in the West Virginia Senate primary aimed at stopping recently imprisoned coal baron Don Blankenship from winning the party’s nomination.

>Late last week, a newly formed super PAC generically dubbed the “Mountain Families PAC” began airing TV ads targeting Blankenship, who spent one year behind bars following a deadly 2010 explosion at his Upper Big Branch Mine. The national party isn’t promoting its role in the group, but its fingerprints are all over it.

>The 30-second commercials, which the group is spending nearly $700,000 to air, accuse Blankenship’s company of contaminating drinking water by pumping “toxic coal slurry,” even as the multimillionaire installed a piping system that pumped clean water to his mansion.

>“Isn’t there enough toxic sludge in Washington?” the narrator intones.
R: 10
Drunk Driver Wore Novelty Undies: A Florida Man arrested early Thursday on a drunk driving charge was in his underwear behind the wheel, according to cops who noted that the suspect’s drawers were imprinted with the word “breathalyzer” and the phrase “blow here,” which was “near his genitals.”

After spotting a Dodge pickup truck weaving on a Port St. Lucie highway around 3 AM, a cop pulled the vehicle over outside a Best Western hotel, according to an arrest affidavit.

The driver, Daryle Lee Campbell, was handcuffed due to his “furtive actions and for officer safety.” Campbell, 54, had been spotted throwing a “black object” from his truck, though the item was not recovered by police.

During questioning, Campbell claimed that he was en route to help a friend who had a flat tire. Campbell--barefoot and in his underwear--seemed jittery, was unsteady on his feet, and appeared “under the influence of a stimulant,” the affidavit notes. After Campbell declined to perform field sobriety tests, he was arrested on a DUI charge.

An inventory of Campbell’s ride turned up a “penis ring” in the truck’s center console, as well as “several condoms about the vehicle and binoculars sitting on the passenger seat.” Cops concluded that Campbell may have been “attempting to attract prostitutes in the area or other lewd and lascivious behavior.”

Though clad in novelty underwear, Campbell “had his hair gelled and combed.” While Campbell’s drawers were not further described by investigators, they were likely similar to the silky boxers seen below.

Campbell’s rap sheet includes two prior drunk driving convictions, police noted. Court records show that he has also been convicted of carrying a concealed weapon, cocaine possession, and resisting arrest.

Pictured above, Campbell is scheduled for an April 23 arraignment on the misdemeanor DUI count.
Moscow postponed negotiations with the US on air travel through Russian territory: Representatives of the United States intended to meet with representatives of Russian civil aviation authorities this week to discuss the issue of flights of American aircraft over the Russian Federation, but this meeting was postponed, State Department spokesman Heather Neuert said on Tuesday.

"We planned to meet with representatives of Russian civil aviation authorities this week in Washington, but this meeting was postponed to a later date by the Russian side," Neuert said.

"There is still no new date, but we are waiting for them (the Russian authorities) to work with us on it, because we do not want interruptions (in flights - IF) for American air carriers," she added.

Neuert noted that she does not know the reason why this meeting was postponed. According to her, negotiations on this issue are directly between air carriers and representatives of aviation authorities of Russia, and the US as a state in this process acts as coordinator.

"We participated in some discussions to help coordinate the process ... Our embassy talked with the Russian authorities in an attempt to facilitate this (the IF process)," she added.

According to Neuert, the US Embassy heard encouraging words from Russia. "Without panic, we are not going to do anything that would harm the American aviation sector," she said, referring to the position of the Russian Federation, which was heard by the American side.

American air carriers need permission to fly over the Russian Federation. The term of the overflight agreement that has been in force up to the present time expires on Tuesday evening at American time.
$700,000 worth of fake cosmetics seized by LAPD: A Los Angeles Police Department task force seized $700,000 worth of counterfeit cosmetics after raiding 21 locations in downtown's Fashion District, an LAPD spokesman said.

Police Capt. Marc Reina announced the results of the operation Thursday evening on Twitter, adding that the fake cosmetics were "found to contain bacteria and human waste."

"The best price is not always the best deal!" Reina wrote.

The bust in Santee Alley netted makeup similar to such popular brands as Urban Decay, NARS, MAC, Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner, and others.

Detective Rick Ishitani said the price tells you if it's counterfeit or not.

"If you're getting something that's 50 percent off, 75 percent off - it tells you that it's bad," he said.

The investigation started after customers called the actual cosmetic companies complaining of bumps and rashes from the products.

When customers revealed they bought the products in Santee Alley, the Anti-Piracy Unit swooped in doing undercover buys to test the products.

"They came back positive with a high level of bacterias and animal feces," Ishitani said.

He added that legitimate cosmetic companies adhere to health and safety standards, which is costly. As for the bogus products, they are made where contaminants are rampant.

"Those feces will just basically somehow get mixed into the product they're manufacturing in their garage or in their bathroom - wherever they're manufacturing this stuff," he said.

Another issue is that the packaging can be identical to some of the glossiest brands. Ishitani said the only way some people find out is when they open the product, which isn't allowed at the businesses in Santee Alley.

Out of the 21 businesses raided and cited, six of the owners were arrested while the rest received cease-and-desist orders.
R: 57
Trump Proposes Rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership:

WASHINGTON — President Trump, in a sharp reversal, told a gathering of farm state lawmakers and governors on Thursday morning that he was directing his advisers to look into rejoining the multicountry trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a deal he pulled out of days after assuming the presidency.

Rejoining the 11-country pact could be a significant change in fortune for many American industries that stood to benefit from the trade agreement’s favorable terms and Republican lawmakers who supported the pact. The deal, which was negotiated by the Obama administration, was largely viewed as a tool to prod China into making the type of economic reforms that the United States and others have long wanted.

Both Democrats and Republicans attacked the deal during the president campaign, but many business leaders were disappointed when Mr. Trump withdrew from agreement, arguing that the United States would end up with less favorable terms attempting to broker an array of individual trade pacts and that scrapping the deal would empower China.

Republicans in Congress have also been skeptical of Mr. Trump’s tendencies on trade, and 25 Republican senators sent a letter to Mr. Trump urging him to re-engage with the pact “so that the American people can prosper from the tremendous opportunities that these trading partners bring.”
R: 25
Teen accused of biting head off live chicken: A University High School student has been charged with animal cruelty and trespassing after deputies say he sneaked onto school property and bit the head off of a live chicken that was on campus for a school event, deputies said.

Deputies said the incident happened Saturday night, when the student trespassed onto campus at 11 p.m. Saturday and entered the chicken coop. The chickens were on campus for a "Farm to Table" event held earlier that day, according to a Facebook post from the sheriff's department.

When a teacher arrived to campus Monday, she discovered a headless chicken in the parking lot, deputies said. The chicken's head was later found inside the chicken coop, according to the post.

Deputies said eggs had been thrown in the gym and against the gym doors.

The Volusia County resource deputy at University High School heard that students were bragging about a student biting the head off of a live chicken last weekend. The officer identified the student as a 17-year-old boy, according to the post.

The teenager was arrested on a felony animal cruelty charge and trespassing. He was released to his mother Tuesday and will have a court date Wednesday.
R: 2

>WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court said Tuesday that part of a federal law that makes it easier to deport immigrants who have been convicted of crimes is too vague to be enforced.

>The court's 5-4 decision - in an unusual alignment in which new Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the four liberal justices - concerns a catchall provision of immigration law that defines what makes a crime violent. Conviction for a crime of violence makes deportation "a virtual certainty" for an immigrant, no matter how long he has lived in the United States, Justice Elena Kagan wrote in her opinion for the court.

>The decision is a loss for President Donald Trump's administration, which has emphasized stricter enforcement of immigration law. In this case, President Barack Obama's administration took the same position in the Supreme Court in defense of the challenged provision. President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday evening that the court's decision "means that Congress must close loopholes that block the removal of dangerous criminal aliens, including aggravated felons." He ended by saying "Keep America Safe!"

>With the four other conservative justices in dissent, it was the vote of Trump-appointee Gorsuch that was decisive in striking down the provision at issue. Gorsuch did not join all of Kagan's opinion, but he agreed with her that the law could not be left in place. Gorsuch wrote that "no one should be surprised that the Constitution looks unkindly on any law so vague that reasonable people cannot understand its terms and judges do not know where to begin in applying it."

>The case turned on a decision from 2015 that struck down a similarly worded part of another federal law that imposes longer prison sentences on repeat criminals. The majority opinion in that case was one of the last written by Justice Antonin Scalia, who died in 2016 and whose seat Gorsuch filled.
R: 1
Lawsuit alleges 'forced labor' in immigrant detention:

>(CNN)A new class-action lawsuit alleges the private company behind one of the nation's largest immigrant detention centers makes millions in profits while forcing detainees to work for meager wages.

>Detainees at the Stewart Detention Center in south Georgia generally make between $1 and $4 a day for tasks such as preparing food, mopping floors and doing laundry, according to the lawsuit, which describes the practice as a "deprivation scheme" and alleges it's a violation of human trafficking laws. Detainees who work double shifts can earn up to $8 a day.

>Part of the scheme, according to the lawsuit: Depriving detainees of basic necessities like food, toothpaste, soap and toilet paper, so they have to work to pay for those items from the detention center's commissary.

>A spokesman for CoreCivic, which owns and operates the facility, said the company doesn't comment on pending litigation.

>But spokesman Jonathan Burns said work programs at all the company's immigration detention facilities are "completely voluntary" and operate in full compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement's standards and follow federally mandated reimbursement rates.

>"We have worked in close partnership with ICE for more than 30 years and will continue to provide a safe and humane environment to those entrusted to our care," Burns said.

>The lawsuit alleges that:

• CoreCivic uses detainees as "a ready supply of available labor" rather than hiring local workers

• Forcing detainees to work and paying them far less than minimum wage amounts to a violation of human trafficking laws

• Detainees at Stewart who refuse to work are threatened with solitary confinement and with the withholding of basic necessities
R: 28
Two-thirds of ‘child refugees’ arriving in Britain were adults, report reveals.:

A startling new report has found that nearly two-thirds of refugees claiming to be children who arrived in the UK were in fact over 18.

Some 65% of asylum seekers who were assessed after claiming to be children were judged to be adults, according to the report by immigration watchdog David Bolt.

The Home Office received 2,952 asylum applications from unaccompanied children in the year up to June 2017.

Officials believed applicant were lying about their age in 705 of those cases, with 402 (65%) found to be adults.

There have been 12,942 disputes over the ages of child asylum seekers since 2006, according to Home Office figures.

Nearly 6,000 of those disputes found the asylum seeker to be over 18 in this period.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘After consultation with stakeholders we published revised guidance on age assessments and we have committed to produce more child-friendly information in a range of languages to help children better understand the asylum system.’
R: 14
Minneapolis Blizzard!!! Historic!!!! DO NOT GO TO WORK!!!: It's too dangerous out there!
R: 5
Syrian Rebel Pukes: These are the "Syrian Rebel" scum-back fucks which our media brainwashes us to support?
They kidnapped a bunch of people, kept them hostage, and kept food for themselves while the people in Damascus suburbs starved.
R: 15

>DOUMA, Syria (AP) -- Syrian and Russian authorities prevented independent investigators from going to the scene of a suspected chemical attack, the head of the chemical watchdog group said Monday, blocking international efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

>The U.S. and France say they have evidence that poison gas was used in the April 7 attack in the opposition-held town of Douma, killing dozens of people, and that Syrian President Bashar Assad's military was behind it.

>But they have made none of that evidence public, even after they, along with Britain, bombarded sites they said were linked to Syria's chemical weapons program.

>Syria and its ally Russia deny any chemical attack took place, and Russian officials went even further, accusing Britain of staging a "fake" chemical attack. British Prime Minister Theresa May accused the two countries - whose forces now control the town east of Damascus - of trying to cover up evidence.

>The lack of access to Douma by inspectors from the watchdog group, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, has left unanswered questions about the attack.

>OPCW Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu said Syrian and Russian officials cited "pending security issues" in keeping its inspectors from reaching Douma.

>"The team has not yet deployed to Douma," Uzumcu told an executive council meeting of the OPCW in The Hague.

>Instead, Syrian authorities offered them 22 people to interview as witnesses, he said, adding that he hoped "all necessary arrangements will be made ... to allow the team to deploy to Douma as soon as possible."
R: 7
Biggest BLM page was a scam: The page, titled simply "Black Lives Matter," had almost 700,000 followers on Facebook, more than twice as many as the official BLM page. It was tied to online fundraisers that brought in at least $100,000 that supposedly went to Black Lives Matter causes in the U.S. At least some of the money, however, was transferred to Australian bank accounts, CNN has learned.

The page consistently linked to websites tied to Ian Mackay, a National Union of Workers official in Australia. Mackay has registered dozens of websites, many on issues tied to black rights. In April 2015, Mackay registered Mackay's name, email address, phone number and other details appeared in the registration records for the site until July 2015, when the website enabled a feature that allows site owners to hide their identities and contact information.
R: 263
David Hogg calls on his personal army to bully dumbass who said a mean thing about him: Parkland survivor David Hogg calls on advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after she accused him of 'whining' about his college rejections.

Hogg tweeted at Ingraham directly following the hit, writing: 'Soooo what are your biggest advertisers...Asking for a friend. #BoycottIngramAdverts'.

He then tweeted a list of advertisers which included AT&T, Nutrish, Allstate, Esurance, Bayer, Liberty Mutual, Arby's, TripAdvisor, Nestle, and Hulu.

Hogg instructed his nearly 600,000 followers to pick a number between 1 and 12 and contact the company next to the number
R: 13
Anne Frank House banned Orthodox Jewish employee from wearing his skullcap at work: >Barry Vingerling, 25, must wear his skullcap or yarmulke as an Orthodox Jew
>On first day of work at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he was told he couldn't
Museum said it might 'might endanger the neutrality' of the foundation
>He had to apply for formal permission from higher-ups to wear it at work
>In the meantime he could only wear a baseball cap with Anne Frank House logo
R: 1
Dem Edge in Generic Congressional Ballot Sinks to Just 4 Points:

According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, what was a +12 point lead for Democrats in the congressional generic ballot is down to just a four point lead.

Back in November, Democrats enjoyed a +10 point lead.

Today, though, the margin is just four points, or 47 percent to 43 percent.

Pollsters explained the minus-eight-point slide towards the GOP as a “sign of waning engagement; consolidation among Republicans of their base; and better results for the GOP among less-educated Americans generally, and non-college-educated white women in particular.”

Oddly enough, as counterintuitive as it may seem, along with Trump’s steadily improving job approval number (RCP average 43 percent), the Republican Party’s 2018 prospects appear to be improving even as Democrats, special counsel Robert Mueller, and their allies in the liberal media attempt to personally and professionally destroy Trump in a series of coordinated attacks unlike any we have ever seen.

Through these unprecedented and increasingly hysterical attacks, Trump has wisely kept his eye on the ball of doing his job. With the economy booming and a series of foreign policy successes (China blinking on trade, North Korea eager to talk, ISIS nearly destroyed, border crossings down), the public seems increasingly disinterested in the sound and fury coming from Trump’s flailing enemies.
R: 14
Brexit: 'People's vote' campaign group launched: >WHY DOES THIS AMERICAN ACTOR SUDDENLY CARE ABOUT EU??

The People's Vote drive aims to unite anti-Brexit groups, with a rally being held in Camden, in London on Sunday.

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who backs the campaign, said that if people voted to reject the exit deal, the UK would "simply stay" in the EU.

Both the Conservatives and Labour have ruled out a second referendum.

Britain voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in June 2016.

The UK will formally cease to be an EU member in March 2019, and the two sides hope to reach a deal by October in time for it to be ratified by UK and European parliaments.

Sir Patrick told the BBC's Andrew Marr show that the "terms and conditions" of Brexit were "quite unlike" how they were presented during the run up to the 2016 referendum.

The People's Vote campaign would argue that the public, not MPs, should get the final say on Brexit, he said.

He also said he was motivated by "history and emotion" to want to stay in the EU.

"I'm a war baby and growing up a lot of the world was not good. So the day we joined was one of the most exciting days of my adulthood," he added.
R: 162
Sacramento city hall meeting disrupted amidst continuting protests: City Hall meeting in sacramento disrupted by protestors
Protesters outside of City Hall forced their way into the atrium as metal detectors fell down.

Protesters later moved to Golden 1 Center, blocking the entrances to the arena. The Sacramento Kings were scheduled to play the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

The Kings released a statement saying the game would be delayed and the arena entrances were “temporarily closed.”

>night time, guy is breaking into cars in a neighborhood
>helicopter starts following him
>guy continues breaking into cars
>police arrive on scene, man runs, hops several fences
>man begins to hid in a backyard
>police close in on him
>when police arrive in back yard, man pulls out cell phone
>police think it is gun and duck behind corner for cover, order him to raise his hands
>man continues coming towards officers
>they unload their magazines into him
>turns out he hopped fences until he got into his grannies backyard and has two kids
>he dindu nuffin wrong, police are bad guys
these protests have been going on for over a week now
R: 28
Prominent Gay Rights Lawyer, 60, Dies After Setting Himself On Fire In New York Park:

>A prominent lawyer who spent years fighting for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people set himself on fire Saturday.

>David S. Buckel's charred remains were found in a New York park, The New York Times reported. In a letter Buckel emailed to the publication and other media outlets earlier that day, he wrote, "Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death."

>A former marriage project director for Lambda Legal, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT people, Buckel played a major role in a long, dark battle for recognition and equality.

>In one of his most noted cases, he represented the mother of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who had notified a Nebraska sheriff that he had been raped. The sheriff informed Teena's assailants who killed him in the days that followed. "It should not be the case that reporting a crime makes matters worse for you," Buckel told The Daily Nebraskan in 2001. Eventually the sheriff was found liable for failing to protect Teena and his brutal murder was dramatized in a film called Boys Don't Cry starring Hillary Swank.
R: 14
Trump is furious that he was portrayed as tough on Russia after expelling diplomats from the US:

>President Donald Trump and some of his top aides have battled over the administration's stance toward President Vladimir Putin and Russia, according to The Washington Post.

>Most recently, the president and his cabinet disagreed over how many Russian diplomats in the US should be suspended. The administration had planned to dismiss 60 Russian diplomats and suspected spies, which would roughly be the same amount as its European allies, to punish Russia for the alleged poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in the UK.

>But when it became public that France and Germany were only expelling four Russian diplomats each, Trump reportedly erupted at his aides for dismissing so many more than their allies did.

>"We'll match their numbers," Trump reportedly told his top aides, according to a senior administration official who spoke to The Post. "We're not taking the lead. We're matching."

>The president was furious that his administration was being portrayed as taking the toughest stance on Russia after believing that the US and its allies would take an equal position. Trump's aides tried to soothe him by telling the president that the total number of European expulsions equaled the US, but that reportedly did not appease Trump's anger and feeling of being misled.

>"There were curse words," one official told The Post. "A lot of curse words."
R: 69

>NEW YORK (AP) -- A legal fight over what should happen to records the FBI seized from President Donald Trump's personal attorney took a surprise twist Monday when the lawyer, Michael Cohen, was forced to reveal in court that he had also secretly done legal work for Fox News host Sean Hannity.

>The disclosure came as Cohen's attorneys tried to persuade a federal judge in New York to delay prosecutors from examining records and electronic devices seized in the raids on the grounds that many of them are protected by attorney-client privilege.

>U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood said in hearings Friday and again on Monday that if Cohen wanted the court to declare that the some of his files were protected because of attorney confidentiality rules, he would have to divulge the names of the clients he's worked with since 2016 election.

>One was, of course, Trump himself. Another was Elliot Broidy, a Trump fundraiser who resigned from the Republican National Committee on Friday after it was revealed that he paid $1.6 million to a Playboy Playmate with whom he had an extramarital affair. The Playmate became pregnant and elected to have an abortion.

>With Cohen by their side on Monday, lawyers initially resisted revealing the name of the third client for privacy reasons.

>But Wood pressed on.

>"I understand he doesn't want his name out there, but that's not enough under the law," she said.

>Cohen's lawyers did not detail the type of legal work he did for Hannity.

>But on his radio show, Hannity said Cohen was never involved in any matter between him and any third party.

>"Michael never represented me in any matter," Hannity said. "I never retained him in any traditional sense. I never received an invoice. I never paid a legal fee. I had brief discussions with him about legal questions where I wanted his input and perspective."
R: 7
EPA chief Pruitt's $43,000 soundproof booth violated law: U.S. GAO:

>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency violated the law when it approved a $43,000 soundproof phone booth last year for the office of embattled Administrator Scott Pruitt, a congressional watchdog unit said on Monday.

>The Government Accountability Office said the EPA violated the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act. The law prohibits an agency from obligating more than $5,000 in federal funds to furnish, redecorate or make improvements in the office of a presidential appointee without first notifying appropriations committees in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

>The EPA also violated the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits federal agencies from incurring expenses in excess of funds available in appropriations, the GAO said.

>Liz Bowman, an EPA spokeswoman, said the agency was “addressing GAO’s concern, with regard to Congressional notification about this expense, and will be sending Congress the necessary information this week.”

>The privacy booth, which Pruitt had told lawmakers in a hearing was needed to conduct agency business, was built in a spot of a former storage closet in the administrator’s office.

>The GAO had been asked to investigate the matter by Democratic lawmakers including U.S. Senators Tom Carper and Tom Udall.

>Senator John Barrasso, a Republican and the head of the Senate environment committee, earlier this month had rejected a request by Carper and others for a hearing looking into allegations that Pruitt had spent wastefully.
R: 102
McDonald's employee in Florida slaps customer:

>Video on social media shows a McDonald's employee in Florida yelling at a customer, coming from behind the cash register counter and slapping the customer, yanking the glasses off her face.

>The incident took place at a McDonald’s in Jacksonville.

>According to customers who witnessed the incident, the customer threw a cup of coffee at the employee, potentially prompting the altercation.

>While the employee can be heard screaming, "Did you throw that drink at me?!" customers say the employee's reaction was unprofessional.

>"I'm speechless. I'm blown away by that one," said Eddie Ford, a customer. "I think it's totally unprofessional."

>Ford said no matter what happened before the incident, it could have been avoided.

>"Your job is customer service, and you come behind the counter and fight a consumer? That's crazy," Ford said. "You're the face of the company."

>McDonald's has been contacted for a response but had not responded as of Friday morning.
R: 5
florida fun: >Mower, tooth in a box, Vishnu doll in New Jersey beach trash

>After uproar, sex predator charged for working near kids at Florida playground

>They were shot in a car, he told police. Two were dead by the time they got to the hospital

>Threat of closure spurs surge in sales for Necco Wafers

>Two girls killed, five teens hospitalized in middle-of-the-night crash in a stolen car

>Florida man in motorcycle crash shot in the leg by his own gun

>Search for women who took life-size cardboard ad at airport

>French soccer player had knife in briefs, red wine in hand after bizarre Miami break-in

>BSO deputies heard gunfire at Parkland school but couldn't find it. These cops rushed in.

>A babysitter on LSD tried to take the toys — and that wasn't the worst of it, cops say

>Keys man tries to settle differences with a flare gun and fillet knife, deputies say

>Put your paws up: Detroit-area police department adds cat

>Vermont bistro owner offers gift for return of cutout
R: 9
Pladl family incest couple multi-state murder suicide:

I fell in love with katie when they popped up in the news a few months ago.
The madman killed her. I am shocked and distraught
R: 21
Former Mexican President Fox calls for opium poppy legalization:

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Former Mexican
President Vicente Fox proposed on Wednesday the legalization of opium poppy production as a way to help end bloody turf battles fought by drug cartels in various parts of the country.

Fox served as president from 2000-2006 with the centre-right National Action Party but has since distanced himself from the party. In the past, he has also advocated for the legalization of marijuana.

“The plants themselves are not harmful, we make them harmful, (especially) the criminals who use them for evil purposes,” Fox said at a pro-marijuana event in the capital.

He also implored Mexico’s presidential candidates to openly debate drug legalization ahead of the July vote.

The ex-leader cited the violence-racked southern state of Guerrero, arguing that drug legalization would curtail cartel profits and boost safety, including at the iconic beach resort of Acapulco, which has been ravaged with gangland violence over the past few years.

Guerrero, located along Mexico’s southwestern Pacific coast, is home to numerous poppy fields used to produce opium, the main ingredient in heroin.

Last year, more than 25,000 murders were recorded in Mexico as rival drug gangs increasingly splintered into smaller, more brutal groups after more than a decade of a military-led campaign to battle the cartels.
R: 47
Super Gonorrhea is here! The start of the Antibiotic Crisis!:
R: 49
RIP Skype: [A] strict new Code of Conduct forbids "offensive language" on Microsoft services – including Xbox, Skype and even Microsoft Word. This includes "nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence, or criminal activity".

The policy changes were spotted by blogger and civil rights activist Jonathan Corbett, who highlighted the new Microsoft services agreement in an online post. It goes on to add that the punishments may also include "forfeiture of content licenses, Xbox Gold membership time, and Microsoft account balances associated with the account".
R: 13
Remember when CBC had better news standards than US news?:

I'd like to see the Canadian government cut back their funding on this kind of crap reporting.

The bus accident in Humboldt that killed half a hockey team was very tragic, and it saddens me everytime I hear developing stories about it.

Then CBC decides to run a story about some amateur free-lance reporter (a virtual nobody who got one online article published), pulling the SJW card on twitter asking about why anyone should care about a bunch of white boys.

Then everyone in the world who uses twitter, (rightfully, imo) attacks the fuck out of her, and that's where this CBC story begins.

Thinking she's entitled to her opinion about trivializing the race and gender of the victims, CBC literally turned the tables on the story and made it about the SJW being a victim, then inserting all the usually SJW issues, trying to overshadow the deaths of children to expose their own agendas.

this is fucking disgusting.
R: 5
Machete-wielding moped gang axe into luxury Oxford Street:

some random eternal anglo democracy and freedom shit..
R: 39
New York police release video of man pointing object before fatal shooting:

How can people be mad that some idiot went around pointing his crack pipe around strangers as if it were a gun???
R: 16
The Climate and the Cross:: >The Climate and the Cross: US evangelical Christians tussle with climate change

>Carbon dioxide from ships at sea to be regulated for first time

>Avoid Gulf stream disruption at all costs, scientists warn

>The Argentinian river that appeared suddenly in 2015 – aerial video

>Green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals added to endangered list

>Farming groups take steps to stop slaughter of male dairy calves

>The week in wildlife – in pictures

>Raja Ampat survey reveals new species and key manta ray data
R: 6
Sinclair forcing anchors to sign contracts to pay back income for refusing scripted editorials: Employees could have been required to pay back wages had they resigned in protest over 'fake news' script

Many people working in American cable news pondered the same question this week: Why did hundreds of anchors for Sinclair Broadcast Group all recently agree to read the same editorial on air?

And more specifically, if they were opposed to it — as many were reported to have privately conceded — why didn't they just refuse or quit?

The answer seems to demonstrate how the politicized nature of news in the U.S. has filtered down to local markets, where many journalists have fewer options for career movement. It has also shed light on a rare employment clause in many Sinclair Broadcast Group contracts.

The script, and the dictate to read it verbatim, came from Sinclair's head office last month. The company, which leans conservative, owns nearly 200 local U.S. television stations and reaches about 40 per cent of U.S. households.

Described internally as the company's corporate news journalistic responsibility promotion campaign, it featured on-air news teams reading lines like this, directly into the camera:

"We're concerned about the troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country. The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.

"More alarming, some media outlets publish these same fake stories … stories that just aren't true, without checking facts first.

Unfortunately, some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias and agenda to control 'exactly what people think'…This is extremely dangerous to a democracy."

Shortly after the Stepford-like editorials started airing across the country, Trump tweeted out his support.
R: 167
Parkland Student Complains Clear Backpacks Infringe On His Constitutional Rights: Apparently David Hogg doesn't like having his constitutional rights infringed in the name of security.

>On Friday, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School left-wing activist David Hogg complained that the school's new policy of making students use only clear backpacks after spring break infringes on his "First Amendment rights."

>After attacking American's Second Amendment rights for over a month, calling the NRA "child murderers," Hogg complained about having to use clear backpacks at school.

>Hogg claimed that the decision by Democratic Broward County officials violated his "First Amendment rights" as he also cited potential embarrassment for students going through "their menstrual cycle" because of their "tampons and stuff."

>"It’s unnecessary, it’s embarrassing for a lot of the students and it makes them feel isolated and separated from the rest of American school culture where they’re having essentially their First Amendment rights infringed upon because they can’t freely wear whatever backpack they want regardless of what it is," Hogg said.

>"It has to be a clear backpack," Hogg continued. "What we should have is just more policies that make sure that these students are feeling safe and secure in their schools and not like they’re being fought against like it’s a prison.” - environment: >Harvard says this is how Miami Beach avoids a 'dystopian' future of sea level rise

>A lesson from mating birds: The song gets sweeter over time, a Miami scientist finds

>Florida has 1,036 animals scientists think could vanish. Will this plan save them?

>Florida Fish and Wildlife searching for suspect who poached snowy plover eggs

>The future holds twice as many heat waves — all because of us, research shows

>Gator takes stroll through central Florida motel

>Great white shark spotted off of north Florida coast

>County moves toward using wastewater in FPL canals, but won’t set water standards yet

>Mount Rainier glaciers in motion

>In the Keys, turtles will always have their own hospital

>Why is an infamous climate denier speaking at a Miami Beach climate change workshop?

>Record rain led to bonanza year for Florida’s wading birds. Just not in the right places

>Kids are suing Gov. Rick Scott to force Florida to take action on climate change
R: 27
death by seat: >>Kyle Plush, a 16-year-old Ohio boy, died after being trapped by a seat in his Honda Odyssey minivan in a school parking lot despite two desperate 911 calls asking police to save him.
R: 37
Two-year-old girl distraught Target only sells Spider-Man shoes for boys.:

Sharing her story on Twitter, her father Qasim Rachid explained how upset she had been upon the discovery and expressed his own dismay over the situation.

The father of three said she broke down at a branch of the shop in Virginia.

His two youngest started arguing when his daughter became envious of her older brother’s Spider-Man shoes, he said.

“Hey @Target I bought my four-year-old son Spider-Man shoes and now my two-year-old daughter wants Spider-Man shoes too,” Mr Rashid, an author and attorney, wrote on Twitter. “But you don’t sell Spider-Man shoes that fit two-year-old girls. Even when I search for them - boys shoes are the only result. She’s crying now. It’s heartbreaking.”

There are currently four different kinds of Spider-Man shoes available on the Target website.

However, all four variations are described as “boys” shoes.
R: 7
FOSTA/SESTA signed into Law.:

Prepare to see the death of the Internet as we know it, disguised as a "Sex-Trafficing" pair of laws. Sex Trafficing is already made illegal under prior laws, while Section 230 of the CDA was basically a protection of responsibility for website owners regardless of what content's posted or uploaded to their sites.
Sites like 4chan that host adult content are now viable targets, retroactively, whenever someone posts something that's obviously criminal, even if said content's been purged from a site that responsibly acts within the law.
R: 15
Federal court tosses out Obama-era rule requiring financial advisers to act in customers' interests: A divided federal appeals court on Thursday tossed out an Obama-era Labor Department rule that required financial investment advisers to act in the best interest of their clients.

In a 2-1 ruling, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals said the fiduciary rule bears the hallmarks of “unreasonableness” and constitutes an arbitrary and capricious exercise of administrative power.

The lawsuit stems from a challenge the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and eight other business and financial groups brought against the rule.

The groups argued the Labor Department erased universally recognized distinctions between salespeople and fiduciary advisers and reconfigured relationships among financial and insurance representatives and their customers in setting the new standards of conduct.

In the rule, the Labor Department revised the meaning of an “investment-advice fiduciary” under the 1974 Employee Retirement Income Security Act to include brokers and insurance agents. The change made them subject to new limits on the types of services for fees or compensation they can provide when advising on individual retirement accounts.

“Never before has the mere act of being a salesperson — of recommending the purchase of your company’s product — been deemed an act that marks you as a fiduciary,” the business groups argued in court documents.

In a scathing majority opinion, Judge Edith Jones, a Ronald Reagan appointee, agreed.

“Only in DOL’s semantically created world do salespeople and insurance brokers have ‘authority’ or ‘responsibility’ to ‘render investment advice,’” Jones wrote in the court’s opinion.

“The DOL interpretation, in sum, attempts to rewrite the law that is the sole source of its authority. This it cannot do.”
R: 14
Cambridge Analytica Boasted of Disappearing Emails in Campaigns: The executive also acknowledged his company used a self-destructing email server to communicate with clients in order to eliminate evidence of their contact.
Cambridge, originally funded by former Renaissance Technologies co-CEO and Trump supporter Robert Mercer, uses data to reach voters with hyper-targeted messaging, including on Facebook and other online services. Cambridge was hired to help with voter outreach by the Trump campaign, whose former campaign manager, Steve Bannon, had been on its board.
In a previous Channel 4 News expose, the undercover reporter filmed Cambridge Analytica executives talking about how the firm could use prostitutes and former spies to ensnare politicians and influence elections. In one video, Nix said the company could “send some girls around to the candidate’s house.” - environment: >Government promises £61m to tackle scourge of ocean plastic pollution with Commonwealth nations

>First Europeans survived climate change following 'super-eruption' by working together, say archaeologists
R: 1
thug wields huge machete: Brawl erupts as thug wields huge machete in street attack yards from Aston Villa's ground

dont mind the freedom and democracy.. just comming truth!!
R: 47
WW3 Coming?: How many children have been killed by NATO drone strikes during the Syrian Civil War?
Is a stupid war in a third world country worth risking the whole planet getting nuked?
R: 14
Green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals added to endangered list:

It sports a green mohican, fleshy finger-like growths under its chin and can breathe through its genitals.

The Mary river turtle is one of the most striking creatures on the planet, and it is also one of the most endangered.

The 40cm long turtle, which is only found on the Mary river in Queensland, features in a new list of the most vulnerable reptile species compiled by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL).

Despite the turtle’s punk appearance – derived from vertical strands of algae that also grow on its body – its docile nature made it historically popular as a pet.

Gill-like organs within its cloaca – an orifice used by reptiles for excretion and mating – enable it to stay underwater for up to three days, but it was unable to hide from the pet collectors who raided its nests during the 1960s and 1970s.

The turtle is placed at 30th on ZSL’s Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (Edge) list for reptiles. First established in 2007, Edge lists have previously been published for amphibians, birds, corals and mammals, helping guide conservation priorities for 100 most at-risk species. Each species is given a score which combines extinction risk with its evolutionary isolation or uniqueness, with the latest list supported by a study in the journal Plos One.

Top of the list is the Madagascar big-headed turtle, which has an Edge score higher than that of any other amphibian, bird or mammal, and is still taken for food and global trade.
R: 2
Classified Info Would Have ‘Cast Serious Doubt’ On Loretta Lynch Handling Clinton Investigation:

Former FBI director James Comey wrote in his new book that classified information could have “cast serious doubt” on Loretta Lynch’s ability to investigate Hillary Clinton’s email server in 2016.

ABC News reports, “Comey writes that he felt obligated to take more of a personal role as the public face of the investigation rather than deferring to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch – in part because of something involving Lynch that he cryptically refers to as a ‘development still unknown to the American public to this day.'”

The government learned of this information in 2016. The book does not reveal anything about the information.

Comey also wrote that “the unverified material would undoubtedly have been used by political opponents to cast serious doubt on the attorney general’s independence in connection with the Clinton investigation.”
R: 18
Stonehenge SHOCK: Monument 'PRE-DATES humans' says archaeologist:

A huge baby step for glacial transport.
Britons are slow moving; like glaciers.
Cheers for erratics on Salisbury plain!
Do you think Heyworth's is after Pitts?
Everyone says, "Parker-Pearson last".
Fascinating turn-around; baby steps!
R: 24
AFRICA IS SPLITTING IN TWO: a large crack appeared in south western kenya, and this is no small crack as a matter of fact it actually looks like the suface has been littereally split in two parts. the crack runs for several thousand kilometers and is more than 50 feet wide in some places.
R: 19
underfunded school protests continue in red states, threatening Republican seats: CHANDLER, Ariz. — An intensifying series of red-state battles over education funding and teacher pay threatens to loosen Republicans’ grip on some of the country’s most conservative states, as educators and parents rebel against a decade of fiscal austerity that has cut deeply into public education.

As Arizona teachers pressed for higher salaries and more school funding, and Oklahoma teachers won some concessions from lawmakers amid a nine-day walkout, some in Kentucky continued their protests in favor of more money for education. Last month, West Virginia’s Republican-controlled government raised pay for teachers after a statewide strike.

The clashes could elevate public education into a major issue in several midterm races this fall. Republicans are defending dozens of governorships and state legislative chambers across the country, including in several Southern and Western states where all-Republican governments have passed sweeping reductions in taxes and spending.

On Wednesday in Chandler, Ariz., a middle class city in the Phoenix suburbs, hundreds of parents and students joined teachers in protesting outside schools. A parent, Christine Clinger Abraham, whose daughter is a senior at Chandler High School, wore a red blouse to show solidarity with the teachers’ #RedforEd movement. “They take so much personal interest in the kids,” Ms. Abraham said, “but they have to have a second job” to make ends meet.

Ms. Abraham typically votes Republican, but said, “I would switch party lines” in order to support candidates who want to increase education funding. “I am very disappointed in the Republican Party we have locally,” she said.
R: 44
The 'condom snorting challenge' is every parent's worst nightmare: Viral videos posted on social media show teenagers snorting condoms as part of a so-called "condom snorting challenge."

In the videos, teens put an unwrapped condom up one of their nostrils and inhale until the condom comes out of their mouth. Like other viral challenges, the condom snorting challenge has been around for years but recently reemerged on social media.

In San Antonio, Stephen Enriquez, who teaches drug and alcohol prevention to parents, has also started to teach parents about dangerous online trends like the condom snorting challenge, KABB-TV reported.

"Because these days our teens are doing everything for likes, views, and subscribers," Enriquez told the station. "As graphic as it is, we have to show parents because teens are going online looking for challenges and recreating them."

And this isn't the first time that teens have done questionable things in the pursuit of Internet fame. In 2012, more than 50,000 YouTube video clips showed young people swallow a tablespoon of dry cinnamon with no water, gag and spew out a cloud of orange dust as part of the "cinnamon challenge."
R: 125
A young rugby player ate a slug on a ‘mate’s’ dare. Now he’s paralyzed.:
>Sam Ballard swallowed the slug on a dare.

>Ballard, a young rugby player from Sydney, was a “larrikin” — a “rough-and-tumble” free-spirit, his mother said. So when the creature crawled across a table at a party in 2010 and his buddies dared him to eat it, her son accepted the challenge, she said.

>“Twenty-year-old boys, red wine, alcohol, sitting at some mate’s table — a slug goes onto the table, someone banters about a dare,” Katie Ballard told 7 News Sydney in an interview the following year.

>“Boys will be boys,” she told the station.

>The mate’s dare may have been innocent enough.

>But after swallowing the slug, Ballard contracted a rat lungworm — a parasitic worm (Angiostrongylus cantonensis) that lives in rodents and can be passed onto snails and slugs, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Those gastropods can then transmit the worm to humans.

>In an unusual and tragic turn, the parasite infested Ballard’s brain — putting him into a coma for 420 days and leaving him paralyzed, according to

>“It’s devastated, changed his life forever, changed my life forever,” his mother told 7 News Sydney in 2011. “It’s huge. The impact is huge.”

>Ballard, whose mother said he once seemed “invincible,” is now a 28-year-old quadriplegic. He suffers from seizures, eats and breathes through tubes, and requires constant care, which the family is struggling to pay for, according to the Daily Telegraph.

>The Australian newspaper reported that the family applied for a major disability package, worth about $383,000, under Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme in 2016.
R: 127
$10000 to live for ever online: 32 year old silicon valley billionaire pays $10000 to have his brain preserved and uploaded to a computer network so he may live forever.
process is 100% fatal.

we serial experiments lain now
R: 4
'World Stands United' - said the little Boris:

Former British Commander in Iraq Gets Abruptly Cut Off by Sky News For Doubting Syrian Chemical Attack.

Despite the fact that the alleged chemical attack in Syria's Douma, blamed on Damascus, still lacks any substantial evidence, Britain made a decision to join US-led military action in Syria.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson welcomed on Saturday the UK strikes against Syria conducted jointly with the United States and France, saying that the world stands united against chemical weapons.

Welcome the news of UK military strikes against major chemical weapons facilities in Syria alongside our US and French allies. The world is united in its disgust for any use of chemical weapons, but especially against civilians
— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) April 14, 2018
R: 11
Religious leader called Penis Baba 'pulls car 100ft using only his Penis: Huge crowds flocked to watch a religious leader appear to pull a car - with his penis.

The 'monk' - known only as Penis Baba - can be seen fiddling under his robes while he apparently attaches a rope to his private parts.

After the white rope is tied to the car before he staggers backwards, pulling the heavy vehicle around 100ft.

A video shows hundreds of people gathering around to watch him in Harpur village of Munger district of Bihar, India.

One local said: "The villagers said that Baba had gone away to practice penance and knowledge in his childhood and he has returned after years.

'Baba' said: "It is not art. It is the power of God - the power of devotion.

"Any person can go to any extent by doing devotion to God."
R: 262
Only 31% of American Republicans agree that humans are a major driver of climate change: >James Wilcox IV, a 28-year-old Army veteran, lives in Tacoma, Washington, as he wraps up his undergraduate degree in history at the University of Washington. His father is a fourth-term Washington state legislator, and his family has owned a farm since 1909, which today specializes in cage-free, organic eggs. According to his friends, Wilcox enjoys debating politics, and he describes himself as a moderate Republican.

>Wilcox rates himself as “concerned” on Global Warming’s Six Americas, and of his fellow Republicans, he says, “I could certainly wish that more Republican politicians were willing to be scientifically literate.”

>Wilcox has company; 31% of American Republicans agree that humans are a major driver of climate change, according to public opinion research by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, which publishes this site.

>While it’s tempting to stereotype one’s political opponents, Wilcox is an example of those who present an opportunity to galvanize bipartisan agreement on climate change. Extreme voices often grab headlines and stoke social media wars, but productive conversations take place more quietly, allowing a glimmer of optimism amid our seemingly intractably partisan politics.
R: 7
You have been warned.: "They cross a dangerous line": Russians warned the US against a blow to Syria

Washington crosses the "dangerous thin line", considering the scenario of the military conflict with Damascus. This opinion was expressed by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzia.

"It seems to me that they are crossing a dangerous thin line, which is dangerous in and for the world," the diplomat said.

According to him, Moscow has repeatedly warned Washington about the unpleasant consequences of military aggression against the legitimate Syrian government.

"We have repeatedly warned the American side about the possible very negative consequences of the possible use of weapons against the legitimate Syrian government, and especially if the use of these weapons - God forbid, of course - affect our military," Nebenyu Tass quoted.

The representative also recalled that Russian servicemen, unlike their American counterparts, are legally in Syria, at the invitation of the official Damascus.
R: 5
White glamour model now identifies as 'black African woman: A former air hostess with 32S boobs says she now identifies as a black "African woman" after undergoing controversial tanning injection treatment.

Martina BIG, from Germany,was born blonde-haired and light-skinned.

She has already spent an estimated £50,000 on cosmetic surgery for her enormous bust which is believed to be the biggest in Europe.

Yet those body enhancements were not enough as Martina bizarrely decided she wanted to change her ethnicity, vowing to get "darker and darker and see what the limits are."

Thanks to a new medical procedure in the US, the ex-flight attendant has darkened her skin and has even travelled to Kenya to be baptised with a new Swahili name.

She said: "One of my Kenyan friends told her pastor about my transformation to a black woman and told him how much I wanted to become a true African woman."

The pastor invited Martina into his church in the town of Nyeri, where she was baptised under the new name of 'Malaika Kubwa', which in the local Swahili language means "big angel".

Martina said: "I'm so happy and proud to be a real African woman."

She claimed to be "surprised how many people know me in Kenya" and that people on the street and in the hotels stopped her all the time for selfies.

According to Martina, who visited Kenya with fiancee Michael, she is becoming more "African" by the day.

Martina BIG said: "Recently, I had been asked several times, whether I noticed that also my facial features become more and more African."

"Since this change is so slow, I did not notice it at first. But after comparing myself to several photos from last year, I also see this change.

"I'm very happy about it and hope that this change will continue.

"It's such a great feeling to become more and more African."
R: 6
Trillions Upon Trillions of Viruses Fall From the Sky Each Day: >Researchers recently identified an ancient virus that inserted its DNA into the genomes of four-limbed animals that were human ancestors. That snippet of genetic code, called ARC, is part of the nervous system of modern humans and plays a role in human consciousness — nerve communication, memory formation and higher-order thinking. Between 40 percent and 80 percent of the human genome may be linked to ancient viral invasions.

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Spain, an international team of researchers set out four buckets to gather a shower of viruses falling from the sky.

Scientists have surmised there is a stream of viruses circling the planet, above the planet’s weather systems but below the level of airline travel. Very little is known about this realm, and that’s why the number of deposited viruses stunned the team in Spain. Each day, they calculated, some 800 million viruses cascade onto every square meter of the planet.

Most of the globe-trotting viruses are swept into the air by sea spray, and lesser numbers arrive in dust storms.

“Unimpeded by friction with the surface of the Earth, you can travel great distances, and so intercontinental travel is quite easy” for viruses, said Curtis Suttle, a marine virologist at the University of British Columbia. “It wouldn’t be unusual to find things swept up in Africa being deposited in North America.”

The study by Dr. Suttle and his colleagues, published earlier this year in the International Society of Microbial Ecology Journal, was the first to count the number of viruses falling onto the planet. The research, though, is not designed to study influenza or other illnesses, but to get a better sense of the “virosphere,” the world of viruses on the planet.
R: 4
WW3 AND RUSSIA ASNWER: Your post must contain at least one valid URL
R: 36
Matthew McConaughey is now doing Carl’s Jr. commercials: Actor, philanthropist and amateur bongo musician Matthew McConaughey is adding yet another entry to his ever-growing resume: Carl’s Jr. voice-over artist.

McConaughey — already the brand ambassador for Wild Turkey Bourbon — is now lending his signature drawl to the fast-food chain’s Western Bacon Cheeseburger campaign, Carl’s Jr. confirmed on Monday.

Carl’s Jr., however, has noted that McConaughey is not technically an “official spokesperson” for the restaurant, despite his first commercials sounding like Carl's Jr. handed him complete and total creative control of the entire project:

“It’s time to answer the call,” McConaughey can be heard saying over footage of the bacon-topped, onion-ring-inclusive burger. “The oozing drips and the smacking lips — the snizzle-dizzle, piggedy-wiggedy buckwild beef, bustin’ straight outta the gate, showin’ it’s teeth like a flavor stampede! Crispety rings, whoa, whoa!

“Takin’ it S-L-O with the Western Bacon Cheeseburger. That’s the call of Carl’s,” McConaughey concludes.

Other, shorter advertisements for Carl’s Jr.’s “Call of Carl’s” campaign have McConaughey uttering such phrases as “sweet tang-a-lang” or “deeelishy-lishy-lishy,” and even “tangy dripping drop-drip-dropping, lickety-split-topping — say pick up the Western Bacon Cheeseburger.” McConaughhey’s voice will also play a “major role” in the campaign’s radio ads, Ad Age reports.
R: 156
Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn in Guns Or Become Criminals:
April 5, 2018

Town Bypasses Constitution, US Citizens Given 60 Days to Turn in Guns Or Become Criminals

As the state promises gun rights activists they’re not coming for their guns, behind the scenes they’re pleading for it to happen. And now the feared gun grab is occurring. Residents in Deerfield, Illinois have 60 days to surrender their “assault weapons” or face fines of $1000 per day per gun.

The gun ban ordinance was passed on April 2nd with residents left with few choices of how to dispose of their valuable “assault weapons.” Upon careful reading of the ordinance, residents will be left with revolvers, .22 caliber “plinking” rifles, and double barrel shotguns to defend their homes and families from criminals who could care less about the law.

Fines for not disposing of the weapons range from $250 to $1000 per day per gun for those who choose not to comply with the city’s ordinance. While a fine may seem reasonable to some, as TFTP has reported on multiple occasions, failure to pay fines always results in police action. It is not far-fetched to predict major turmoil and arrests in the event of non-compliance.

One example of the so-called “assault weapon” is the Ruger 10/22 which can accept magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Even though the 10/22 is not listed in the list of guns the village wants to see banned, the gun cannot legally be possessed in the village.

Residents have been instructed to either sell their guns, transfer the ownership to someone who lives outside the village, surrender their guns to Deerfield’s sheriff, or begin paying the fines.

R: 12
Disneyflix Is Coming. And Netflix Should Be Scared.: No company has been more responsible for shaping the modern entertainment landscape than Walt Disney. In 1937, with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, its first feature film, Disney invented the family blockbuster. In 1954, with Disneyland, an anthology series hosted by Walt Disney himself, it became the first movie studio to strike out for the wild west of television. Since then, Disney’s dominance has only grown. Of the dozen films with the largest worldwide box-office take since 2010, Disney released eight.

Those successes, however, belie real danger on the horizon for Disney. In recent years, many of the company’s traditional strengths have slowly turned into weaknesses—like a fairy-tale castle gradually flooded by its own moat.

Take television. Disney has long prospered thanks to the cable bundle, which, like a private-sector tax system, levies a large annual fee on the vast majority of U.S. households. Disney’s most valuable network, the sports juggernaut ESPN, collects approximately $8 per cable-package subscriber a month. No other basic-cable channel makes more than $2.

But the cable business is floundering. Nearly half of adults ages 22 to 45 didn’t watch any broadcast or cable TV in 2017, according to a study by the marketing agency Hearts & Science, and the number of so-called cord cutters abandoning cable is growing by the year. This is troubling news for ESPN, whose daily viewership has declined more than 10 percent since 2011. It’s nearly as troubling for Disney, which makes more money from television than from its movies or amusement parks.

The U.S. film business, meanwhile, has arguably been in slow-motion decline since Dwight Eisenhower’s administration. The typical American bought more than 20 movie tickets a year in the early 1940s, a period in which Disney pumped out Fantasia, Pinocchio, Dumbo, and Bambi in three consecutive years.
R: 19
Trump is on fire: X

A fire at Trump tower left 1 dead, 4 injured. CBS reported that Trump actively lobbied against a sprinkler system that would have saved a man's life. Fox news left out that detail.
Watchdog report: Ex-FBI deputy director misled investigators:

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Andrew McCabe, the fired FBI deputy director, misled investigators and his own boss about his role in a news media disclosure about Hillary Clinton just days before the 2016 presidential election and authorized the release of information to "advance his personal interests," according to a Justice Department watchdog report.
Bathroom hand dryers could be spreading faeces, study finds: Hand dryers in bathrooms could be covering our hands in germs and faecal matter, a new study has suggested.

A study by the University of Connecticut sought to discover if hand dryers were helping to disperse germs, or were in fact simply redistributing them.

The paper found that dryers actually spread germs.

Flushing the toilet with the lid open can send faecal particles into the air, where they can linger until the hand dryer is switched on, with the particles heated up in the machine and spat back into the user’s hands.

The hands being wet is a particularly healthy environment for gems to thrive in.

“These results indicate that many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers and that spores could be dispersed throughout buildings and deposited on hands by hand dryers,” the study concluded.

Researchers suggest fitting dryers with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters, which can reduce the bacterial deposition by four times. Alternatively paper towels are found to be more hygienic, but that option is also less environmentally friendly and potentially more costly. The consequence of hand dryers spreading faecal matter is unlikely to have a serious effect on your health, however, as many day-to-day items, such as mugs and desks, are also covered in germs.
R: 25
Rod Rosenstein Personally Signed Off On The Raid Of Trump’s Attorney:

>Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein personally gave the green light for the FBI to raid the hotel room and office of President Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday, The New York Times first reported.

>Rosenstein oversees special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 election. The Cohen raid came, in part, from a referral from Mueller’s team.

>The raid was executed by the office of the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. The man running that office, interim U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, is a Trump appointee whom the president personally met with when he was up for the job. Berman also donated $5,400 to Trump’s presidential campaign.

>ABC News reported Tuesday that Berman, however, has been recused from the Cohen matter.

>A spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office would not comment on Berman’s role or whether there was an investigation into Cohen at all.

>Trump was clearly furious about the news that the FBI had raided Cohen’s office and hotel room.

>“I just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorneys ― a good man. And it’s a disgraceful situation. It’s a total witch hunt. I’ve been saying it for a long time,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday evening.

>Although Trump has repeatedly declared that he subject to a partisan “witch hunt,” Rosenstein is a Republican. (Trump, inaccurately, has claimed he is a “Democrat from Baltimore” and has considered firing him.) Mueller and Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI, are also Republicans.
R: 17
Sinclair lobbying to force all devices sold in US to include their tracking & state broadcast chip: The chairman of Sinclair Broadcast Group met Donald Trump at the White House during a visit to pitch a potentially lucrative new product to administration officials, the Guardian has learned.

David D Smith, whose company has been criticised for making its anchors read a script echoing Trump’s attacks on the media, said he briefed officials last year on a system that would enable authorities to broadcast direct to any American’s phone.

“I just wanted them to be aware of the technology,” Smith said in an interview. He also recalled an earlier meeting with Trump during the 2016 election campaign, where he told the future president: “We are here to deliver your message.”

Sinclair is the biggest owner of local TV in the US, and may soon reach 72% of American households if a proposed $4bn takeover of a rival is approved by federal regulators. It is accused by critics of having a conservative bias, which it denies.

The company has been a driving force in the development of a new broadcasting standard known as Next Gen TV, and is one of the first involved in making chips for televisions, cellphones and other devices to receive the new transmissions.

A broadcasting industry group, of which Sinclair is a prominent member, lobbied federal authorities last year to force manufacturers to incorporate the chips in all new devices. This would have created orders for millions of chips and probably new revenues for Sinclair.

Smith said his White House meeting was not financially motivated. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided last November to make incorporating chips voluntary. Sinclair had itself stopped short of calling for compulsory installation but said the government might need to consider this in the future.
R: 48
Climate change dials down Atlantic Ocean heating system:

>A significant shift in the system of ocean currents that helps keep parts of Europe warm could send temperatures in the UK lower, scientists have found.

>They say the Atlantic Ocean circulation system is weaker now than it has been for more than 1,000 years - and has changed significantly in the past 150.

>The study, in the journal Nature, says it may be a response to increased melting ice and is likely to continue.

>Researchers say that could have an impact on Atlantic ecosystems.

>Scientists involved in the Atlas project - the largest study of deep Atlantic ecosystems ever undertaken - say the impact will not be of the order played out in the 2004 Hollywood blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow.

>But they say changes to the conveyor-belt-like system - also known as the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (Amoc) - could cool the North Atlantic and north-west Europe and transform some deep-ocean ecosystems.

>That could also affect temperature-sensitive species like coral, and even Atlantic cod.


there's more but i'm not going to post it
you should just visit the website
there are a couple more pictures and a video as well
R: 34
muslim van of peace: a muslim peace truck just made an appearance in germany.
the peace wagon was loaded with explosives and peacefully struck 23 individuals in a crowd, the driver then sent himself to heaven to collect his virgins
R: 73
London implements total knife ban.: London Mayor Unveils New Stop-And-Frisk Police Policy To Enforce City-Wide Knife Ban

Let me be clear - there is no reason to carry a knife. To anyone who does - they will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law. 35 people have been charged for murder offences occurring during 2018 so far.

“We need communities, families, friends and neighbours to give us the information we need to bring these criminals to justice.”
R: 6
cowardly cracker: >>US actor and comedian TJ Miller has been charged for intentionally reporting a fake bomb threat
R: 10
'He's Harvey Weinstein Jr': "'He's Harvey Weinstein Jr': Sean Hannity digs up old clips of Kimmel asking women to touch his crotch on The Man Show after he made fun of Melania Trump and sparked latest round of jabs between the host-titans"
R: 7
Sinclair fires anchor after advertisers pull out over tweet: A conservative commentator who sent a violent and vulgar tweet saying he would use "a hot poker" to sexually assault a 17-year-old survivor of a Florida high school shooting has resigned from a St. Louis TV station after several advertisers withdrew from his show. KDNL-TV has canceled "The Allman Report" and accepted Jamie Allman's resignation, according to a brief statement from Ronn Torossian, a spokesman for the Sinclair Broadcast Group, which operates the TV station.

"His show is canceled and he is off the air immediately," Torossian said in the statement, according to CBS St. Louis affiliate KMOV-TV.

Before the show's launch in January 2015, KDNL-TV touted it as a nontraditional newscast with a conservative spin.

Allman's also off the radio airwaves. Entercom spokeswoman Esther-Mireya Tejeda said Tuesday that his show on KFTK-FM has been taken off the air while the company "looks into the matter." Entercom has been operating KFTK-FM since last month. The station previously was owned by Emmis Communications.

Allman was absent Monday from his radio show. He hasn't responded to messages from the Associated Press seeking comment.

Several businesses pulled advertising from Allman's shows after he sent the March 26 tweet targeting David Hogg. Allman's Twitter account was "locked" shortly after he sent the tweet, restricting access to his account, but a screenshot of it has been widely circulated on social media.

Hogg has strongly advocated for stricter gun control since 17 people were killed in the Feb. 14 mass shooting at his school in Parkland, Florida.

The teenager's willingness to take on the cause has made him a target for some conservatives.

Fox News Channel's Laura Ingraham tweeted Hogg had whined about not getting in to some colleges he had applied for.

Hogg responded by suggesting that people offended by Ingraham's remark contact her advertisers.
R: 3
Ex-Russian spy poisoned with nerve agent, watchdog confirms:

>THE HAGUE/LONDON (Reuters) - The lethal poison that struck down a former Russian spy and his daughter last month in England was a highly pure type of Novichok nerve agent, the global chemical weapons watchdog concluded on Thursday, backing Britain’s findings.

>Sergei Skripal, a former colonel in Russian military intelligence who betrayed dozens of agents to Britain’s MI6 foreign spy service, and his daughter Yulia were found unconscious on a bench in the cathedral city of Salisbury on March 4.

>Britain blamed Russia for the poisoning and Prime Minister Theresa May said that the Skripals had been attacked with a military-grade nerve agent from the Novichok group of poisons, developed by the Soviet Union in the 1970s and 80s.

>Moscow denied any involvement and suggested Britain had carried out the attack to stoke anti-Russian hysteria, but Britain asked the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to check samples from Salisbury.

>Testing by four laboratories affiliated with the global chemical weapons watchdog confirmed Britain’s findings and showed that the toxic chemical was “of high purity”.

>The OPCW did not explicitly name Novichok in its published summary, say where the poison may have come from or assign blame for the attack. But it did confirm Britain’s analysis about the substance that had been used.

>“The results of analysis by OPCW-designated laboratories of environmental and biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team confirm the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical,” the published summary said.
R: 10
World War III.:
Wake up people!!!
We are more powerful than one would think.
Are you sick of Trump who provokes the world?
Are you against nuclear winter?
Do you want future children without genetic disorders?
You can do your own warfare and it's very easy.
Do not buy any american product for 2 or 3 months. That's gonna lead to american economy collapse.
They are making decisions without asking us, we have the right to make it over. And it's a peaceful way without using any weapons.
Spread the words.
Let there be peace on this planet!
R: 11
Hillary Clinton's Value Plunges As She Suffers 90% Cut In Speech Fee:

Hillary Clinton's Value Plunges As She Suffers 90% Cut In Speech Fee
Paid $7,000 less than Snooki for speech.

When last we saw Hillary Clinton, she was blaming women across America for being subservient to their husbands and voting for Donald Trump.

Oh, and falling down some stairs in India -- twice. And breaking her wrist (she's now wearing a cast on her right arm after "slipping in the bathtub").

But Hillary's back in the states now and, as it turns out, her value has plummeted.

The 2016 loser used to charge $250,000 for speaking engagements, back when people thought the former Secretary of State might be sweeping into the White House. That fee dropped 90% this week when she spoke at Rutgers University for just $25,000 (and we know "just" is a relative term).
R: 95
California To Ban Free Speech:
by Jim Hoft
April 9, 2018

It Begins: California Senator Introduces Bill to Kill Free Speech, Requires State-Sanctioned Fact Checkers to Approve Online Content

Richard Pan is a far left California state senator.

Pan recently introduced legislation to crack down on free speech on the internet.

Pan’s legislation would force online publishers to utilize state-sanctioned fact checkers to approve content before it is posted online.

Jon Rappaport reported:

The bill is titled “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan.”

It targets social media based in California. But as you read the bill, you see it appears to define social media as any Internet blog, website, or communication.

SB1424 is brief. Read it:

R: 19
Paul Ryan is Retiring: it's official

from CNN:
R: 2
Seattle mayor proposes road tolls for downtown streets:

>Seattle is looking at road tolls for downtown streets as part of a broader initiative to reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, Mayor Jenny Durkan announced Wednesday.

>Durkan provided few specifics on the tolling proposal at a news conference, but she said the city's transportation department is currently studying possible congestion pricing strategies to ease traffic through the downtown core.

>"We know it's a heavy lift that we'll have to engage people deeply before doing that," Durkan said. "And we have to make sure that it is paired with meaningful transit because we can't ask people to get out of their single-occupancy vehicles unless there are meaningful options they have, whether that is buses, walking, bikes, or other public transit."
R: 47
Teacher presses charges after autist 8-year-old punches her:

>An autistic 8-year-old boy is facing a battery charge after his special education teacher filed a police report after he punched her, according to reports.

>Police said the student hit the teacher in the face when she tried to take an iPad away from him, according to KRQE.

>“I was not made aware that a police report had been filed against D.J.," the boy’s mother Maria McKay told KRQE. "Very shocking. Definitely was not prepared for a missed phone call from juvenile probation that my 8-year-old autistic child had failed to appear for a scheduled meeting. I called back and assured him there was a mistake.”

>Turns out it was not an error.

>"There was an incident in early March where a 2nd-grade student punched a staff member,” school officials said in a statement. “We cannot speak to student or personnel matters, but I can say that the school did not initiate the police report. In addition, we cannot prevent a staff member from personally filing a report. That is his or her right."

>McKay said her son’s actions were not right but thinks the teacher should have handled the situation better.

>"When he is in an environment that's really loud he starts wailing hands and he has hit in the past,” she said. “We've talked about it's not OK to hit people and we need to come up with ways to better communicate with each other because hitting is not OK. He does understand that after the fact but he doesn't understand that in that situation.”

>Her son did not go to school last week and likely will stay out of the classroom as his case navigates the legal system, according to KRQE.

>“I just felt this is not an environment that my son should return to,” McKay said. “He now has to appear at juvenile probation next week for an appointment. He is absolutely terrified.”
R: 29
2 men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old girl, triggering backlash: A family in Colorado is outraged after two men, who were accused of gang-raping a 13-year-old girl with their brothers and cousins, were only sentenced to probation.

Tommy Williams, 20, and Clarence Williams, 19, were each sentenced on Tuesday to a minimum of 10 years of sex offender intensive supervised probation, with a maximum of life on probation, KKTV reported.

The men are two of six suspects accused of sexually assaulting the young teen in December 2016 inside of the Stonebrook Terrace apartment complex in Colorado Springs.

The victim's grandfather was shocked at the sentencing, telling the news station: "There was six of them and they gang-raped my granddaughter."

The group of suspects — some of whom are reportedly related as cousins or brothers and identified as Jacolby Williams, Tyron Williams, James Williams, and a juvenile, in addition to Tommy and Clarence — were with the girl on Dec. 19, according to The Gazette.

he victim told police she knew one of the men, and he invited her into the apartment to play video games. The 13-year-old said she went to the home with some female friends, but they left when she went to the bathroom.

Arrest records, KKTV reported, state that two of the men then pulled the teen from the bathroom and forced her into a bedroom where the other four suspects were waiting.

In January 2017, Tyron Williams was also sentenced to 10 years to life of sex offender intense supervised probation. Before his sentencing, he apologized to the victim and her family, and reportedly said that "If I knew she was underage, it wouldn't have happened in the first place."

James Williams was sentenced in August 2016 to five years of probation, and the unidentified juvenile reportedly has an impending court date. Jacolby Williams' trial was scheduled for March 5; it's unclear what transpired.
R: 67
Trump thinks putting tariffs on China is a good idea: President Trump on Thursday plans to announce at least $50 billion worth of annual tariffs and other penalties on China for its theft of technology and trade secrets, which administration officials say has robbed American companies of billions of dollars in revenue and killed thousands of jobs.

The measures would mark Mr. Trump’s most aggressive move yet against a fast-rising economic rival that he has accused of preying on the United States.
R: 10
Canada tries to leverage feminism into Chinese trade deals. China says "lol":

China‘s ambassador has firmly rejected a key pillar of the Trudeau government‘s trade agenda, branding its attempts to entrench labour standards in a free trade pact as a non-starter for his country.

Ambassador Lu Shaye said Tuesday that Canada’s “so-called” progressive trade agenda has no place in the free trade agreement the two countries have been pursuing in fits and starts for several years.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been unable to persuade China’s leaders to formally entrench labour, gender, environment and governance issues in the negotiating framework of the free trade talks.

Trudeau spent four days in China in December but left without a formal commitment to moving the free trade talks past the exploratory phase into formal negotiations.

>electing a drama teacher to run a country because he offers you weed
R: 24
Cuckerberg testimony: Cuckerberg testimony starts in an hour get in here faggots
R: 49
Chemical attack on Douma, Syria: >Experts say it is impossible to know whether a person has been exposed to a chemical agent from looking at a video or photo. The only way to confirm contamination is to take samples and analyse them in a laboratory. However, international humanitarian organisations have not been allowed to enter Douma since early March because of the government's siege.

>The Syria Civil Defence and SAMS believe those who died suffocated as a result of exposure to toxic chemicals, most likely an organophosphate - a compound grouping associated with pesticides and nerve agents.

>The UOSSM also concluded that the symptoms of the casualties were consistent with exposure to a nerve agent, possibly one mixed with chlorine. Dr Raphal Pitti of UOSSM France said he thought "chlorine was used to conceal the use of [the nerve agent] Sarin".

>The United States, which supports the opposition to Mr Assad, said the victims' symptoms appeared to be "consistent with an asphyxiation agent and of a nerve agent of some type".

In case you thought Monsanto was just "feeding the world"...
R: 10

Leftist women "cry for joy" when sexually convicted Arif Moradi stays in Sweden.
The fact that the people call themselves feminist is kinda weird.
Why would you want a rapist to stay in your country? He raped a 14 year old girl!

“In October 2017, he was convicted of sexually unlawful 14-year-old girl at a confirmation camp organized by the East Ryds parish. The girl managed to fly and lock herself in a toilet after the Afghan man threw herself over her, sat across her and tried to pull her clothes off.
In connection with the court process, Arif Moradi received strong support from a large group of middle-aged and older women engaged in so-called refugee children. In admirership there are people from the Social Democrats' top team in Söderköping.
On Facebook, several of the women accused the 14-year-old girl of lying over the abuse. Some of them also wanted the girl to be retarded.
According to Social News, Moradi was put as late as November in custody while waiting for expulsion. The Migration Board, however, released him in February "referring to, among other things, Moradi's popularity in social media".
R: 117
FBI raids offices, home of Trump's personal lawyer: source:

>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday raided the offices and home of U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, law enforcement sources said, in a dramatic new development in a series of probes involving close Trump associates.

>Cohen’s lawyer, Stephen M. Ryan, said that U.S. prosecutors conducted a search that was partly a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

>Mueller is investigating whether members of Trump’s 2016 campaign colluded with Russia during the U.S. presidential election. Trump has called the probe a “witch hunt” and denied any collusion.

>“Today, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients,” Ryan said in a statement.

>“I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller,” Ryan said.

>Monday’s raids were first reported by The New York Times.

>Cohen has been at the center of a controversy surrounding a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels, who has alleged that she had sex once in 2006 with Trump and was paid money shortly before the 2016 election to keep quiet about it.

>Cohen did not immediately respond to Reuters for a request for comment. A spokesman for Mueller had no comment.

>A source familiar with the investigation said that among the items the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office in Manhattan sought in the raids were information on the origins of a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford.
R: 53
Pro-Pollution Pruitt strikes again - EPA rejects fuel efficiency standards for automobiles:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday rejected an Obama-era plan to make automobiles more fuel efficient in a win for car and oil companies and the latest move by the Trump administration to roll back environmental regulations.

The corporate average fuel economy, or Cafe, standards, were not appropriate and should be revised, the EPA said in a release. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said the Obama administration “set the standards too high” and “made assumptions about the standards that didn’t comport with reality,” but he did not offer any specifics on revising them.

The standards called for roughly doubling by 2025 the average fuel efficiency of new vehicles sold in the United States to about 50 miles (80 km) per gallon, and were seen by proponents as a way to spur innovation in clean technologies.

Innovation? Keeping the prices down for consumers? NEVER!
R: 7
far right Polish senate outlaws speech suggesting any Polish complicity in the Holocaust: Poland's senate has approved a controversial bill that makes it illegal to accuse the nation of complicity in crimes committed by Nazi Germany, including the Holocaust.

The bill, which passed with 57 votes to 23 (with two abstentions) early Thursday morning, also bans the use of terms such as "Polish death camps" in relation to camps such as Auschwitz, which were located in Nazi-occupied Poland.

To become law, the bill must now be signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda, who has previously expressed his support.
Violations will be punished by a fine or a jail sentence of up to three years.

While there is a consensus among historians that certain Polish individuals and groups did collaborate with the Nazi occupiers, recent Polish governments have sought to challenge that narrative.

This legislation, which will outlaw any remark that attributes responsibility to Poland for the Nazi crimes, marks the most significant victory for those seeking to defend "the good name of Poland," a stated aim of the bill.

The news from Poland's upper house came just days after a public spat between Poland and Israel over the proposed legislation.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the bill "baseless," saying: "One cannot change history and the Holocaust cannot be denied."

Israel's Holocaust museum and the World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem, said in a statement the new legislation risked blurring "the historical truths regarding the assistance the Germans received from the Polish population during the Holocaust."

The statement went on: "There is no doubt that the term "Polish death camps" is a historical misrepresentation!... However, restrictions on statements by scholars and others regarding the Polish people's direct or indirect complicity with the crimes committed on their land during the Holocaust are a serious distortion."
R: 3
Saudi air defense engages missile or something:
BREAKING: Saudi Arabian air defences engage a missile over Riyadh as loud explosions are heard in the city
R: 56
Colorado Republicans decide to come clean on twitter: A Colorado-based GOP group issued a public apology yesterday for a social media post that claimed “Republicans hate poor people.”

The Alamosa County Republicans took to Facebook to apologize for the comments on Friday, which urged Americans to be Republicans “out of self-respect.”

"Democrats love poor people because they think that poor people will vote Democrat. Republicans hate poor people because they think the dignity of man is above being poor," the original post said.

The group have since deleted the post on their Facebook page, however, it still remains on Twitter.

On Sunday, the chair of the organization called the post “inappropriate and offensive” and confirmed that the individual who posted it has since resigned.

“Hate has no home here,” the Facebook apology said. “The author acted independently and without the concurrence of any other member of the Alamosa County Republicans.”

“The regrettable post was made with the intention of condemning poverty, not persons affected by poverty, and was not meant to insult anyone,” it continued.

“However, that occurred, and the author sincerely regrets the post and has offered his resignation from his position with the Alamosa County Republicans, which has been accepted. Actions have consequences.”

Social media users condemned the group’s apology, with some saying it seems disingenuous given that the original post has still not been taken down from Twitter.

“You literally have the exact same message still posted to your twitter at this moment. That makes the apology seem disingenuous,” one user wrote.

Another added: “I am a Republican and I have never been so embarrassed to say this. But this past year I've just been so embarrassed of the ignorant thinking that people are having. Shame on you guys for keeping the post."
R: 20
Shell knew truth of global warming in 1980s:

New documents released online and published by a Dutch news website reveal that, like ExxonMobil Corp., Shell Oil also knew the truth about global warming at least 30 years ago, but continued to dig up and sell more oil and gas anyway.

The documents, posted online at the Climate Files website and the Climate Investigations Center, show that Shell researchers were remarkably prescient about how global warming would play out, and the eventual legal ramifications for oil companies given the warnings.

Remarkably, one of the Shell reports – published in 1998 – gamed out a scenario in which, in the year 2010, "...Violent storms causes extensive damage to the eastern coast of the U.S."

The report was off by just two years.

This scenario essentially projected Superstorm Sandy, which occurred in 2012 and devastated the New Jersey shore while also putting lower Manhattan under water. That storm helped prompt a new wave of climate activism in the U.S. that has continued to build.

The 1998 report envisioned class action lawsuits filed after these storms against the government and fossil fuel companies, because these entities ignored what scientists "(including their own) have been saying for years: that something must be done."
R: 8
Man hospitalized after inserting 3-foot long cable into penis to relieve itchiness: Chinese doctors removed a one-meter-long cable from a man’s penis after it was inserted to relieve itchiness caused by prostatitis.

The unnamed pensioner inserted the meter-long phone charging cable to relieve the itch, but it became tangled in the bladder on the way out. According to a report by Chinese site Kanka News via Daily Mirror, a knot started to cause bleeding when the man tried to pull the cable out. He was rushed to the hospital on March 30 for medical attention.

Prostatitis causes an inflammation of the prostate gland. This leads to the development of an itch in the urethra or the passageway where urine exits the body. The itch would disappear over time once the inflammation has been treated.

Urologist Dr. Gao Zhanfeng at the Dalian Hospital in northeast China found the knot in the bladder after a scan.

Dr. Gao removed the five millimeter wide cable by cutting it up in sections using a laser. Fortunately, the man did not use anything metallic, the doctor said, otherwise it would have punctured the man’s bladder.

When the man was asked whether he sterilized the cable, he said it was roughly washed under running water. Nevertheless, he claims the experience bore a lesson well-learned. Alfred Bayle/JB
R: 13
Food packaging could be negatively affecting nutrient absorption in your body: Food packaging could be negatively affecting the way in which your digestive tract operates, according to new research by faculty and students at Binghamton University, State University at New York.
"We found that zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles at doses that are relevant to what you might normally eat in a meal or a day can change the way that your intestine absorbs nutrients or your intestinal cell gene and protein expression," said Gretchen Mahler, associate professor of bioengineering.

According to Mahler, these ZnO nanoparticles are present in the lining of certain canned goods for their antimicrobial properties and to prevent staining of sulfur-producing foods. In the study, canned corn, tuna, asparagus and chicken were studied using mass spectrometry to estimate how many particles might be transferred to the food. It was found that the food contained 100 times the daily dietary allowance of zinc. Mahler then looked at the effect the particles had on the digestive tract.

"People have looked at the effects of nanoparticles on intestinal cells before, but they tend to work with really high doses and look for obvious toxicity, like cell death," said Mahler. "We are looking at cell function, which is a much more subtle effect, and looking at nanoparticle doses that are closer to what you might really be exposed to."
"They tend to settle onto the cells representing the gastrointestinal tract and cause remodeling or loss of the microvilli, which are tiny projections on the surface of the intestinal absorptive cells that help to increase the surface area available for absorption," said Mahler. "This loss of surface area tends to result in a decrease in nutrient absorption. Some of the nanoparticles also cause pro-inflammatory signaling at high doses, and this can increase the permeability of the intestinal model.

Read more at:
R: 24
lobbyists in Trump admiin. quietly reverse ban on importing elephant parts from Zimbabwe & Zambia: The Trump administration will allow Americans to bring tusks and other elephant body parts back to this country as trophies, in a pivot away from the support President Trump voiced last year for an Obama-era trophy ban.

The decision, announced quietly in a March 1 memorandum from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, withdrew previous rulings on trophy hunting and said the agency would allow sport hunters to receive permits for the trophy items on a “case-by-case basis.”

The move contrasts sharply with the position taken by Trump in November.

After the Fish and Wildlife Service announced a repeal of the ban on the importation of elephant-hunt trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia, wide public outcry prompted Trump and Ryan Zinke, the secretary of the interior, which houses the wildlife agency, to put the repeal on hold until further review.

Trump later called elephant hunting a “horror show” and said that it would be very difficult for anyone to change his mind.

Proponents of big-game hunting and the current Interior Department leadership believe that money from permits to hunt elephants would aid in their conservation by putting more revenue in the system. The agency’s memo cites a long-running lawsuit against the ban filed by Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association’s lobbying arm.

“The Trump administration is trying to keep these crucial trophy import decisions behind closed doors, and that’s totally unacceptable,” Tanya Sanerib, international legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity, told the Associated Press. “Elephants aren’t meant to be trophies, they’re meant to roam free.”
R: 46
California Appoints Illegal Alien to State Office: California has its first illegal alien in state office, after Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) appointed Lizbeth Mateo to the California Student Opportunity and Access Program Project Grant Advisory Committee.
Mateo, an attorney, was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. illegally at the age of 14 with her parents, who are also illegal aliens, according to the Sacramento Bee.

She complained that illegal aliens are not adequately represented in state government, and described her appointment as a step towards correcting that alleged injustice.

“While undocumented students have become more visible in our state, they remain underrepresented in places where decisions that affect them are being made,”
R: 7
IT's about to happen...: When the international community consistently fails to act, there are times when states are compelled to take their own action
R: 88
Ostracizing =/= Bullying?:

What did they mean by this?
R: 15
John Kelly reportedly threatened to quit because he was so fed up with Trump:

>The White House chief of staff, John Kelly, grew so frustrated with President Donald Trump last month that he threatened to quit, Axios reported Saturday.

>According to the report, Kelly blew up at Trump during a private Oval Office meeting on March 28 and said he was going to quit as he was walking back to his office.

>Around the time of the meeting, the White House was weathering a slew of scandals:

Veterans Affair secretary David Shulkin had just been fired

The president's lead defense attorney in the Russia probe quit

Trump was facing more and more questions over a $130,000 payment his personal lawyer made to an adult film actress to stay silent about an affair she had with the president

Reports surfaced that Trump wanted to target Amazon because of a personal vendetta against its CEO, Jeff Bezos

Trump had just imposed billions worth of tariffs on Chinese imports

>After the Oval Office meeting, Kelly went back to his office and packed up some of his personal belongings, though sources told Axios that it may not have been because he was getting ready to quit. A senior administration official also told the outlet that Kelly was not threatening to quit but was just "venting frustration."

>The chief of staff, one of the few remaining bulwarks against Trump's most volatile instincts, was said to be so frustrated that his colleagues in the West Wing had to call some of his closest allies, including Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, to convince him not to walk out.

>Kelly's reported threat comes as the White House faces an unprecedented rate of staff turnover.
R: 40
Right Wing State Run TV - Sinclair Made Dozens of Local News Anchors Recite the Same Script:

On local news stations across the United States last month, dozens of anchors gave the same speech to their combined millions of viewers.
It included a warning about fake news, a promise to report fairly and accurately and a request that viewers go to the station’s website and comment “if you believe our coverage is unfair.”

It may not have seemed strange until viewers began to notice that the newscasters from Seattle to Phoenix to Washington sounded very similar. Stitched-together videos on social media
showed them eerily echoing the same lines:

“The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.”
“Some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias.”
“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

The script came from Sinclair Broadcast Group, the country’s largest broadcaster, which owns or operates 193 television stations.
Last week, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a copy of the speech and reported that employees at a local news station there, KOMO, were unhappy about the script.
CNN reported on it on March 7 and said Scott Livingston, the senior vice president of news for Sinclair, had read almost the exact same speech for a segment that was distributed to outlets a year ago.

A union that represents news anchors did not respond immediately to requests for comment on Sunday.

Dave Twedell of the International Cinematographers Guild, who is a business representative for photojournalists (but not anchors) at KOMO in Seattle and KATU in Portland, Ore., said Sinclair told journalists at those stations not to discuss the company with outside news media.
R: 7
Was there a NowWeChock in the game at all?: 'Miracle' recovery: How Sergei and Yulia Skripal survived the NowWeChock attack..

Poisoned spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and his daughter says her strength is "growing daily". Just a few weeks ago they were seemingly on the brink of death - so how did they survive?

Alastair Hay, Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Leeds University, tells Sky News how they may have fought off the novichok nerve agent and managed a "miracle" recovery.

"The nerve agents are deadly," says Prof Hay.

"That's why they were chosen as chemical weapons. If you are exposed to a number of lethal doses then invariably it is fatal."

They block acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme active in the nervous system.

The result is involuntary contraction of all muscles, leading to cardiac arrest and asphyxiation.
One of the scientists who helped make novichok has also told Sky News the substance was designed to do "irreparable" damage to the body. "The Skripals have survived because they've had great medical care," says Prof Hay.
R: 15
Fuck: Sweden is fucked up! Amanda was abducted to an adult man in Iraq and was raped. She became a mother but Swedish court gave custody to the rapist. What the hell is wrong with Sweden?
R: 15
RIP Robbie Rotten:

LazyTown’s Stefan Karl Stefansson deletes social media as he confirms return of ‘inoperable’ cancer
LazyTown actor Stefan Karl Stefansson left his fans confused as his Twitter account vanished – not long after he revealed his cancer had returned. After it became apparent the 42-year-old, who played villain Robbie Rotten on the cult kids TV show, had deleted all of his public social media accounts tributes still continued to pour in. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016 but seemed to have recovered after he had his metastases removed last year.

However, the actor has now revealed the sad news that his cancer had struck again and it was now inoperable. The only social media account that is still live is his Instagram – however, it has been inactive since June 2017.
R: 1
Turku stabber at court: "Turku stabbing suspect speaks of desire to decapitate victims as trial begins in Southwest Finland prison"
R: 2
ATTENTION HAPPENING: Airstrike in Homs, Syria. Probably Israel is the agressor.
R: 12
watch your fucking filthy mouth?: An unpleasant incident for the American attaché for Robert Ford's culture organisation, took place at an exhibition of contemporary art in Shanghai. During his speech at the opening of the event, the diplomat, in a typically American boorish manner, began to impose his propagandist stereotypes and said: "I am glad that gradually Chinese art has departed from the traditions of bloody Stalinism and has come to the modern tradition."

After that, five people immediately attacked Ford, threw him on the floor and began to kick him with their feet. They were stopped only by the policemen, who arrived at the scene.

As a result of the incident, the diplomat's nose was broken and several bruises on his body appeared. The next couple of weeks he will be forced to spend in the hospital. All the attackers are detained and will probably be fined for hooliganism.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent an official letter of apology to the US Embassy in Beijing, but recommended "watch your fucking mouth when talking about Stalin."
R: 6
meawhile in americunt Ukraine: Ukraine border guard kidnapped the russian fishing boat and tortures the fishers. The boat crew managed to contact a blogger and plead for help. Ukrainians refused to let the russian authorities the entrance to the boat. Ukrainian inner secret service closed all security areas on the boat and it is close to burn down. Firework inspector was refused entrance to the boat either. Sea man are forced to live in a small boat with rotting 5 tons of fish. it was refused entrance to the toilet and clean water. the court or any human right organization in Ukraine simple refused to offer any help to the Seamen because "SBU told them the seamen are free to go". meanwhile the seamen are threatened to be killed as soon they leave the boat.
R: 3
Abby Martin: What do you think about her and her work?
R: 2
Secy of Interior & big game hunter Zinke has filled Wildlife Protection Board with big game hunters: WASHINGTON — A new U.S. advisory board created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters, including some members with direct ties to President Donald Trump and his family.

A review by The Associated Press of the backgrounds and social media posts of the 16 board members appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke indicates they will agree with his position that the best way to protect critically threatened or endangered species is by encouraging wealthy Americans to shoot some of them.

One appointee co-owns a private New York hunting preserve with Trump’s adult sons. The oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., drew the ire of animal rights activists after a 2011 photo emerged of him holding a bloody knife and the severed tail of an elephant he killed in Zimbabwe.

The first meeting of the International Wildlife Conservation Council was scheduled for Friday.

Trump has decried big-game hunting as a “horror show” in tweets. But under Zinke, a former Montana congressman who is an avid hunter, the Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly moved to reverse Obama-era restrictions on bringing trophies from African lions and elephants into the United States.

A licensed two-week African hunting safari can cost more than $50,000 per person, not including airfare, according to advertised rates. Advocates say money helps support habitat conservation and anti-poaching efforts in some of the world’s poorest nations, and provides employment for local guides and porters.

In a statement last year, Zinke said, “This council will provide important insight into the ways that American sportsmen and women benefit international conservation from boosting economies and creating hundreds of jobs to enhancing wildlife conservation.”
R: 27
Russia announces Satan 2 ICBM: Russia announces that they have a kick ass new ICBM able to deus vult anyone who trys to screw with them.
This comes on the heels of their announcement of a SLAM missile, which uses a nuclear reactor to travel at scramjet speeds within the atmosphere at a low enough altitude to be undetectable by radar
R: 19
Millennials the least likely in the country to support a renewed ban on assault weapons:

>We will outlive the NRA... Oh wait
The Event: Born August 2nd 1977 our Nation's 200th Birthday. John Connor T2 Born same day, East Coast Indigo Child, West Coast Short Nose Bear Goliath with a 6 fingered Punch !
Benjamin Franklin Reborn.
The Wow Signal 16th of August is My/Our Download on the Same Day that Elvis Presley Dies And My Sister & Madonna have a Birthday.
Then our Warning in September 1977 .

Rainbow Warriors Awake ! Time is Now ! Time to make everything we ware Bullet Proof ! Shirts like you have on is Bullet Proof ! Spread the Idea and take the Fear of 1871 K.K.K. That turned into the N.R.A. Away for Ever ! For Us Warrior' This Upgrade
Soon the Judge Dredd suits will be out for the Judges so they can become Judge, Jury & Executioner as need be !
Juan Carlos Glaser
R: 247
Trump lies again - Stormy Daniels polygraph report released:

Washington (CNN) Stormy Daniels was "truthful about having unprotected vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump in July 2006," according to a polygraph test report from 2011.
The report states that the "probability of deception was measured to be less than 1%." It was given to CNN by Michael Avenatti, Daniels' attorney and contains three pertinent questions: "Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?," "Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?" and "Did Trump say you would get on 'The Apprentice?'"

Daniels replied yes to all three questions. The first two were analyzed to be truthful, the third question was "inconclusive" according to the polygraph examiner Ronald Slay.

Polygraphs are generally inadmissible in court.

The polygraph was performed at the request of Bauer Publishing, which owns Life&Style and InTouch magazines, according to the reporter who interviewed Daniels in 2011. Reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw initially interviewed Daniels for Life & Style magazine. The interview was not published at the time, but Bauer Publishing released it in InTouch magazine earlier this year.

Woman named in Stormy Daniels' document accused Trump of unwanted advances
Lippe-McGraw told CNN on Tuesday that Daniels passed the test in a broader sense. "Based off of the interview, we had her take the polygraph test to confirm the details of what she was telling us. There wasn't much in the way of physical evidence, per se," Lippe-McGraw said, adding that the big-picture question they wanted to confirm was that the affair happened, and that Daniels passed. Lippe-McGraw said that Daniels told her she had unprotected sex with Trump, because Daniels is allergic to latex and didn't have condoms at the time.

Earlier Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted out a photograph of Daniels being administered the test.
R: 54
John Oliver spoofs Pence family’s new kids’ book with gay-themed ‘Marlon Bundo’ book: LAST WEEK, The Washington Post brought you news of “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President,” the furry new tale about the real White House pet rabbit. The children’s book, which lands Monday, is illustrated by second lady Karen Pence and written by daughter Charlotte Pence.

And now, on “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver announced Sunday night that he is releasing a politically pointed sendup of the Pence book, titled “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo,” as penned by Jill Twiss, a writer on Oliver’s HBO show, and illustrated by EG Keller.

The key difference is, Oliver’s picture book is about a “Very Special boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny,” according to the book’s description.

Oliver announced his book toward the end of a segment in which he skewered Vice President Pence’s social conservatism, especially, the host said, “his hostility to LGBT rights” and his record of not being “a friend to the gay community.” Oliver also noted that the Pence book tour includes a Colorado stop at the Focus on the Family organization, which, the host said, promotes gay-conversion therapy.

So, “It turns out, in a complete coincidence, we also wrote a book about Mike Pence’s rabbit that has also been published,” Oliver said on Sunday’s show. “In fact, while his is out tomorrow, ours is released right now.

“Now, there are a few small differences between the two books. … Our Marlon Bundo is gay.”

Indeed, Oliver’s “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” is already out from Chronicle Books, which cites the book’s “message of tolerance and advocacy” as it “explores issues of same sex marriage and democracy,” as well as its dedication “to every bunny who has ever felt different.”
R: 8

>PRAGUE (AP) -- The Czech Republic extradited a Russian man to the U.S. to face charges of hacking computers at LinkedIn, Dropbox and other American companies, an official said Friday.

>Yevgeniy Nikulin was flown to the U.S. overnight, Justice Ministry spokeswoman Tereza Schejbalova said.

>Nikulin denies he's a hacker. His defense attorney claimed his case is politically motivated in the U.S.

>The decision by Justice Minister Robert Pelikan was announced just minutes after the country's Constitutional Court released a statement that it rejected a last-minute appeal from the Nikulin as "groundless."

>No further details were immediately available about the decision in a case that pitted the U.S. against Russia.

>The Czechs arrested Nikulin in Prague in cooperation with the FBI in October 2016. He is accused by U.S. prosecutors of penetrating computers at Silicon Valley firms in 2012 and they want him extradited to face trial.

>Russia also wanted him extradited on a separate charge of internet theft in 2009.

>Both countries submitted their extradition requests on the same date.

>The Russian authorities previously had said they would do all they could to prevent Nikulin's extradition to the U.S.

>Czech courts previously ruled both extradition requests meet the necessary legal conditions, leaving the decision to the justice minister.

>Earlier this week, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said in Prague that under Czech extradition law "we have every reason to believe and expect that Mr. Nikulin will be extradited to America."

>But the Czech Republic's pro-Russia president, Milos Zeman, repeatedly asked Pelikan to allow Nikulin's extradition to Russia, the minister said. Zeman has no official say in cases like this one.
R: 27
Liberal plan to legalize pot survives Senate vote:

The government’s plan to legalize marijuana by this summer remains on track.

After a tense day of uncertainty over whether the Liberals could garner enough support from independent senators to defeat a Conservative effort to kill the bill, Bill C-45 passed second reading on Thursday night.

It is now headed to committee, where it is expected to face scathing reviews by Conservative senators.
R: 20
Why the Demand for American Sperm Is Skyrocketing in Brazil: SÃO PAULO—With “jewel-tone eyes,” blond hair and a “smattering of light freckles,” Othello looks nothing like most Brazilians, the majority of whom are black or mixed-race. Yet the “Caucasian” American cashier, described in those terms by the Seattle Sperm Bank and known as Donor 9601, is one of the sperm providers most often requested by wealthy Brazilian women importing the DNA of young U.S. men at unprecedented rates.

Over the past seven years, human semen imports from the U.S. to Brazil have surged some 3,000% as more rich single women and lesbian couples select donors whose online profiles suggest they will yield light-complexioned and preferably blue-eyed children.

Everyone wants a “pretty kid” and for many parents in Brazil, where prejudice often runs deep, that means “the white biotype—light-colored eyes and skin,” said Susy Pommer, a 28-year-old data analyst from São Paulo who decided to get pregnant last year after a breast-cancer scare left her eager to raise a child right away with her partner, Priscilla.

Favored Offspring
Sperm buyers in Brazil, which is more than 50% black or mixed-race, have an overwhelming preference for white, blue-eyed donors.

The preference for white donors reflects the persistent racism in a country where social class and skin color correlate with glaring accuracy. More than 50% of Brazilians are black or mixed-race, a legacy of Brazil having imported more than 10 times as many African slaves than the U.S.; it was the last Western country to ban slavery, in 1888. The descendants of white colonizers and immigrants—many of whom were lured to Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when the ruling elite explicitly sought to “whiten” the population—control most of the country’s political power and wealth.
R: 14
Nancy Pelosi Vows Democrats Will Raise Taxes If They Take Back The House:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vowed Wednesday that Democrats will rework the GOP tax bill if they successfully retake the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

Speaking at a Culver City town hall event as part of the “Repeal the Trump Tax” tour, Pelosi pledged that Democrats would overhaul the tax bill into one that “creates growth, creates good-paying jobs, as it reduces the deficit.”

“Over 80 percent of the benefits go to the top 1 percent,” Pelosi said of the GOP tax cuts. “Eighty-six million middle-class families will see a tax increase while they advertise it as a middle-class bill.”

According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, the average household will receive a tax cut of $1,610 in 2018. Only 5 percent of taxpayers will see increased taxes in 2018.
R: 46
Blacks were Stonehenge Builders:

THE community that built the Neolithic causewayed enclosure at Larkhill may have been the architects of the Stonehenge landscape, archaeologists believe. The causewayed enclosure, which dates between 3650 to 3750 BC - pre-dating Stonehenge by 600 years, was uncovered by archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology in 2016.Si Cleggett, project manager and archaeologist at Wessex Archaeology now believes the community who built the causewayed enclosure may have been more closely involved in the planning of Stonehenge than previously thought.

How the builders of Stonehenge 5,000 years ago were almost completely wiped out by mysterious. 'Beaker people' from the continent whose blood runs in Brit veins to this day. Today, British have more DNA from the 'Beaker people' than Neolithic farmers. Many experts believed it was just Beaker culture which was exported to Britain. The new evidence comes from DNA analysis of 400 prehistoric skeletons. The genes of these ancient people provide enough clues to determine that Beakers travelled here from Holland and took over in a few centuries.

Elizabeth R. ancestors' white, THE Stonehenge builders' black.
R: 11
Paris goal too little to avoid worst effects of climate change, scientists say:

The world's hot future

There is no escape from global warming.

That's the conclusion of a series of pessimistic new studies released Monday in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, where the world's top scientists determined that the threshold for catastrophic climate change is much lower than previously believed.

The Paris Agreement plan to limit the global temperature rise to 2 C — a modest goal that is still well out of reach — will not be enough to help the planet avoid the worst ravages of rising oceans and changing weather, the scientists concluded, provoking food shortages and mass migrations.

While atwo-degree limit would be better than Earth's current trajectory — at least a 3 C rise — the negative effectswould still be devastating, with a marked increase in destructive storms, extreme heat waves and long-term droughts.
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>LONDON (AP) -- The use of Russian-developed nerve agent Novichok to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter makes it "highly likely" that Russia was involved, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday.

>Novichok refers to a class of nerve agents developed in the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War. The agents were ostensibly created in an attempt to avoid the international chemical weapons treaty that had just been signed; any new substances wouldn't be subject to past treaties.

>Novichok behaves slightly differently than other nerve agents, with some reports that the class of substances is deadlier than similar chemicals like sarin or VX and harder to identify.

>"Novichok agents significantly extend the range of possibility for nerve agents," said Andrea Sella, a professor of inorganic chemistry at University College London. There are five known nerve agents, which are mostly colorless liquids that can kill within minutes, if ingested.

>"With Novichok, you have the potential for a slower-release agent, which gives you much more control," Sella said. "Using Novichok makes it pretty clear that it was likely Russia that was behind this."

>Gary Stephens, a pharmacology expert at the University of Reading, noted that the component ingredients of Novichok nerve agents aren't on the banned list.

>"It means the chemicals that are mixed to create it are much easier to deliver with no risk to the health of the courier," he said.

>Nerve agents are typically inhaled or absorbed through the skin. They work by blocking a key enzyme that controls communication between nerve cells and muscles - inhibiting the enzyme causes muscles and glands to be overstimulated. That results in symptoms including contracted pupils, vomiting, breathing difficulties and convulsing muscles.
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New 'NanoZymes' use light to kill bacteria: Researchers from RMIT University have developed a new artificial enzyme that uses light to kill bacteria.
The artificial enzymes could one day be used in the fight against infections, and to keep high-risk public spaces like hospitals free of bacteria like E. coli and Golden Staph.

E. coli can cause dysentery and gastroenteritis, while Golden Staph is the major cause of hospital-acquired secondary infections and chronic wound infections.
Made from tiny nanorods - 1000 times smaller than the thickness of the human hair - the "NanoZymes" use visible light to create highly reactive oxygen species that rapidly break down and kill bacteria.

Lead researcher, Professor Vipul Bansal who is an Australian Future Fellow and Director of RMIT's Sir Ian Potter NanoBioSensing Facility, said the new NanoZymes offer a major cutting edge over nature's ability to kill bacteria.

"For a number of years we have been attempting to develop artificial enzymes that can fight bacteria, while also offering opportunities to control bacterial infections using external 'triggers' and 'stimuli'," Bansal said. "Now we have finally cracked it.

"Our NanoZymes are artificial enzymes that combine light with moisture to cause a biochemical reaction that produces OH radicals and breaks down bacteria. Nature's antibacterial activity does not respond to external triggers such as light.

"We have shown that when shined upon with a flash of white light, the activity of our NanoZymes increases by over 20 times, forming holes in bacterial cells and killing them efficiently.
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calfornia passes law making it illegal to talk to immigration officials: if you are a land lord or a business owner in california it is illegal to answer any questions a federal immigration official may ask you, and if you do answer any of their questions you will be fined $10000. it is also illegal for police to co-operate with immigration officials in any way.
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Youtube Shooting:

"B4n aLl AsSaulT Weponsss"
...shooter used handgun
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Skripal poisoning: deleted Foreign Office tweet leads to awkward questions: Boris Johnson is facing embarrassing questions over his claims that Russia had produced the Salisbury nerve agent after it emerged that the Foreign Office had deleted a tweet blaming Moscow for the attack.

With the foreign secretary already under pressure over his remarks two weeks ago that a Porton Down scientist had been “absolutely categorical” that the novichok had originated in the country, Jeremy Corbyn accused Johnson of “completely exceeding the information he had been given” after the emergence of the deleted tweet.

The deletion, immediately seized on by the Russian embassy, has deepened the government’s difficulties after British scientists at the UK’s defence research laboratory announced on Tuesday that they had not established that the nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal had been made in Russia.

Press to continue:
Yahsar Ali & Leyla Hedayat - Kimley-Horn: Reports that Yashar Ali & Leyla Hedayat are wealthy Iranian Clinton operatives who infiltrate white supremacist groups to gather intel.
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CNN thinks 4chan is a person: CNN apparently reached out for comments twice from the hacker known only as '4chan' in response to their trolling of Florida shooting survivors only to be left without a response
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