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basicallyfucked.png (477 KB, 740x414, 1522716951742.pngiqdb google reposts full

The world's hot future

There is no escape from global warming.

That's the conclusion of a series of pessimistic new studies released Monday in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, where the world's top scientists determined that the threshold for catastrophic climate change is much lower than previously believed.

The Paris Agreement plan to limit the global temperature rise to 2 C — a modest goal that is still well out of reach — will not be enough to help the planet avoid the worst ravages of rising oceans and changing weather, the scientists concluded, provoking food shortages and mass migrations.

While atwo-degree limit would be better than Earth's current trajectory — at least a 3 C rise — the negative effectswould still be devastating, with a marked increase in destructive storms, extreme heat waves and long-term droughts.

>It's not like human life is that importent anyway

Sounds like somebody who doesn't have a life anyway
a public work for everyone who reads this, go plant a tree
You may not like it, but this is what peak polar bear vegetarianism looks like.
>pessimistic new studies
Actually science is neither optimistic nor pessimistic, just like nature itself is neither happy nor sad, it simply IS. That's why climate-change deniers will never fucking understand why they're wrong; they think scientists come up with studies based on pessimism or optimism instead of taking a step back and simply seeing things are true or false.

Can't wait till we witness our planet decaying faster and faster and the rest of the world still letting these fucking morons have a voice in whether or not we take action.

A new age of environmental terrorism is about to occur
There's a government lab in Kentucky that figured out how to engineer a system with nanotubes that would solidify atmospheric carbon, but that was two years ago and nobody is talking about it so I guess it fell by the wayside after the fatasses in the government decided to support their friends in big oil instead of facing the music.

>LONDON (AP) -- The use of Russian-developed nerve agent Novichok to poison ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter makes it "highly likely" that Russia was involved, British Prime Minister Theresa May said Monday.

>Novichok refers to a class of nerve agents developed in the Soviet Union near the end of the Cold War. The agents were ostensibly created in an attempt to avoid the international chemical weapons treaty that had just been signed; any new substances wouldn't be subject to past treaties.

>Novichok behaves slightly differently than other nerve agents, with some reports that the class of substances is deadlier than similar chemicals like sarin or VX and harder to identify.

>"Novichok agents significantly extend the range of possibility for nerve agents," said Andrea Sella, a professor of inorganic chemistry at University College London. There are five known nerve agents, which are mostly colorless liquids that can kill within minutes, if ingested.

>"With Novichok, you have the potential for a slower-release agent, which gives you much more control," Sella said. "Using Novichok makes it pretty clear that it was likely Russia that was behind this."

>Gary Stephens, a pharmacology expert at the University of Reading, noted that the component ingredients of Novichok nerve agents aren't on the banned list.

>"It means the chemicals that are mixed to create it are much easier to deliver with no risk to the health of the courier," he said.

>Nerve agents are typically inhaled or absorbed through the skin. They work by blocking a key enzyme that controls communication between nerve cells and muscles - inhibiting the enzyme causes muscles and glands to be overstimulated. That results in symptoms including contracted pupils, vomiting, breathing difficulties and convulsing muscles.

What credible news sites are you getting your news from?
i can tell you that CNN is not on my list of credible news sites.
its on my list of propaganda news sources, right next to RT
Okay, but that's not what I asked.

>right next to RT
RT is literally a state propaganda organization. It's Pravda. Even batshit American outlets aren't RT-level.
CNN is bad but NO ONE deserves that. RT is literally foreign propaganda. CNN is like a really well funded tabloid.

1508457273347.jpg (53 KB, 800x480, 1522886133107.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Researchers from RMIT University have developed a new artificial enzyme that uses light to kill bacteria.
The artificial enzymes could one day be used in the fight against infections, and to keep high-risk public spaces like hospitals free of bacteria like E. coli and Golden Staph.

E. coli can cause dysentery and gastroenteritis, while Golden Staph is the major cause of hospital-acquired secondary infections and chronic wound infections.
Made from tiny nanorods - 1000 times smaller than the thickness of the human hair - the "NanoZymes" use visible light to create highly reactive oxygen species that rapidly break down and kill bacteria.

Lead researcher, Professor Vipul Bansal who is an Australian Future Fellow and Director of RMIT's Sir Ian Potter NanoBioSensing Facility, said the new NanoZymes offer a major cutting edge over nature's ability to kill bacteria.

"For a number of years we have been attempting to develop artificial enzymes that can fight bacteria, while also offering opportunities to control bacterial infections using external 'triggers' and 'stimuli'," Bansal said. "Now we have finally cracked it.

"Our NanoZymes are artificial enzymes that combine light with moisture to cause a biochemical reaction that produces OH radicals and breaks down bacteria. Nature's antibacterial activity does not respond to external triggers such as light.

"We have shown that when shined upon with a flash of white light, the activity of our NanoZymes increases by over 20 times, forming holes in bacterial cells and killing them efficiently.
>8 replies
>Stormy Daniels polygraph results
>210 replies
it's almost like when something isn't politically controversial you don't get hundreds of replies
It’s an article about tech that might hopefully be useful someday. Most people don’t really care about something that can’t be used, argued, or shitposted about.
If that is surprising for you, I have some bad news...
what youre missing is the fact that bacterium dont just lay on a surface 1 thick, carpet style, they have volume just like any other matter.
some spots have more biofilm than others. just look at your teeth. bacterial activity can be gaged by the amount of plaque on your teeth, and where there is a large amount of plaque, high numbers of bacteria are thriving.

however, i think we should reconsider the use of solarpowered ozone generating surfaces. just like the hydrophobic surface memes that "prevent subway pissers"

ghetto mexican man selling food from cart.jpg (99 KB, 700x615, 1520525860568.jpgiqdb google reposts full
if you are a land lord or a business owner in california it is illegal to answer any questions a federal immigration official may ask you, and if you do answer any of their questions you will be fined $10000. it is also illegal for police to co-operate with immigration officials in any way.
Damnd if you do, Damned if you don’t.

poor landlords...oh wait
You're also forgetting how they arrest the literal fucking "WHO?"s of illegal immigrants while the actual gangbangers and murderers are out there killing people and being put to death after serving a 30 to 40 year sentence with 3 square meals a day, a literal fucking gym, a roof over their head. Like what the actual fuck man?
Agreed. All illegals should be summarily executed.
Would teach them not to stay here illegally

PA here. not true.

but the end to this post is hilarious as fuck haha
That varies with state.

Granted, a lot of hospitals fingerprint you at birth.

smithnweson.jpg (67 KB, 800x600, 1522881432082.jpgiqdb google reposts full

"B4n aLl AsSaulT Weponsss"
...shooter used handgun
You'd think if someone wanted to engineer a handgun ban they'd have aimed for maximum lethality.
Probably. I'm not saying it was a false flag though. Its just dumb that this has gotten as much attention as it has. Fucking (((Google))) being niggers
maybe some day youtube will stop fucking up itself
Oh you won't see this story in left news for very long... woman PETA activist, Muslim. Uses hand gun. . It dosnt fit into their narrative so they're gonna try and burry it sooner than later.
Only because the shooter was female.
Most people shooting with a handgun have more than a 0K/D

DZ749JSWkAA-wZy.jpg (75 KB, 750x727, 1522855655701.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Boris Johnson is facing embarrassing questions over his claims that Russia had produced the Salisbury nerve agent after it emerged that the Foreign Office had deleted a tweet blaming Moscow for the attack.

With the foreign secretary already under pressure over his remarks two weeks ago that a Porton Down scientist had been “absolutely categorical” that the novichok had originated in the country, Jeremy Corbyn accused Johnson of “completely exceeding the information he had been given” after the emergence of the deleted tweet.

The deletion, immediately seized on by the Russian embassy, has deepened the government’s difficulties after British scientists at the UK’s defence research laboratory announced on Tuesday that they had not established that the nerve agent used to poison Sergei and Yulia Skripal had been made in Russia.

Press to continue:
>CIA conspired with MI6 and every other Western intelligence agency in the world to murder a British intelligence asset and blame it on Russia
And what would they gain from it apart from fanning the flames further? Putin has a nuke that destroys a land mass the size of texas. Push him enough and he'll use it
> > Anybody going against the Powers That Be knows that’s a risk they’re taking.
> Some powers assassinate more than others.

You can’t be so naive as to think only the “Bad Guys” like Putin assassinate people, are you?

Who overthrew the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and is trying to overthrow the government of Syria?

> > What makes you think she even knows what’s going on?
> SOMEONE has to know what's going on.

Look at the shit Trump is going thru with the FBI and Republican party undermining him, do you really think Theresa May has the bull by the horns?

> > The Civil Service has been called a 'deep state' by senior politicians in the United Kingdom.
> But you just said that the beneficiaries involved were "Western political leaders."

The leaders aren’t always the ones you voted for…
>You can’t be so naive as to think only the “Bad Guys” like Putin assassinate people, are you?
The United States attempts to assassinate enemies with drones and cruise missiles, but it doesn't clandestinely assassinate political operatives or civilians by standing executive order.

>Who overthrew the governments of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and is trying to overthrow the government of Syria?
We did. We weren't exactly secretive about it.

>The leaders aren’t always the ones you voted for…
Then they're not "political leaders", are they?

>Look at the shit Trump is going thru with the FBI and Republican party undermining him
Everything that the FBI and Republican Party is doing, SOMEBODY high up knows, and we know who that someone is because he's the person everyone reports to. You might as well claim that KGB has a "deep state" that does all sorts of random shit without Putin knowing.

Your claims of an extraordinary conspiracy require extraordinary evidence, or hell, really, just ANY evidence other than vague allegations that all Western countries are shady; therefore, Russia can't have fucked up.
>everyone does it so it must be okay then

That's the logic a 90s kid would use to try and get you to smoke in an anti-drug commercial.

Step up your game.
>it doesn't clandestinely assassinate political operatives or civilians
That depends on whether terrorist leaders who aren't active combatants can be called political operatives. In international law it's clear-cut, but ethically it's a murky area when they call themselves "resistance leaders" and their terrorist operations can be, through their limited scope, easily reframed as a civil war (cf Hamas, Tamil Tigers, Houthis, PKK -- all of whom can and have had their political-wing leaders assassinated perfectly legally by state militaries according to most international law).

Reports that Yashar Ali & Leyla Hedayat are wealthy Iranian Clinton operatives who infiltrate white supremacist groups to gather intel.

4chan is a person.jpg (954 KB, 1719x1675, 1519399903835.jpgiqdb google reposts full
CNN apparently reached out for comments twice from the hacker known only as '4chan' in response to their trolling of Florida shooting survivors only to be left without a response
News sites seem to be behind the ball on channel culture

The economist magazine claims that 8 Chan is the birthplace of the national Bolshevik movement lately...
quote please
>claims its geotag is a city in Russia
>what is a proxy
>what is spoofing
Glad these people are the ones providing us with """news"""
CNN just wants something new to demonize.
Not him but I'm fairly sure this is the article he's referring to.
>took 30secs on Google to find this

Capture d’écran (6).png (2 MB, 1600x900, 1522787437137.pngiqdb google reposts full
She prolly got all her vids demonetized
>their users
Their customers are advertisers, not the users.
Why don't you use dailymotion instead if you don't like jewtube? Do you think free market failed?

Age restricted then demonetised for animal gore. She claimed it was an attack on her free speech because her truth was hurting the capitalist meat industry or something, conspiracy hiding the fact that meat is dead animals, etc.
No, actually you are fucking stupid. Obviously gun free zones are pointless right now.
But uniformly enforcing a law throughout the entire nation is more effective than a single city or building with no limit on who can enter. That is the reason why it is almost impossible to get a machine gun right now.
You can agree or disagree on whether it is worth attempting a nation wide adjustment of the laws. But if you cannot conceptually understand how it would be much more effective than just a "gun free zone" you literally have a toddler level of brain development.
>the videogames are making the kids violent lamo

Gamegrabbers are just as bad as gungrabbers
>why it is almost impossible to get a machine gun right now
Legally, and even then it's not too hard if you've got the cash for it.

I tend to agree, we finally have someone who's putting practical science above the fantasy that the envio-nazis keep pushing.
If he’s so brave then why did he install a cone of silence in his office?
I like how he bravely does a job he's not remotely qualified for and bravely sells the government to the highest bidder.
He bravely makes the government pay for him to fly a private jet because he bravely feared for his life when someone recognized him at the airport and called him a bad name.
Brave Sir Scott ran away...

20180402_151108.png (676 KB, 720x1040, 1522671185415.pngiqdb google reposts full

>Forced deportations to Africa nixed as High Commissioner for Refugees agrees to facilitate transfer of 16,000 to Western countries; Jerusalem to formalize status of 18,000 others

Top kek.
>To date, Israel’s way of circumventing this dilemma has been to grant all Sudanese and Eritrean nationals something called “temporary protection.” This designation doesn’t acknowledge that the individual is a refugee: it’s a discretionary status that allows the holder to remain in the country at the government’s pleasure. Failing to acknowledge these individuals formally as refugees allows Israel to avoid according them the rights they are due under the Convention, and also to continue characterizing them politically as economic migrants. But because it hasn’t directly sent them back to their home countries to face torture or persecution, it hasn’t yet violated the most literal interpretation of the lowest threshold of refugee protection.
It’s a good possibility. What gets me is the dead silence of the social left on this. If this were Germany, France, or Britain they would be protesting in the streets calling people racists.
Well they've changed their mind already. Absolutely no "infiltrators" allowed in Israel for it's a "threat to the purity of the jewish blood".
Sounds suspiciously familiar.
Take our niggers goy

s_local_news_coverage_postmerger.png (38 KB, 1200x600, 1522722371397.pngiqdb google reposts full
Both of these arguments are non-sequiturs and had literally nothing to do with the point I was making
You cannot defend a practice by saying that everyone does it, regardless of whether or not they do.

That's the same shit logic that delinquents use to get you to smoke on all those 90s anti drug commercials.

What >>243619 said. You're saying both parties do stupid, shady shit. That's true. I'm saying both parties do stupid, shady shit, but one does it at a disproportionately larger margin. By going with the "both parties do bad shit" fallacy that you retarded le enlightened big brain centrist XDDD faggots love to spew, you're removing accountability from the biggest offender.
>making a reasonable and rational viewpoint
>on 4chan
you're a braver man than I
This is what he's done to us. He's MADE MADNESS BORING.

Now we're the sane ones.

TrumpLiftsIvoryBan.png (300 KB, 627x474, 1522962401775.pngiqdb google reposts full

images.jpg (11 KB, 259x194, 1521453208984.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Video console death: US boy, 9, 'kills sister, 13, over controller' -

I don't support gun control nor do I oppose it. Never owned a gun, but never felt like others shouldn't. But this, well it really makes me think. Even taking the gun away, he still might have grabbed a knife or something deadly but the older sister could've defended herself against such a weapon.
But pitbulls are to blame for everything. It is well documented that pittbulls unending blood lust is what started World War 1. It was a sebian pitbull that mauled Archduke Ferdinand.

If we just got rid of those savage animals, we would be colonizing the stars by now.
You are a moron, the handgun ban didn't do (and comtinues to not do) shit to stop crime or death.
How many school shootings had happened in the UK before dunblane? and if you're going to bring up hungerford, we had the cumbria shooting in 2010, 12 people dead from a guy armed with a bolt action .22 rifle and and double barreled shotgun (plus in both hungerford and cumbria, unarmed police were called to the scene soon on but were unable to stop the murderer due to not having guns).
General gun crime also went up after 1997.

We can have a debate about gun control, but don't pretend the UK handgun ban has saved anyone or stopped any shooting.
>Video console death: US boy, 9, 'kills sister, 13, over controller'

What kinda psycho meds did the school insist his parents put him on?….

“The biggest gains were once again in anti-depressant medications and stimulant medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The most popular drugs continue to be antidepressants, like Zoloft and Prozac, and anti-anxiety medications like Xanax and Ativan.”
Do you have any evidence that this child was medicated?
>Turn you autocorrect

D07683D4-16C5-4FFC-80D8-4809114331BA.jpg (512 KB, 1635x1807, 1522899266510.jpgiqdb google reposts full
Winner of Pulitzer makes mistakes ?
>introduce a meme to the conversation yourself
>complain that it makes you look retarded
>I'll accuse you of what I did
>being this retarded
>bawwwww i can't take responsibility for my own retarded comments

see >>243642

see >>243643

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