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>(CNN)A new class-action lawsuit alleges the private company behind one of the nation's largest immigrant detention centers makes millions in profits while forcing detainees to work for meager wages.

>Detainees at the Stewart Detention Center in south Georgia generally make between $1 and $4 a day for tasks such as preparing food, mopping floors and doing laundry, according to the lawsuit, which describes the practice as a "deprivation scheme" and alleges it's a violation of human trafficking laws. Detainees who work double shifts can earn up to $8 a day.

>Part of the scheme, according to the lawsuit: Depriving detainees of basic necessities like food, toothpaste, soap and toilet paper, so they have to work to pay for those items from the detention center's commissary.

>A spokesman for CoreCivic, which owns and operates the facility, said the company doesn't comment on pending litigation.

>But spokesman Jonathan Burns said work programs at all the company's immigration detention facilities are "completely voluntary" and operate in full compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement's standards and follow federally mandated reimbursement rates.

>"We have worked in close partnership with ICE for more than 30 years and will continue to provide a safe and humane environment to those entrusted to our care," Burns said.

>The lawsuit alleges that:

• CoreCivic uses detainees as "a ready supply of available labor" rather than hiring local workers

• Forcing detainees to work and paying them far less than minimum wage amounts to a violation of human trafficking laws

• Detainees at Stewart who refuse to work are threatened with solitary confinement and with the withholding of basic necessities
>The plaintiffs, represented by a coalition of civil rights groups and lawyers, include Wilhen Hill Barrientos and Margarito Velazquez Garcia, two detainees currently at Stewart, and Shoaib Ahmed, a former detainee at the facility.

>"When I arrived at Stewart I was faced with the impossible choice — either work for a few cents an hour or live without basic things like soap, shampoo, deodorant and food," Barrientos said in a written statement released Tuesday.

>"If I didn't work," Barrientos said, "I would never be able to call my family."

>This isn't the first time current and former immigration detainees have filed a lawsuit arguing that low wages they're paid are illegal. Similar cases are pending in several other states.

>ICE spokesman Bryan Cox also declined to comment on Tuesday's lawsuit, saying the agency has a policy of not commenting on pending litigation. Cox said ICE detention standards in place at Stewart include a voluntary work program. The detention standards state: "Detainees shall be able to volunteer for work assignments but otherwise shall not be required to work, except to do personal housekeeping."

631c773ffc85701a0414791181fd264d.png (701 KB, 756x574, 1523277045070.pngiqdb google reposts full

A startling new report has found that nearly two-thirds of refugees claiming to be children who arrived in the UK were in fact over 18.

Some 65% of asylum seekers who were assessed after claiming to be children were judged to be adults, according to the report by immigration watchdog David Bolt.

The Home Office received 2,952 asylum applications from unaccompanied children in the year up to June 2017.

Officials believed applicant were lying about their age in 705 of those cases, with 402 (65%) found to be adults.

There have been 12,942 disputes over the ages of child asylum seekers since 2006, according to Home Office figures.

Nearly 6,000 of those disputes found the asylum seeker to be over 18 in this period.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘After consultation with stakeholders we published revised guidance on age assessments and we have committed to produce more child-friendly information in a range of languages to help children better understand the asylum system.’
There were though
Well no shit. But at this point those who make excuses for these invaders have made it clear it doesn't matter who they are or from where. They are open now about their open borders.
Pretty much in every elections they have doubled their vote or won outright.

The most important election was Italy and they soundly won that.
>You're strawmanning because no influent person or organisation said that all refugees claiming to be children were children, or defended "completely open border" and called racists all opponents to this non-existent policy.
Totally false.
>>>244342 @ >>244342 : "...nationalists could only take power from uneducatd Poles & Hungarians"
Trump's a nationalist; you think Americans are as "uneducated" as Poles & H's ?
Ima newly minted American nationalist,
changing my beliefs from Democratic Party regular bc of the immigration crisis:

MASSES of 3rd & 4th world immigrants many or most, illegal aliens, are fast dragging down 1st world living standards.

In the US, build Trumps Wall, and deport illegal aliens,

KAFW : Keep America First World !

Hamster Wheel Meme.jpg (3 KB, 125x125, 1523729783752.jpgiqdb google reposts full
It's too dangerous out there!
I'm not even that old, and the weather in Maine has drastically changed in my life, especially the springs
It's confirmd, major Atl Ocean current at slowest speed in 1000 yrs portending signif climate disruption.
the slow speed is CAUSED by the warming of climate disruption.
>CAUSED by the warming of climate disruption.
hah here is the climate shill to spread his alarmist nonsense again.
Another winter storm warning for St Paul tomorrow. Stay safe bros :3
>everything is fine guise, snow in april is totally normal

These are the "Syrian Rebel" scum-back fucks which our media brainwashes us to support?
They kidnapped a bunch of people, kept them hostage, and kept food for themselves while the people in Damascus suburbs starved.
literally nobody supports the Syrian rebels except the US intelligence agencies trying to wage their secret proxy wars around the world.
the media only reads off a script, and only idiots believe anything on the media
lmao and why would American want to do that
Not only US. There is France, UK, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Katar.
A movie about White Helmets won the academy award.
For Saudi shekels:
Saudis want to construct a gas pipeline through Jordan, Syria, Turkey, up to Europe. So you can imagine how focused they might be.
Also there is oil to be taken by US corpos if Assad regime falls.
Also every rocked fired needs to be replaced with new one, which means happy times for weapons sector.
Also it's a part of bigger picture (with minor changes):
America has its problems here.
Trump is trying
Look at all the veterans in America and the people that they were fighting are now on American payroll or living in Europe
We don’t like it but our government will kill us like the blacks
America funds terrorist
We know this

>DOUMA, Syria (AP) -- Syrian and Russian authorities prevented independent investigators from going to the scene of a suspected chemical attack, the head of the chemical watchdog group said Monday, blocking international efforts to establish what happened and who was to blame.

>The U.S. and France say they have evidence that poison gas was used in the April 7 attack in the opposition-held town of Douma, killing dozens of people, and that Syrian President Bashar Assad's military was behind it.

>But they have made none of that evidence public, even after they, along with Britain, bombarded sites they said were linked to Syria's chemical weapons program.

>Syria and its ally Russia deny any chemical attack took place, and Russian officials went even further, accusing Britain of staging a "fake" chemical attack. British Prime Minister Theresa May accused the two countries - whose forces now control the town east of Damascus - of trying to cover up evidence.

>The lack of access to Douma by inspectors from the watchdog group, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, has left unanswered questions about the attack.

>OPCW Director-General Ahmet Uzumcu said Syrian and Russian officials cited "pending security issues" in keeping its inspectors from reaching Douma.

>"The team has not yet deployed to Douma," Uzumcu told an executive council meeting of the OPCW in The Hague.

>Instead, Syrian authorities offered them 22 people to interview as witnesses, he said, adding that he hoped "all necessary arrangements will be made ... to allow the team to deploy to Douma as soon as possible."
>If there were really chemical weapons, millions of civilians would have died.
The idea is that chemical weapons are formed in compounds, you have two parts of a probably-not harmful solution that make up an extremely harmful solution. So as long as the weapons were not armed, then you could bomb them all you want without repercussions.
But yes, if they were armed then what you said would happen.
Also you're an idiot. "MUH RIGHT WINGERS FRIEND OF FAUX NEWS POOLBOY OF TRUMP AND ALSO A RACIST!" That's nice, troglodyte. Want to get an actual argument and try again instead of just clapping like a circus seal?
>If there were really chemical weapons, millions of civilians would have died.
Not necessarily true. You assume that, if chemical weapons were there, that they would be armed and ready to launch. The chemical components alone are not strong enough to cause the damage that they do, and they can only be combined under certain circumstances. This isn't like chem lab where you pour two beakers of fluids together and it explodes. So even if the chemicals were there, there would not have been a reaction from a detonation. Unless they were armed and set to go off. But at that point it's not really the bombing squad's fault, but rather the person who triggered the bombs. And then begs the question, why would Syria keep its chemical weapons armed and why does it have them in the first place?
Donald Trump has a bio lab in ukrain
That has California virus
This is American chemical weapons
Student loan people who were scammed
It’s time to tell and show all of America’s wrongs
Do you have any experience with chemical weapons or you're just talking out of your ass?

Yeah, sure. Some are stored as separate compounds, like sarin, some aren't like chlorine.
"In binary chemical weapons, the two precursors are stored separately in the same shell and mixed to form the agent immediately before or when the shell is in flight."
Sarin is not flammable and won't be destroyed by a bombing, rather sprayed around. So you break the casing, the compounds mix, you're dead.

Anyhow conscious bombing of a chemical weapons factory or depot is a conscious endangering of people living nearby.

d5da98c.jpg (79 KB, 900x900, 1523373932449.jpgiqdb google reposts full
The page, titled simply "Black Lives Matter," had almost 700,000 followers on Facebook, more than twice as many as the official BLM page. It was tied to online fundraisers that brought in at least $100,000 that supposedly went to Black Lives Matter causes in the U.S. At least some of the money, however, was transferred to Australian bank accounts, CNN has learned.

The page consistently linked to websites tied to Ian Mackay, a National Union of Workers official in Australia. Mackay has registered dozens of websites, many on issues tied to black rights. In April 2015, Mackay registered Mackay's name, email address, phone number and other details appeared in the registration records for the site until July 2015, when the website enabled a feature that allows site owners to hide their identities and contact information.
Abo lives matter
>Archiving is for faggots

Please go back to redit
This is what happen when a people are born from cannibalistic prisoners and a worse version of Indians.
sasuga Aussies
No shit.

The entire BLM movement is a scam based on a lie pushed by russians and soros.

hogg.jpg (18 KB, 306x375, 1522340083346.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Parkland survivor David Hogg calls on advertisers to boycott Laura Ingraham's Fox News show after she accused him of 'whining' about his college rejections.

Hogg tweeted at Ingraham directly following the hit, writing: 'Soooo what are your biggest advertisers...Asking for a friend. #BoycottIngramAdverts'.

He then tweeted a list of advertisers which included AT&T, Nutrish, Allstate, Esurance, Bayer, Liberty Mutual, Arby's, TripAdvisor, Nestle, and Hulu.

Hogg instructed his nearly 600,000 followers to pick a number between 1 and 12 and contact the company next to the number
Part of it is coming from a growing sense that's present -- on the left for certain, and I suspect on the right as well -- that lines like those aren't cutting the mustard anymore. "Playing the game" doesn't seem to be convincing anybody who wasn't already convinced, and even seems to be convincing fewer of who it used to. At the very least, gun-lobby loyalists seem to think that's the case, which is just about the only reasonable explanation for thinking that this would be a smart move.
ITs funny how quickly Dumb and Dumbers 15 mins have faded. All the anti-gun nonsense as pretty much died off again and not much was accomplished even with all the astroturfing.
>>ITT: A bunch of conservatives get pissy because liberals have started saying shit back.

waahhh, poor Ingraham being oppressed by people not wanting to support her show.

Maybe someone should bake her a fucking cake next.
Hehe this little fags cruasde hasn't aged well has it.
And now they are back and she had a 20% boost in ratings.

Look again, the person getting the support is Laura, her ratings have seen a double digit increase and this little fag is having to delete tweets because people don't want to join his little marches anymore.

His 15 mins are up.

3627EC26-D920-4865-B158-013D10C41BF9.jpg (661 KB, 687x1117, 1523836498625.jpgiqdb google reposts full
>Barry Vingerling, 25, must wear his skullcap or yarmulke as an Orthodox Jew
>On first day of work at Anne Frank House in Amsterdam he was told he couldn't
Museum said it might 'might endanger the neutrality' of the foundation
>He had to apply for formal permission from higher-ups to wear it at work
>In the meantime he could only wear a baseball cap with Anne Frank House logo
>Why not get them to impregnate each other?

That's not how biology works

What anime is this?
Lurk moar
>Why does impregnating Anne Frank sound so appealing

It is a healthy and natural impulse to want to produce more of God's flock.
Oye Vey

According to the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll, what was a +12 point lead for Democrats in the congressional generic ballot is down to just a four point lead.

Back in November, Democrats enjoyed a +10 point lead.

Today, though, the margin is just four points, or 47 percent to 43 percent.

Pollsters explained the minus-eight-point slide towards the GOP as a “sign of waning engagement; consolidation among Republicans of their base; and better results for the GOP among less-educated Americans generally, and non-college-educated white women in particular.”

Oddly enough, as counterintuitive as it may seem, along with Trump’s steadily improving job approval number (RCP average 43 percent), the Republican Party’s 2018 prospects appear to be improving even as Democrats, special counsel Robert Mueller, and their allies in the liberal media attempt to personally and professionally destroy Trump in a series of coordinated attacks unlike any we have ever seen.

Through these unprecedented and increasingly hysterical attacks, Trump has wisely kept his eye on the ball of doing his job. With the economy booming and a series of foreign policy successes (China blinking on trade, North Korea eager to talk, ISIS nearly destroyed, border crossings down), the public seems increasingly disinterested in the sound and fury coming from Trump’s flailing enemies.
Trump's approval rating is also higher now than obamas was at this point in his first term.

Let's also not forget the Dems will lose four more Senate seats.


The People's Vote drive aims to unite anti-Brexit groups, with a rally being held in Camden, in London on Sunday.

Actor Sir Patrick Stewart, who backs the campaign, said that if people voted to reject the exit deal, the UK would "simply stay" in the EU.

Both the Conservatives and Labour have ruled out a second referendum.

Britain voted to leave the EU by 51.9% to 48.1% in June 2016.

The UK will formally cease to be an EU member in March 2019, and the two sides hope to reach a deal by October in time for it to be ratified by UK and European parliaments.

Sir Patrick told the BBC's Andrew Marr show that the "terms and conditions" of Brexit were "quite unlike" how they were presented during the run up to the 2016 referendum.

The People's Vote campaign would argue that the public, not MPs, should get the final say on Brexit, he said.

He also said he was motivated by "history and emotion" to want to stay in the EU.

"I'm a war baby and growing up a lot of the world was not good. So the day we joined was one of the most exciting days of my adulthood," he added.
I get why both parties repeatedly touted that there would not be a second referendum in the aftermath of the first. You don't want to set that precedent that the elite just re-litigate everything until they get the result they want.

However, legislatures revisit and re-vote on important issues all the time, often yearly. If there is a significant majority (say 2/3 of registered or eligible voters) of people polled saying that want another look at Brexit, or with more detailed options now that the situation is more clear, then there's no reason a couple years later to stalwartly refuse to offer it.
I would unironically wager it's the hebrews again
>if people voted


If these idiots weren't so evil I would almost feel sorry for them.
These snowflakes need to get over it.

sac protests.webm (2 MB, 480x320, 1522251375990.webmiqdb google reposts full
City Hall meeting in sacramento disrupted by protestors
Protesters outside of City Hall forced their way into the atrium as metal detectors fell down.

Protesters later moved to Golden 1 Center, blocking the entrances to the arena. The Sacramento Kings were scheduled to play the Dallas Mavericks on Tuesday night.

The Kings released a statement saying the game would be delayed and the arena entrances were “temporarily closed.”

>night time, guy is breaking into cars in a neighborhood
>helicopter starts following him
>guy continues breaking into cars
>police arrive on scene, man runs, hops several fences
>man begins to hid in a backyard
>police close in on him
>when police arrive in back yard, man pulls out cell phone
>police think it is gun and duck behind corner for cover, order him to raise his hands
>man continues coming towards officers
>they unload their magazines into him
>turns out he hopped fences until he got into his grannies backyard and has two kids
>he dindu nuffin wrong, police are bad guys
these protests have been going on for over a week now
Just another reminder that our police are all too eager to score kills like life is some kind of video game.
This guy wasn't a victim, he was a criminal.

Actually it did occur. The videos show this.
Nothing, the question should be whats wrong with American niggers where they won't comply?
So iz you be sayin dat he wuz a good boy who dindu nuffin?
Yes he did, you moron they were chasing him with a chopper.

Stop making excuses for this dumb nigger.

>A prominent lawyer who spent years fighting for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people set himself on fire Saturday.

>David S. Buckel's charred remains were found in a New York park, The New York Times reported. In a letter Buckel emailed to the publication and other media outlets earlier that day, he wrote, "Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purpose in death."

>A former marriage project director for Lambda Legal, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the rights of LGBT people, Buckel played a major role in a long, dark battle for recognition and equality.

>In one of his most noted cases, he represented the mother of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who had notified a Nebraska sheriff that he had been raped. The sheriff informed Teena's assailants who killed him in the days that followed. "It should not be the case that reporting a crime makes matters worse for you," Buckel told The Daily Nebraskan in 2001. Eventually the sheriff was found liable for failing to protect Teena and his brutal murder was dramatized in a film called Boys Don't Cry starring Hillary Swank.
Are you shittingme?
>But the article is about his death, not his life.

get a fucking grip.

Do you know what an obituary is? And I don't mean the death metal band.
its a trash band
Ever the drama queen.
Good. Fuck this faggot.

>President Donald Trump and some of his top aides have battled over the administration's stance toward President Vladimir Putin and Russia, according to The Washington Post.

>Most recently, the president and his cabinet disagreed over how many Russian diplomats in the US should be suspended. The administration had planned to dismiss 60 Russian diplomats and suspected spies, which would roughly be the same amount as its European allies, to punish Russia for the alleged poisoning of a former spy and his daughter in the UK.

>But when it became public that France and Germany were only expelling four Russian diplomats each, Trump reportedly erupted at his aides for dismissing so many more than their allies did.

>"We'll match their numbers," Trump reportedly told his top aides, according to a senior administration official who spoke to The Post. "We're not taking the lead. We're matching."

>The president was furious that his administration was being portrayed as taking the toughest stance on Russia after believing that the US and its allies would take an equal position. Trump's aides tried to soothe him by telling the president that the total number of European expulsions equaled the US, but that reportedly did not appease Trump's anger and feeling of being misled.

>"There were curse words," one official told The Post. "A lot of curse words."
It doesn't help when the leader of the party is being blackmailed by the Russians and the rest of the party puts power ahead of country.

Trump just personally scuttled the new sanctions that were supposed to be put in place and threw Nikki Haley under the bus in the process.
As if we didn't need more proof that Trump is Putin's cock holster.
>As if we didn't need more proof that Trump is Putin's cock holster
Please anon, I don't need any more proof that you are CNN's cock holster
knowing the liberal media probably both.
Trump has been harder on Russia than any President in the past 30 years.
Democrats were always the party that pushed racism. The Republicans NEVER did.

>NEW YORK (AP) -- A legal fight over what should happen to records the FBI seized from President Donald Trump's personal attorney took a surprise twist Monday when the lawyer, Michael Cohen, was forced to reveal in court that he had also secretly done legal work for Fox News host Sean Hannity.

>The disclosure came as Cohen's attorneys tried to persuade a federal judge in New York to delay prosecutors from examining records and electronic devices seized in the raids on the grounds that many of them are protected by attorney-client privilege.

>U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood said in hearings Friday and again on Monday that if Cohen wanted the court to declare that the some of his files were protected because of attorney confidentiality rules, he would have to divulge the names of the clients he's worked with since 2016 election.

>One was, of course, Trump himself. Another was Elliot Broidy, a Trump fundraiser who resigned from the Republican National Committee on Friday after it was revealed that he paid $1.6 million to a Playboy Playmate with whom he had an extramarital affair. The Playmate became pregnant and elected to have an abortion.

>With Cohen by their side on Monday, lawyers initially resisted revealing the name of the third client for privacy reasons.

>But Wood pressed on.

>"I understand he doesn't want his name out there, but that's not enough under the law," she said.

>Cohen's lawyers did not detail the type of legal work he did for Hannity.

>But on his radio show, Hannity said Cohen was never involved in any matter between him and any third party.

>"Michael never represented me in any matter," Hannity said. "I never retained him in any traditional sense. I never received an invoice. I never paid a legal fee. I had brief discussions with him about legal questions where I wanted his input and perspective."
Yeah we're in the 9th circuit i believe.

Also if it took tou ten minutes to google an ironclad proof that the judge broke the law i seriously doubt it's valid, or at the very least we'd be seeing it on Fox by now.
Yeah I don't care. I've said my part.
>Also if it took tou ten minutes to google an ironclad proof that the judge broke the law i seriously doubt it's valid, or at the very least we'd be seeing it on Fox by now.
This is not an argument. You're again saying "Well if anything bad had happened Fox would be reporting on it now so I guess nothing bad happened."
Again, this is appealing to authority. Firstly you're relying on Fox News to be competent, and secondly you're relying on them to be experts on anything.
I'm appealing to common sense. It does not logically follow that your proof, that you have found after five minutes on Google, is valid, when no one else has found or mentioned it in a nationally televised federal court case.

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'd have to go all the way through your deluge of links for that.

I'm saying I don't believe you.
>Hannity has had a business relationship with Cohen for an undisclosed amount of time
>We don't even know the extent of the relationship or what Cohen did for Hannity, (Protip: Covering up an affair based on Cohen's track record)
>Never said anything about it
>Spent every night defending Cohen
The absolute best case scenario for the right wing is this just shows how unethical Hannity is. In not revealing the massive conflict of interest he had while shilling for Cohen and Trump.

>WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency violated the law when it approved a $43,000 soundproof phone booth last year for the office of embattled Administrator Scott Pruitt, a congressional watchdog unit said on Monday.

>The Government Accountability Office said the EPA violated the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act. The law prohibits an agency from obligating more than $5,000 in federal funds to furnish, redecorate or make improvements in the office of a presidential appointee without first notifying appropriations committees in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

>The EPA also violated the Antideficiency Act, which prohibits federal agencies from incurring expenses in excess of funds available in appropriations, the GAO said.

>Liz Bowman, an EPA spokeswoman, said the agency was “addressing GAO’s concern, with regard to Congressional notification about this expense, and will be sending Congress the necessary information this week.”

>The privacy booth, which Pruitt had told lawmakers in a hearing was needed to conduct agency business, was built in a spot of a former storage closet in the administrator’s office.

>The GAO had been asked to investigate the matter by Democratic lawmakers including U.S. Senators Tom Carper and Tom Udall.

>Senator John Barrasso, a Republican and the head of the Senate environment committee, earlier this month had rejected a request by Carper and others for a hearing looking into allegations that Pruitt had spent wastefully.
He's paranoid because he knows what he's doing is shady. The reason he started taking private flights is that someone said something mean to him on a flight once.
He needs to discuss environmental destruction in secrecy. Nobody is allowed to hear what he's planning.
More security for less cause than Al Capone. At least the mob boss actually had people gunning for him.
>army of anonymous goons ready to selectively leak information to the press on behalf of certain political kool kids klubs
>wonder why politicians not in the kool kids klubs are becoming paranoid
>people talking about your retarded behavior (like spending habits) and ideas (policy agenda) equals people wanting to kill you
If everybody who talked shit about me behind my back were a threat to my life, I would be dead dozens of times over, and the same applies to you.

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