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9d9189cfca5131f9eb457cea6b21290370a4aadd.jpg (92 KB, 768x431, 1522684996544.jpgiqdb google reposts full

On local news stations across the United States last month, dozens of anchors gave the same speech to their combined millions of viewers.
It included a warning about fake news, a promise to report fairly and accurately and a request that viewers go to the station’s website and comment “if you believe our coverage is unfair.”

It may not have seemed strange until viewers began to notice that the newscasters from Seattle to Phoenix to Washington sounded very similar. Stitched-together videos on social media
showed them eerily echoing the same lines:

“The sharing of biased and false news has become all too common on social media.”
“Some members of the media use their platforms to push their own personal bias.”
“This is extremely dangerous to our democracy.”

The script came from Sinclair Broadcast Group, the country’s largest broadcaster, which owns or operates 193 television stations.
Last week, The Seattle Post-Intelligencer published a copy of the speech and reported that employees at a local news station there, KOMO, were unhappy about the script.
CNN reported on it on March 7 and said Scott Livingston, the senior vice president of news for Sinclair, had read almost the exact same speech for a segment that was distributed to outlets a year ago.

A union that represents news anchors did not respond immediately to requests for comment on Sunday.

Dave Twedell of the International Cinematographers Guild, who is a business representative for photojournalists (but not anchors) at KOMO in Seattle and KATU in Portland, Ore., said Sinclair told journalists at those stations not to discuss the company with outside news media.
Not doing something that is fundamentally against the ethics of yourself or your profession, that is not critical to the job you were hired to do, is essential to every employee's right to be treated fairly.

A doctor cannot be forced by their employer to make false scientific claims, or falsify results, or mislead patients, or knowingly deliver negligent care. In fact, if the doctor or employer does any of those things, the doctor is held liable as much as the employer, if not by the law then by the AMA. (This was relevant in particular for military and contractor doctors and psychiatrists in the CIA torture/enhanced interrogation years as to what extent they could ethically participate in such programs).

Here journalists are being forced by ridiculous monetary requirements (giving back 60% of their pay for the year if they violate) to give a statement that most mainstream journalists consider antithetical to the modern profession itself.
Checked and wrecked
This. If I were a lawyer, asked by my legal office to misrepresent my client in a court of law, the client would have every right to move for a mistrial, and I would be disbarred faster than you can say 'I OBJECT'.

I am not a LAWYER, but I am an engineer, and in my profession we are required to swear by the ethical code of our accrediting agency (the National Council for the Evaluation of Engineers and Scientists, or NCEES) - that we will never, EVER place our loyalty to a company or agency above the truth the data shows us. And if our company requires us to lie, we can leave, and be legally protected from the consequences of doing so.

Professional ethics are a THING.
>calling out fake news and giving people a way to voice complaints about news coverage is considered 'antithetical' to modern journalists
The absolute state of ameritubby journalism.
>calling out fake news
It's a directed character assassination of the major news networks. You know, the "everything NBC reports is fake news" party line. Which is in and of itself fake news.

The people who made this statement are corporate whores, every one of them.

putinlaugh.jpg (38 KB, 798x500, 1523219432832.jpgiqdb google reposts full
'Miracle' recovery: How Sergei and Yulia Skripal survived the NowWeChock attack..

Poisoned spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition and his daughter says her strength is "growing daily". Just a few weeks ago they were seemingly on the brink of death - so how did they survive?

Alastair Hay, Professor of Environmental Toxicology at Leeds University, tells Sky News how they may have fought off the novichok nerve agent and managed a "miracle" recovery.

"The nerve agents are deadly," says Prof Hay.

"That's why they were chosen as chemical weapons. If you are exposed to a number of lethal doses then invariably it is fatal."

They block acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme active in the nervous system.

The result is involuntary contraction of all muscles, leading to cardiac arrest and asphyxiation.
One of the scientists who helped make novichok has also told Sky News the substance was designed to do "irreparable" damage to the body. "The Skripals have survived because they've had great medical care," says Prof Hay.
Damn, Russian products are such shit that even their nerve agents don't work.
Well it is a Soviet nerve agent...and we all know Soviet stuff works every time perfectly...
>tfw Soviet garbage will always be Soviet garbage
the more i read about this the more it seems like it was staged or false flagged to make putin loose face
You believed that it was a false flag from the beginning and everything you have ever read only exists for the purpose of reinforcing your beliefs.

892A36AC-C221-4F67-A029-CDB81C6A1082.png (159 KB, 750x1334, 1522949533572.pngiqdb google reposts full
Sweden is fucked up! Amanda was abducted to an adult man in Iraq and was raped. She became a mother but Swedish court gave custody to the rapist. What the hell is wrong with Sweden?
>Respecting their country
>Giving the children away to a pedophile and a rapist.
>giving children away
that's not what happened

I'm curious to see when she divorced him as none of the articles I have looked through seem to mention it. The courts verdict was because the children had been raised by the father; not because of any juvenile delusion you all seem to have in this thread.
>defending pedophiles
Pretty sure swedish feminists will do anything for migrants.
Let me guess. The child was allowed to retain Swedish citizenry, and can re-enter the country at any time in the far future?

LazyTown’s Stefan Karl Stefansson deletes social media as he confirms return of ‘inoperable’ cancer
LazyTown actor Stefan Karl Stefansson left his fans confused as his Twitter account vanished – not long after he revealed his cancer had returned. After it became apparent the 42-year-old, who played villain Robbie Rotten on the cult kids TV show, had deleted all of his public social media accounts tributes still continued to pour in. The actor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2016 but seemed to have recovered after he had his metastases removed last year.

However, the actor has now revealed the sad news that his cancer had struck again and it was now inoperable. The only social media account that is still live is his Instagram – however, it has been inactive since June 2017.
Do what you want 'cause the cancer is here,
Youve got the cancer!
Yar - fidle fiddle - dee-dee
having a cancer is all right with me!
do what you want'cause the cancer is free
youve got a cancer!
Youve got a cancer(yay!)
We got us cigars (cigars!)
to lead us to lung cancer
thats all coughed up with blood (with blood!)
and buried deep away
We'll dig up the cancer(the cancer!)
we know it's full of precious booty
Bust open the locks,
and we'll say "HOORAY!"
Yar - har - fiddle dee-dee
if you love to cough blood with me
Youve got a cancer!
Removing cancer is actually harder than it sounds. It's easy to leave a few cells that resume their activity, and the ablation typically kicks them into overdrive.
Pancreatic cancer is hell to begin with. The shit you only wish on your worst enemies.
>Removing cancer is actually harder than it sounds
removing cancer sounds pretty fucking hard m8 i don't know if you read the papers or whatever but cancer is still a pretty high killer.
Why can't cancer strike down faggots like Putin, Trump and the like?

281r78.jpg (82 KB, 480x402, 1523304911105.jpgiqdb google reposts full
"Turku stabbing suspect speaks of desire to decapitate victims as trial begins in Southwest Finland prison"
How I met your mother:

qubfc9otkx7i.jpg (74 KB, 800x693, 1522804249607.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Ukraine border guard kidnapped the russian fishing boat and tortures the fishers. The boat crew managed to contact a blogger and plead for help. Ukrainians refused to let the russian authorities the entrance to the boat. Ukrainian inner secret service closed all security areas on the boat and it is close to burn down. Firework inspector was refused entrance to the boat either. Sea man are forced to live in a small boat with rotting 5 tons of fish. it was refused entrance to the toilet and clean water. the court or any human right organization in Ukraine simple refused to offer any help to the Seamen because "SBU told them the seamen are free to go". meanwhile the seamen are threatened to be killed as soon they leave the boat.
what are those russian fishers even doing in Ukraine? Aren`t Ukraine and Russia at war or something?
>The crew managed to contact a blogger and plead for help

they were not in Ukraine. the ship was kidnaped in area outside of ukrainian teritorial waters.


Russian-flagged Crimea-registered fishing vessel Nord with 10-men crew was detained by the Ukrainian Border Guard Service on March 25 in the Sea of Azov. Moscow has demanded the immediate release of the "illegally detained" crew and the return of the vessel to its legitimate owner.

After the ship's detention in the Sea of Azov, a source told Sputnik that the command of Russia's Black Sea Fleet is considering the issue of ensuring the safety of navigation in the north-eastern part of the Black Sea.

"The threat of Ukrainian state piracy has already emerged: if the appropriate order is received, the Black Sea Fleet, including its aviation, will begin to ensure the safety of Russian shipping," the source said.
Looool, you think russians didn't do that to other neighboring countries??? I heard of an incident in the baltic sea
>outside of ukrainian teritorial waters
>Sea of Azov

Nobody recognized Crimea's annexation, so these are still officially Ukrainian territorial waters. Ukraine and Russia has been attacking each other's maritime infrastructure over 4 years because of that, and since the world barely cares, it's "who can get away with that".

In 2014 Russia outright sinked / took over a number of Ukrainian ships and resource facilities, since then Ukrainians have been striking back, sabotaging the facilities and capturing ships.

velvela_s_pjs_by_rakkuguy-d9mrnra.png (306 KB, 943x1265, 1523235068798.pngiqdb google reposts full
WASHINGTON — A new U.S. advisory board created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters, including some members with direct ties to President Donald Trump and his family.

A review by The Associated Press of the backgrounds and social media posts of the 16 board members appointed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke indicates they will agree with his position that the best way to protect critically threatened or endangered species is by encouraging wealthy Americans to shoot some of them.

One appointee co-owns a private New York hunting preserve with Trump’s adult sons. The oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., drew the ire of animal rights activists after a 2011 photo emerged of him holding a bloody knife and the severed tail of an elephant he killed in Zimbabwe.

The first meeting of the International Wildlife Conservation Council was scheduled for Friday.

Trump has decried big-game hunting as a “horror show” in tweets. But under Zinke, a former Montana congressman who is an avid hunter, the Fish and Wildlife Service has quietly moved to reverse Obama-era restrictions on bringing trophies from African lions and elephants into the United States.

A licensed two-week African hunting safari can cost more than $50,000 per person, not including airfare, according to advertised rates. Advocates say money helps support habitat conservation and anti-poaching efforts in some of the world’s poorest nations, and provides employment for local guides and porters.

In a statement last year, Zinke said, “This council will provide important insight into the ways that American sportsmen and women benefit international conservation from boosting economies and creating hundreds of jobs to enhancing wildlife conservation.”
But environmentalists and animal welfare advocates say tourists taking photos generate more economic benefit, and hunters typically target the biggest and strongest animals, weakening already vulnerable populations.

There’s little indication dissenting perspectives will be represented on the Trump administration’s conservation council. Appointees include celebrity hunting guides, representatives from rifle and bow manufacturers, and wealthy sportspeople who boast of bagging the coveted “Big Five” — elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and Cape buffalo.

Most are high-profile members of Safari Club International and the National Rifle Association, groups that have sued the Fish and Wildlife Service to expand the list of countries from which trophy kills can be legally imported.

They include the Safari Club’s president, Paul Babaz, a Morgan Stanley investment adviser from Atlanta, and Erica Rhoad, a lobbyist and former GOP congressional staffer who is the NRA’s director of hunting policy. Bill Brewster is a retired Oklahoma congressman and lobbyist who served on the boards of the Safari Club and the NRA.

In a letter this week, a coalition of more than 20 environmental and animal welfare groups objected that the one-sided makeup of the council could violate the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which requires government boards to be balanced in terms of points of view and not improperly influenced by special interests.

Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift said the council has members “that represent all areas of conservation and varying opinions.”

Among Zinke’s appointees is Steven Chancellor, a longtime Republican fundraiser and chairman of American Patriot Group, an Indiana-based conglomerate that supplies Meals Ready to Eat to the U.S. military.
According to Safari Club member hunting records obtained in 2015 by the Humane Society, Chancellor has logged nearly 500 kills — including at least 18 lions, 13 leopards, six elephants and two rhinos.

In early 2016, records show Chancellor filed for a federal permit to bring home the skin, skull teeth and claws from another male lion he intended to kill that year in Zimbabwe, which at the time was subject to an import ban imposed by the Obama administration.

Later that same year, Chancellor hosted a private fundraiser for then-candidate Trump and Mike Pence at his Evansville, Indiana, mansion, where the large security gates feature a pair of gilded lions.

Appointees also include professional hunters.

Peter Horn is an ex-vice president of the Safari Club International Conservation Fund and a vice president for high-end gun-maker Beretta. Horn wrote in his 2014 memoir that he co-owns a hunting property in upstate New York with Trump Jr. that has a 500-yard range “put together” by Eric Trump.

The AP reported last month that the Trump sons were behind a limited-liability company that purchased a 171-acre private hunting range in the bucolic Hudson Valley in 2013, complete with a wooden tower from which owners and their guests shoot at exploding targets.

Horn did not respond to a message seeking comment.

Trump Jr. also is friendly with another member of the advisory council — hunting guide and TV show personality Keith Mark. He helped organize Sportsmen for Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign and recently posted photos on his Twitter page of himself with Trump Jr. and Zinke, standing before an array of mounted big-horn sheep and a bear.

“I see the world from a hunting lifestyle,” Mark told the AP, adding that he has no preconceived agenda for his service on the conservation council. “It’s the most pure form of hands-on conservation that there is. I will approach all decision-making with my background.”

russia ICBM satan2(1).webm (3 MB, 320x180, 1522438210958.webmiqdb google reposts full
Russia announces that they have a kick ass new ICBM able to deus vult anyone who trys to screw with them.
This comes on the heels of their announcement of a SLAM missile, which uses a nuclear reactor to travel at scramjet speeds within the atmosphere at a low enough altitude to be undetectable by radar
You do realize that he doesn't actually give a fuck about you blumpkins either right? All of America is an enemy of Russia, been that way since the second great war.
If he wanted to disable us, he'd nuke our farmland.
Except they've been building a new class of SSBN, so there's that
>low enough altitude to be undetectable by radar
So they made a cruise missile.
It's not an ICBM if it doesn't leave the atmosphere.
The reason why ICBM are dangerous is because you can't blow it up in space unless you hit it directly since things can't explode in space.
Also low altitude doesn't make things undetectable by radar. It makes it undetectable by land radars because of the curvature of the Earth but plane based radars will be able to pick it up especially with its large heat signature and size.
>since things can't explode in space
you are a moron
There is no atmosphere to carry a shockwave.
Things can blow up but it won't cause damage to anything other than itself.
That's the reason why SM3 missiles work the way they do.
T. Navy BMD tech

stormy-daniels-avn-2009-1.jpg (151 KB, 1640x1093, 1521578088170.jpgiqdb google reposts full

Washington (CNN) Stormy Daniels was "truthful about having unprotected vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump in July 2006," according to a polygraph test report from 2011.
The report states that the "probability of deception was measured to be less than 1%." It was given to CNN by Michael Avenatti, Daniels' attorney and contains three pertinent questions: "Around July 2006, did you have vaginal intercourse with Donald Trump?," "Around July 2006, did you have unprotected sex with Donald Trump?" and "Did Trump say you would get on 'The Apprentice?'"

Daniels replied yes to all three questions. The first two were analyzed to be truthful, the third question was "inconclusive" according to the polygraph examiner Ronald Slay.

Polygraphs are generally inadmissible in court.

The polygraph was performed at the request of Bauer Publishing, which owns Life&Style and InTouch magazines, according to the reporter who interviewed Daniels in 2011. Reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw initially interviewed Daniels for Life & Style magazine. The interview was not published at the time, but Bauer Publishing released it in InTouch magazine earlier this year.

Woman named in Stormy Daniels' document accused Trump of unwanted advances
Lippe-McGraw told CNN on Tuesday that Daniels passed the test in a broader sense. "Based off of the interview, we had her take the polygraph test to confirm the details of what she was telling us. There wasn't much in the way of physical evidence, per se," Lippe-McGraw said, adding that the big-picture question they wanted to confirm was that the affair happened, and that Daniels passed. Lippe-McGraw said that Daniels told her she had unprotected sex with Trump, because Daniels is allergic to latex and didn't have condoms at the time.

Earlier Tuesday, Avenatti tweeted out a photograph of Daniels being administered the test.
>That's not how this works.

Losers do not get to make the rules.
>Because she isn't lying and because he knows it.

Is this your worthless super power?
>But not this time. Why?

Uh, maybe, just a thought, but he is President now and is kind of busy?
When he says "Trump sues" you don't actually believe it's him who sits down to write shit up and that it is him who runs around in court, right? I mean, it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.

Which is why I am making them and not you, loser.
No, that's common sense. You should get some.

6BK2H2TZXA4F7GKUZ2KXNDNHR4.jpg (22 KB, 480x485, 1521472899593.jpgiqdb google reposts full
LAST WEEK, The Washington Post brought you news of “Marlon Bundo’s A Day in the Life of the Vice President,” the furry new tale about the real White House pet rabbit. The children’s book, which lands Monday, is illustrated by second lady Karen Pence and written by daughter Charlotte Pence.

And now, on “Last Week Tonight,” host John Oliver announced Sunday night that he is releasing a politically pointed sendup of the Pence book, titled “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo,” as penned by Jill Twiss, a writer on Oliver’s HBO show, and illustrated by EG Keller.

The key difference is, Oliver’s picture book is about a “Very Special boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny,” according to the book’s description.

Oliver announced his book toward the end of a segment in which he skewered Vice President Pence’s social conservatism, especially, the host said, “his hostility to LGBT rights” and his record of not being “a friend to the gay community.” Oliver also noted that the Pence book tour includes a Colorado stop at the Focus on the Family organization, which, the host said, promotes gay-conversion therapy.

So, “It turns out, in a complete coincidence, we also wrote a book about Mike Pence’s rabbit that has also been published,” Oliver said on Sunday’s show. “In fact, while his is out tomorrow, ours is released right now.

“Now, there are a few small differences between the two books. … Our Marlon Bundo is gay.”

Indeed, Oliver’s “A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo” is already out from Chronicle Books, which cites the book’s “message of tolerance and advocacy” as it “explores issues of same sex marriage and democracy,” as well as its dedication “to every bunny who has ever felt different.”
How does saying "what aboutism" negate his bias?
He has defended allegations by saying that he's a comedy program. Same as Jon Stewart. Watch any interview of them where there interviewer is remotely critical and you'll see this.
Did he even other to watch the why Oliver decided to make the book and how and why his whataboutism is pointless.?
based gay man rustles nazi jimmies with xer gay bunny tale, truly empowering woah gays win this round bigots btfo
Gay? Thought he was just British. Hard to tell the difference these days.
Looks like the right can dish it out but can't take it

>PRAGUE (AP) -- The Czech Republic extradited a Russian man to the U.S. to face charges of hacking computers at LinkedIn, Dropbox and other American companies, an official said Friday.

>Yevgeniy Nikulin was flown to the U.S. overnight, Justice Ministry spokeswoman Tereza Schejbalova said.

>Nikulin denies he's a hacker. His defense attorney claimed his case is politically motivated in the U.S.

>The decision by Justice Minister Robert Pelikan was announced just minutes after the country's Constitutional Court released a statement that it rejected a last-minute appeal from the Nikulin as "groundless."

>No further details were immediately available about the decision in a case that pitted the U.S. against Russia.

>The Czechs arrested Nikulin in Prague in cooperation with the FBI in October 2016. He is accused by U.S. prosecutors of penetrating computers at Silicon Valley firms in 2012 and they want him extradited to face trial.

>Russia also wanted him extradited on a separate charge of internet theft in 2009.

>Both countries submitted their extradition requests on the same date.

>The Russian authorities previously had said they would do all they could to prevent Nikulin's extradition to the U.S.

>Czech courts previously ruled both extradition requests meet the necessary legal conditions, leaving the decision to the justice minister.

>Earlier this week, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan said in Prague that under Czech extradition law "we have every reason to believe and expect that Mr. Nikulin will be extradited to America."

>But the Czech Republic's pro-Russia president, Milos Zeman, repeatedly asked Pelikan to allow Nikulin's extradition to Russia, the minister said. Zeman has no official say in cases like this one.
So far.
>oops! Plane crash.
And here I was think Czechs were based. They make some excellent guns and Prague is fucking cool. Sorry to hear they are US's bitch like the rest.
>charge of internet theft
did not know one could steal the internet
You only have yourself to blame for people not liking you Ivan
The don't do that for non Muslims

cannadian-flag-759x500.jpg (38 KB, 759x500, 1521784557626.jpgiqdb google reposts full

The government’s plan to legalize marijuana by this summer remains on track.

After a tense day of uncertainty over whether the Liberals could garner enough support from independent senators to defeat a Conservative effort to kill the bill, Bill C-45 passed second reading on Thursday night.

It is now headed to committee, where it is expected to face scathing reviews by Conservative senators.
Because thats not how it works, the slope to heroin starts at painkillers. Weed typically opens up to psychedelics like lsd and mushrooms if they too are seen are harmless drugs by their users, party drugs like E if they dont really care. Cocaine leads to crack when you cant afford your coke anymore.
>smart people don't put shit into their blood for giggles

Thats's actually not true at all. In fact in a lot of cases intelligent people are worse off in that regard
If it's banned it can't be taxed...
It's easy just kill all cartels
This is true
Self proclaimed intelligent people tend to use more drugs to help cope with a "dumb" world. Dumb people use drugs to see the world in a way they can understand. but they are delusional. The only people who should be using drugs are the ones in pain. Otherwise, everyone is in the wrong for using uppers and downers and stimuli

1502999938638.jpg (83 KB, 1254x438, 1521732374732.jpgiqdb google reposts full
SÃO PAULO—With “jewel-tone eyes,” blond hair and a “smattering of light freckles,” Othello looks nothing like most Brazilians, the majority of whom are black or mixed-race. Yet the “Caucasian” American cashier, described in those terms by the Seattle Sperm Bank and known as Donor 9601, is one of the sperm providers most often requested by wealthy Brazilian women importing the DNA of young U.S. men at unprecedented rates.

Over the past seven years, human semen imports from the U.S. to Brazil have surged some 3,000% as more rich single women and lesbian couples select donors whose online profiles suggest they will yield light-complexioned and preferably blue-eyed children.

Everyone wants a “pretty kid” and for many parents in Brazil, where prejudice often runs deep, that means “the white biotype—light-colored eyes and skin,” said Susy Pommer, a 28-year-old data analyst from São Paulo who decided to get pregnant last year after a breast-cancer scare left her eager to raise a child right away with her partner, Priscilla.

Favored Offspring
Sperm buyers in Brazil, which is more than 50% black or mixed-race, have an overwhelming preference for white, blue-eyed donors.

The preference for white donors reflects the persistent racism in a country where social class and skin color correlate with glaring accuracy. More than 50% of Brazilians are black or mixed-race, a legacy of Brazil having imported more than 10 times as many African slaves than the U.S.; it was the last Western country to ban slavery, in 1888. The descendants of white colonizers and immigrants—many of whom were lured to Brazil in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when the ruling elite explicitly sought to “whiten” the population—control most of the country’s political power and wealth.
>tfw American with brown hair and eyes
>tfw no one wants my sperm
>tfw forever a mutt
based mexican bro
If you were attractive enough to be able to sell your genes, you probably wouldn't be on 4chan asking this question
>being this cucked by your country's women
liking one race aesthetics over anothwr doesn't make you fucked up you smooth brain mother fucker

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi vowed Wednesday that Democrats will rework the GOP tax bill if they successfully retake the House in the 2018 midterm elections.

Speaking at a Culver City town hall event as part of the “Repeal the Trump Tax” tour, Pelosi pledged that Democrats would overhaul the tax bill into one that “creates growth, creates good-paying jobs, as it reduces the deficit.”

“Over 80 percent of the benefits go to the top 1 percent,” Pelosi said of the GOP tax cuts. “Eighty-six million middle-class families will see a tax increase while they advertise it as a middle-class bill.”

According to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center, the average household will receive a tax cut of $1,610 in 2018. Only 5 percent of taxpayers will see increased taxes in 2018.
Failed state retards, thanks for your contribution.
>That one guy who actually says nothing of worth but pretends he did
>the addict screams as you suggest his opiate is bad for him
>Do you want our capitalist system to crash and burn or last?
civilizations dont 'last' they evolve and change over time.
around 250 years is a decent time to get an overhaul
What does this have to do with the question

Black Stonehenge Builders.jpg (132 KB, 902x1161, 1519567250517.jpgiqdb google reposts full

THE community that built the Neolithic causewayed enclosure at Larkhill may have been the architects of the Stonehenge landscape, archaeologists believe. The causewayed enclosure, which dates between 3650 to 3750 BC - pre-dating Stonehenge by 600 years, was uncovered by archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology in 2016.Si Cleggett, project manager and archaeologist at Wessex Archaeology now believes the community who built the causewayed enclosure may have been more closely involved in the planning of Stonehenge than previously thought.

How the builders of Stonehenge 5,000 years ago were almost completely wiped out by mysterious. 'Beaker people' from the continent whose blood runs in Brit veins to this day. Today, British have more DNA from the 'Beaker people' than Neolithic farmers. Many experts believed it was just Beaker culture which was exported to Britain. The new evidence comes from DNA analysis of 400 prehistoric skeletons. The genes of these ancient people provide enough clues to determine that Beakers travelled here from Holland and took over in a few centuries.

Elizabeth R. ancestors' white, THE Stonehenge builders' black.
Kek this older henge is really close to me. Never got a chance to go and inspect it but the idea that nogs were dinduing in my village is retarded.
>i hate whites but at least they think I'm one of them
This comment made me laugh so hard I cried real tears and nearly died, thanks for that
Can I ask why the picture you used for the OP seems to show the bust as being significantly darker in skin tone than the pictures in the link you gave from gizmodo?

I mean, this is pretty clearly the same bust, right? But when you compare them side by side there's a shocking difference in the skin tone to the point where it's hard to brush off as a trick of lighting alone. Why is that? It almost seems manipulated...

Who cares?
Can this thread die already?

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