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since 27 Jan 2013
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Q: What is this place?
A: This is my very own 4chan archive™! Isn't it great!?
Q: What software do you use for your archives?
A: All the backend and frontend software is custom-made and written in PHP. You can call the archive software Takashi if you're obsessed with that shit manga.

I don't use that Fuuka bloat but I provide an adaptor for their api at the usual /_/api/chan/ URLs so that the 4chanX guys don't have to treat this archive differently.
Q: You archive /b/? What are you, INSAYAN!?
A: No, I only archive the tripfag threads on /b/. nemdiggers bui tali is are insane, though. LOL JK THEY ALL SHUT DOWN Actually it looks like is archiving full-on /b/ and with thumbnails. Wow! Nope, they shut down too. Now is doing it. They're the insane ones. Full /b/ archives, not even once.
Q: How do I report content on your archive?
A: Please use the provided
button (for unlawful content), or email the address at the top of each page with the offending post / thread (for copyright claims and other reasons that require explanation).
Q: How can I search the archives?
A: You can't. You can use /[board]/post/[post#] to access specific posts, or /[board]/thread/[thread#] to access specific threads.
Q: Wow, a /hm/ archive? What a faggot.
A: That's not even a question.

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